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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Small sausage pizza

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Starring: NBCB

In "One Night in Hong Kong"


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Friday, December 30, 2005

pre-new-year crap

some more hilarious news for you all. apparently this guy thought he was in luck when he found the same camera model he lost selling on ebay. and guess what? it was the same darn camera! more 'lol' goodness for you. cheers.

Link : German buys back stolen camera on eBay

ya, that was my post. i couldnt think of anything to post, but at least its better than seeing swee post all that 'liverpool-played-so-well-last-night' stuff right? ^^

Thursday, December 29, 2005

let the reds roll on'

well~ :>
the smile says it all. almost with a smirk.

this are the matches that makes it worthwhile staying up for. liverpool matches have always been entertaining this season i must say, playing style changed alot under Rafa.
no more boring long ball tactics from Houllier, but i thank him too, for making Gerrard the captain.

i'm not going to go into details. but i say the goals were nice, esp cisse. i like the choice of scorers too, crouch, stevie G and cisse. nice one.

the fact that we can rotate and rest players makes this all the more impressive.
garcia, morientes, riise rested for sissoko, cisse and warnock.
too bad reina can't break the record, damn beattie. but 9 consecutive wins i have no complaints.

We are marching on, Chelsea do look behind ur backs.

i buey today's TNP. lol..look at how the chinese employers practise job discrimination. female employees must prove they have symmetrical breasts? wah...this is totally hilarious..

i rmb reading my dad's fax not long ago.. he was telling me..his colleagues in damn weird Christian names..

Wishly __
Dragon Lu (wah..inspiring eh? lol..)
Xiao Ling Tong.. (change the L to T)
Camel __ (wad's the fascination with animals?)

talk bout creative names in SG...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

boxing day bonanza

A dominant Reds performance ensured the homecoming of the prodigal son, Michael Owen was simply not to be a joyous return. The heroics of Shay Given spared Newcastle's blushes as the 2-0 scoreline truly flattered the visiting team.

Liverpool had a field day in front of goal and they could have been 4 or even 5 up at half-time.

lol...that's the type of phrasing u always see in newspapers..and the thing is, it gets boring and you'll run out of adjectives sooner or later writing for this kinda of stuff. write simple english so much better.

well.. truth be told, liverpool was simply great last night. everyone played well, i think. But abit sad for Crouch 'cos his goal not credited to him again. damn freaking tulan for him. 2nd time this season liao. if not he would have a total of 6 & not merely 4 for his goal tally.

the brawl sparked off by bowyer also rather surprising..seeing how crouch & finnan get so agitated..then even gerrard got involved. it's a good thing you know. really.
'cos it shows your teammates are willing to fight and at all costs protect their fellow mate, there's this team camaraderie and cohesive spirit in the team.. scored his 2nd goal in 3 games.. suddenly jolt back to reality is it? all out of a sudden he found his scoring boots? after more than 2 years with man u?

more soccer action to come.. n btw, i haven't choose a designated colour font for this site.. next time perhaps.

Monday, December 26, 2005

ns and beyond

today i slept to a record time of 11.30am, probably still recovering from the previous night of revelry. it's been quite a party and i hoped everyone enjoyed themselves, even if you've spent majority of the time in front of the TV or the computer. lol. hopefully this wont be the last xmas party.

anyway, i got an SMS from CMPB reminding me to report on the 6th of Jan to BMT school 1. nice jolt back to reality. all of a sudden i realised i havent been training or keeping fit at all since coming back from HK. its a little over a week more, but the thought of leaving my everyday life behind to serve the country still irks me nonetheless. maybe things would turn out better than expected, but from word of mouth, thats a very big maybe.

to the rest who are going in at later times or not going in at all, hopefully we'll all keep in touch - and maybe, just maybe, we can go have a trip next year or smthg. merry xmas ^^

X'mas eve a post from swee, X'mas wx... haha Boxing Day my turn to post.

shiok. live epl matches back again after the weekend festive break. i know u all hate this...




and oh... Merry Christmas one and all.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Today is a sunday!

Sunday= Super Sunday!

Then Jin Han will start humming some tune (or you prefer it.. making some weird sequence of noises) and do some wacko 'dance', with that 'rapist look' on his face. lol.

Hope everyone will have an enjoyable and fun-filled Christmas today and an equally pleasant day on the public holiday tmr!

