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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The 100th post!!!

Ta da ta da!

(With reference to the previous post) The moral of the story is: do not gamble.

Look at what soccer betting has cost poor swee. A month worth of wages and the subsequent psychological trauma. And the sum involved is actually considered a patry sum (though not to swee at the moment) in the world of gambling, where sometimes tens of thousands are lost in a single bet. Can you imagine what are the consequences when something of that magnitude happens?

If someone uneducated gambles, he/she can still use the lack of knowledge or a discerning mind as an excuse. But what else can we, being educated in math and probability, shift the blame on? We all know that the probability of us winning any bet is definitely less than 1.00 and this implies that about all gamblers (unless you're among that handful of chao tycos) are bound to lose! This also implies that the element of luck dominates the game and the amount of hardwork or effort you put in is irrelevant.

Yet despite all these knowledge, some still continue to deceive themselves by the notion that their hardwork would pay off someday or by convincing themselves that they are in the midst of a 'lucky' streak. Others (like my parents) would claim that they're only placing small bets (like on 4D and mahjong) and are in total control of the situation. If that's indeed the case, then why are we witnessing a steadily increasing number of crimes (such as harassment from loansharks) and number of individuals declaring bankrupt, that are the direct result of impulsive gambling? 'If you steal when you're young, you'll rob when you're older'.

All these information can easily be verified. To suggest that i'm doing so to 'defend' man u against swee's comments would just expose