And oh yes, turkey (not a country) sucks. Part of it tasted so spongy as like a sausage, while others tasted like the fibres in a rope. (Maybe b'cos Sylvia cooked it? lol...) Some Western traditions such as these are simply not worth keeping. So let's support our neighbourhood's small retailers and businesses (aka chicken rice stalls) and settle for a better and cheaper alternative- chicken.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

thoughts on movies

finally got my comp back. windows got corrupted again, can't even reformat.
so for the past week i had more time to watch tv.. acty i realise there's quite a no. of good shows now and then on both free-to-air and cable tv, esp during the festive holidays now.

caught this thai movie called My Girl on #56 on Winter Solstice. Great, touching movie i must say.
the girl actress also v cute n mature to a sense.. kinda ironic but true. she's Focus Jirakul btw.

then #U recently started showing better movies on their Wu Ye Chang on fri nights.
The Classic, a Korean film was on last night. another nice movie. got Son Ye Jin also.
the story plot v touching, with quite a number of twists. it's those kind of movie which will definitely make girls tear...

ok..gotta go get my food and then off to ron's hse soon.

Merry X'Mas everyone~ Happy Yuletide season..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This is crap... You've been warned.

Selemat datang crappingstop.


My days are getting more and more hectic ever since the HK trip, and it's gonna get worse when/if i get a job. No more the monotonous, slack days that I took for granted at the beginning of the holidays. Now it's a matter of too many stuff to do, too little time.

Henceforth, in view of my current obligations and their respective priorities, it's with a heavy heart and immeasurable regret that i would have to delay my contribution of a proper blog entry, which would have included the following:

1. Candid photos from HK trip and grad night
2. My Hongkyland report card
3. More crap

,in the foreseeable future.

Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

new look

That's it. I'm finally convinced that the web has not enough blog templates with the word 'crap' in them. Trying to search through 500 thumbnails to find a suitable one was no easy task - and I'm not even like halfway through the whole 6000+ of them. Editing was one heck of a pain but I hope I did a good job.
Anyway, I've more or less recovered from HK. It's just that I posted my thoughts in another place ^^

Regarding this Saturday's party, no one is allowed to bring drinks only. In fact, everyone is supposed to bring one bottle of drink in addition to their food and gift. I'll tell everyone soon enough, but if you've read it here already then good for you. lol. One more thing, try to buy gifts that are unisex. We can't have a guy getting a teddy bear for xmas can we? Maybe fq? Nah. Ho ho Ho.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Live It Love It... Hong Kong!

funny no one's writing bout the hk trip... bet everyone's dead tired after all that travelling? haha so here i am to kick start everthing... you people add on if i missed out on any eh.

JETSTAR ASIA. budget airlines... first time experience sia. dunno wad to expect at first. and then it turned out to be a teeny weeny baby plane... airbus 320. name sounds cool eh? but its not much more massive than a double decker bus really. twice its size maybe? really squeezy in there. you can call it cosy or wadever... but it all boils down to low cost travel ultimately. so as long as we are safely airbound and back on land after three hours to and fro, god bless.

Hong Kong is freaking chilly. the winter season. 14 degrees C. compare that with the 30 degrees of singapore and u know how much i have freezed. not really used to it... seemed to be losing my appettite over there. Dim Sum and the Roasted Goose... yummy good taste. but didnt really savour it much. what a pity. a nice culture of Yum Cha over at Hong Kong nonetheless. they sure know how to kick- start a brand new day in comfy fashion...

and then there's shopping. sylvia koh nearly bought the whole Temple Street, Garden Street, Women Street and wadever street there is. plenty of stuff for girls out there. guys too actually... and be sure to master a couple of price-slashing techniques in case u come out battered and bruised; cheated that is, since the storeowners are actually aiming to earn 200% profits. yup 200... especially Shenzhen where the situation is simply preposterous. see i got my eye on this bag that costs 280 hk dollars. freaking ex for a brandless imitation good i thought. and then i offered an equally ridiculous price of 100 hk since i thought i might not have it anyway... but the storeowner actually said yes! WTF!? anw i gave it up eventually haha. damn u cheaters trying to take a piece out of ignorant tourists.

SPA at shenzhen was shiok. QUEEN's SPA was the enterprise... and u bet we were treated like royalties as the name suggests. its hell of a good time to have people serving u every five little steps u take. u see the attendants are stationed at every corner of the passage, a bit over-staffed isn't it. but who gives a damn really? they even help you to change out of ur clothes! and no i dont mean they actually touched you... its clean.

Ocean Park is nice. Mine Train was hell of a roller-coaster ride.... for a wimp like me at least. breath-taking. the downslope dashes of the train throughout the whole course was certainly ball-shrinking i tell you. yelling my guts out man. pity that all the fun was a little ruined by this bunch of fucked-up Chinese tourists trying to jump our queue while we were waiting. spoiling all the excitement sia. dream on u asses. trying to shove me away? shove u back. muahahahah. eat my elbow u son of a bitch.

The Peak offers a scintillating bird's-eye view of the island. never mind the treacherous uphill hike, its worth it definitely. sometimes u really wonder how beautiful it will be if singapore also boasts of such mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. a step closer to nature. Bukit Timah nature reserve? no match. a tiny molehill it is in comparison.

five days whizzes past like a breeze. and then its home sweet home.
a brilliantly enjoyable trip it has turned out to be in another city which never seems to sleep.

ok. back to reality.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

home sweet home

its been a heck of a trip.

tired. but happy. yeah.

Monday, December 12, 2005

up up & away..

woohoo~ just as we're leaving for hk... liverpool is in very safe hands. 10 consecutive clean sheets, 7 straight wins in the domestic league. nothing much more we can ask for eh?

2nd right now. above the supposedly stronger contenders arsenal & man u.. now both arsenal n man u buey tong liao.. keep on dropping points.. whereas chelsea is still grinding out results efficiently..

so here we come. step into the scene to be the next challenger..

nice run so far.. now it's to japan.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

population map

here's an interesting map depicting each country's size according to its population size. china and india are huge.

anyway, the tag board is gone!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


eh heres a new template... dunno how to edit the html stuff la, so just change a new one hor.


portrayal of women

I happened to chance upon this insightful article during one of my mindless surfing sessions. It basically discusses the image of the female gender in gaming, and to a certain extent the mass media. Sounds quite GP-ish, and I'm not denying that its quite academic, but still an informative read nonetheless.

T and A: Body Image and Jiggle Technology

While similar articles might be prone to be influenced by a feminist POV, this article proves otherwise. It starts off by describing how the feminine image in films have been traditionally influenced by the dominant male population's (aka the audience) wants and desires since the 1990s till present, and follows up by differentiating this image in games from the norm (or at least our perception of it). Well, if you ever wondered why most movie actresses on the silver screen are so buxom and leggy, this article does a pretty fine job of answering that question.

Ok, that concludes my first non-crap post for crappingstop. The irony. lol. Anyway, for the unenlightened, we are meeting at 5.30am in front of the departure/arrivals board next Tuesday. And of course, I'm talking about those going for the HK trip, but if you aren't, you are welcome to come as well :D

I was wondering if we could change the blog layout/design a bit. Looks a bit dull after repeated viewing. I have no admin rights so I cant do anything. And no, I don't know how to either :X

Friday, December 09, 2005

pure luck?

Well well.

You're not defending man u i know.. wise of you to do that.
today must be the darkest moment for all manure fans... in the past decade or so.. since '94 season..when they failed to qualify in the grp with ifk gotherburg n barca advancing.. that time still european cup..not CL.

but the thing is, you're lambasting football betting for nuts.

hai.. i dun want to say more.. but it is really like shares.

are share investments gambling? you'll nv know that much hyped IPO will also sooner or later spell doom for the listed company man... classic e.g in recent years is China Aviation Oil (CAO).

u tell me lah.. in the height of this oil price boom, which company deal in oil will go bust one?
somemore now airlines are picking up in business lor.. otherwise what else those airlines like qantas, SIA and now the Chinese also purchase so many orders from Boeing & Airbus..
must make till the company CEO run road...come back face a mountain of lawsuits...

the company still got SG govt links one leh..siao siao.. all those investors whose fingers got burnt all thought this is the most secure investment lah.. or banker bet if u call it in football.

now Google another gd example. the price already skyrocketed already. and the market valuation is grossly exaggerated. it certainly ain't worth more than US$100 per share.. but the market hype makes it so. it will go up even further trust me. but what goes up will come down eventually.. yahoo's share prices have halved since their peak.. all these interesting stats i learnt from BusinessWeek, not from me one eh.

betting is just a calculated risk. for does entail knowledge and not mere luck.
unlike 4D or Toto..where luck is everything.. unless u really come up with this computer system that records all the winning numbers since sgpools started legalizing it lah.. fyi, the official site only got a few years record... then u go make this probability distribution..wad numbers appeared more times.. when was last time it striked..then u bet lah.. lidat 4D betting diff case liao. not 100% luck. u did, or rather..tried to do ur homework.

well.. the '9 out of 10 bets will lose' saying in Chinese doesn't hold true in all forms of betting.
at least not in football. but i must say it's really tough and a real guru to earn profits frm punting full-time... i know of quite a no. of ppl who do that though..but ur capital must be huge..

use double up method lah..sure win.. yes, i meant SURE win. but the thing is, how many times can u afford to lose b4 that elusive win come? thousands? i say millions.. but that comes to another pt..if you've 1 million..what for u want these petty gains of few dollars in each bet?


everything's conjured by us humans. the rules, the handicap... bookies win some lose some, trap some give some.. to lure more punters.. is lucrative business. sure thing. but what makes us think we can't beat them eh? this is, assuming the kelong analogy does not stand lah.. that's why asian leagues damn kelong.. chinese super league esp.

and another interesting stat... sgpools aims to take a cut of 11% of ur stakes in the long run, whereas for WilliamHill is 8%.. so in the long run, the odds are only supposed to reduce ur assets by that much/little whichever u prefer.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The 100th post!!!

Ta da ta da!

(With reference to the previous post) The moral of the story is: do not gamble.

Look at what soccer betting has cost poor swee. A month worth of wages and the subsequent psychological trauma. And the sum involved is actually considered a patry sum (though not to swee at the moment) in the world of gambling, where sometimes tens of thousands are lost in a single bet. Can you imagine what are the consequences when something of that magnitude happens?

If someone uneducated gambles, he/she can still use the lack of knowledge or a discerning mind as an excuse. But what else can we, being educated in math and probability, shift the blame on? We all know that the probability of us winning any bet is definitely less than 1.00 and this implies that about all gamblers (unless you're among that handful of chao tycos) are bound to lose! This also implies that the element of luck dominates the game and the amount of hardwork or effort you put in is irrelevant.

Yet despite all these knowledge, some still continue to deceive themselves by the notion that their hardwork would pay off someday or by convincing themselves that they are in the midst of a 'lucky' streak. Others (like my parents) would claim that they're only placing small bets (like on 4D and mahjong) and are in total control of the situation. If that's indeed the case, then why are we witnessing a steadily increasing number of crimes (such as harassment from loansharks) and number of individuals declaring bankrupt, that are the direct result of impulsive gambling? 'If you steal when you're young, you'll rob when you're older'.

All these information can easily be verified. To suggest that i'm doing so to 'defend' man u against swee's comments would just expose a lack of maturity and naivety.

One may wonder why am i writing 'serious' entries nowadays. This reminds me of what JB and JH told me when i posted a similar question to them at the start of this blog, that we can't be all crap and no substance. Indeed, i concur that there's a time for everything and an equilibrium to maintain. Without the 'hardtalk' that each of us post from time to time, i think that this blog will degenerate to a lacklustre mindless whining blog that many have become.

Just articulating my thoughts...


farking ** team

Disclaimer: had to edit this.

otherwise u all keep saying i sore loser or sth along that lines...

but i'm ok with it. money is transient.

i've won big and lost big in this. just a rare bad day.. life goes on. nothing serious also.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

an eventful week

It's Tuesday morning now... hope can last till 4...

to think i haven't slept at home since... wednesday night? lol..home sweet home finally man..

the past week was hell of a happening man..haha... first, the prom... ok lor..nubbad. emotional? no leh..not really lah..but i did thought of the fact that it may be the last time we see some of the ppl b4 we go into NS.. like Razak? etc... yeah.
i guess prom largely are similar affairs everywhere? 'cos dhs one abit similar..wave the napkin to the Ricky Martin song... exactly same action, same game, same music. only that dhs one low class, venue+live performances cannot compare lah of course. this ritz one the price almost double leh.. so okie lah.

lol..then Indochine.. my freaking sec sch + vj junior was there too.. bloody hell. she saw kesmond say hi see me boh lah? then still complain to giap we dance v farnie. look at chun meng lah! lol... i think that night was fun.

oh yeah.. i submitted my 1st article..think this job will last me the longest? at least 3 months...and maybe i can continue to do it even when i'm in army..weekend bookout write a money. my bro also commented this has to be the best job available.. he also interested. asked me help him write also..

then went to chalet on weekend.. fun. played the xbox..till daybreak.. fingers abit sore.. the right thumb esp. watched the star awards with my extended family... nice experience. lol... altho' i rather sleep deprived. and had a dhsco gathering at junior hse..she damn bloody rich ok.

stay at telok kurau lorong h there.. and wtf lah.. grandpa owns the land? got 5-6 in a row all her family.. WTF really. her 'lousier' hse got swimming pool one somemore.. lol..i asked my fren intro whether she got sis anot..or else she too young..

monday night..which is just now only.. went to had a night out with my co buddies.. yeah..guys lah. cos one of them enlisting on thurs.. went to Clarke Quay's Brewerkz to drink.

nice atmosphere.. always see their ad in papers abt live screening of football matches.. gd place, drinks abit ex though. but ok lah.. we drank abit nia.. and the finger food also rather ex.. each of us paid around $20 in the end?

that's about it. my $60 earnings all spent.. prom, hotel, chalet games, drink.. wah..siao man. spend damn alot. more than 100 the past week. not inc. the 90 bucks somemore..

had prom, went to club, annual family chalet..then my first pub/waterhole....

that's wad being 18 is all about man.. lol..although all nv check ic one..

n on the last note, Crouch scored. lol..didn't got to watch any weekend match.. i was on the mrt platform waiting for train go pasir ris.. then i overheard a grp of lads saying crouch scored 2 lah.. i knew 3-0.. ok ok nia.. but when news of crouch finally breaking his goalscoring duck hit me.. i was rather happy. pleased lah. not jubilant that type. i like him for trying. well, at least the entire anfield faithful also loves him... Cisse, no 'i' in team eh..cliched but really, dun sulk.. i hate to see u leave in jan transfer window man.. pls behave.

ok.this is long. n i never watched tong xin yuan.... followed till exams then after that didn't really sit down 1 hr watch liao.. my fren say the tian-yi still senile... rather surprising.. but where the hell is Da-shan n his girl, snoopy they all? and the sister maria or gao ji mei or wadever leh? zhou dong go where also? i only heard he kena exposed. then why the priscilia chan role give up the factory? tot she sold it?

wah..i uber lag. ok lah.i think this serial better than the Happy Fish or wad... but h.village still the best in the 100+ episodes thingy. maybe it was the first.. more novel then.. kindred spirit was the first.. to think that thru' out the period when Mediaworks was functioning, kindred spirit was repeated twice but outlived the company man.. that's how long it was.. hk still show in 1/2 hr episode somemore.. peng man.

ok. i talk too much.

top-10-of-everything-under-the-sun (2005 edition)

Hmm why is everybody posting non-lighthearted stuff these days? Am I the only one who posts crap here anymore? Anyway here's more interesting stuff for you to know - if you want to know anyway.

Lists: 2005

Apparently some guy decided to compile all the top-xx lists for this year and collated it into a single site. Pretty interesting if you have nothing much to do, which is most likely the case I guess. Anyway, do check it out ^^

On another note, we are leaving for HK in exactly 1 week's time!! How exciting. lol. So in the meantime this blog would be down too so you'll have to do without the usual dose of crap for the time being. I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing though.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Q: Tong Xin Yuan final episode is crap?

A tiger can't change its strips.

Tong Xin Yuan is a crappy show, we all know that. I'm not at all surprised that the final episode is garbage too. As the Chinese saying goes 'shang4 liang2 bu4 zhen4, xia4 liang2 wai1', the damage has already been done. And i seriously doubt there exists any playwriter who is capable enough to salvage the whole series with a brilliant ending.

But from the look of things, we should acknowledge the fact that the producers and plot writers have indeed made a commendable, though futile, effort in improving the plot. We all used to say that the show is retarded, as exemplified by its characters going retard. Well.. It still is, but they've added a new dimension to it- impotency. If the info. provided by my sis is reliable (duh.. i didn't watch the show), then one of the character (Daqiu) became impotent after a kick in the groin from his retarded brother. Oh my.. impotency coupled with jackass-ness! What a stroke of genius! But alas, this is but a slight blimp in the rapid retardation of the plot. An anomaly. False hope.

And the moral of the story is? Do yourself a favour and get Starhub Cable TV! Consider subscribing to HBO at least for this month cos they're showing Rome now! You wanna wait for S'pore tv to broadcast it? Haha... I'd say you can wait till our NS has finished. 2 years.. just nice. Or.... are they trying to cut costs now and are broadcasting older movies? Hohoho... Merry Christmas!


and tong xin yuan final episode is crap. wtf.


was sitting in the living room watching tong xin yuan with the laptop on my lap...

then a deafening "BAM!" and "WHAM!" erases the silence of the chilly evening.

"Aiyo!~... Jialat Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

cried my Mum as she dashes out of the apartment expecting the worst. there it was, as she peeked downstairs, the scene of the accident. a van having dashed all the way up the curb onto the pedestrian pavement, along with the car almost in scraps lying a distance away clearly explained the impact of the collision. damn...

prayers for the victims of the crash.


Saturday, December 03, 2005


yup. curtains for the two years of JC life has been drawn up. 18 years of schooling in fact. the end of prom was a rather emotional affair i thought. no tears though, cos it isnt necessarily sad to part. rather, we are all advancing towards a brand new stage of our lives, guys entering the boys to men service while the ladies, university and then the workforce. its the part and parcels of growing up... eighteen years of schooling has groomed us into fine young men and ladies ready to contribute our worth to the nation. and it is also when the notion "all good things must come to an end" rings true. the ups of uniform-clad schooling, still fresh in our minds then would soon become distant memory and nothing more then a reminisce of the past. but beautiful memories of times spent with our friends and teachers are keeps precious enough to be worth treasuring forever. true that we might not be seeing one another possibly for the rest of our lives, but that doesnt mean we ought to or will be forgetting what we have been through together. friendships so strong to stand the test of time are what have been built, and to sit down together recollecting the past some twenty or thirty years later isnt something hard to picture really.

Hong my old friend... glad to see you well and the same old soul again after nearly two years. it has been real nice. and to the rest of my counterparts in VJC, hope to see all of you some time again soon. cheers.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Another flip of the page.

The end of our prom truly marks the end of our lives in vjc. It would also signified the last instance where we would be seeing some of us in our lives. This reminds me of a quote i once came across: 'Some friends will be with us for a year, some 2 yrs, 10 yrs, but few will last for a lifetime'. So sad, but unsurprising.

Oh well, prom itself was fun. Had a good time socialising during the event, plus the photo-taking sessions were enjoyable too. Everyone, except 2 persons ( incidentally both wore blue shirts), were well-dressed for the night, some to such an extent that you could even barely recognised them.

The table i was seated at consisted of all guys and no girls, with *ahem cough cough*, *clears throat*. It was far from the ideal seating arrangement we would ask for. We thought that no girls= less food, *ahem*= sian 1/2. On our way to Ritz, Hock and I were already talking about the game of Hearts we're going to play later ( Remember 13 pts? Shoot the moon?) and 'each man for himself'. But thankfully it didn't turn out the way we expected to be. True, some of us weren't full after the dinner, but it would be attributed not to the lack of girls, but rather to the miserably small servings. *ahem* also did not dampen the overall ambience, though I'd have to say that Razak looked a bit downcast and quiet at the start of the prom. Haha.

However, i would like to add that all the fun, and essentially the success of the prom, were more of our own anticipation and excitment than the workings of the organisers. No doubt, the SC deserves credit for all the planning and the hardwork they put in. But the results they had achieved were barely satisfactory. A case in point was the food, which cannot be justified by the 90 bucks each of us paid. Delifrance also serves a free-flow of bread in their breakfast buffet for $6.95+. As for the music, my opinion is that only 1 or 2 bands made the grade. The rest were like killing chicken, slaughtering pigs.

Mmm... There are still many things i would like to add, like the post-prom party, but they would have to wait. My biological clock has been totally screwed up and i'm getting listless but not sleepy.

Last but not the least, i think that as we all depart on our journeys, the entries of this blog will become increasingly alien to the rest of us who are living in different environments(that's if we still write entries). Nevertheless, i hope that this blog will serves as a bond between us and reminds us of our time in vjc, and 04s42.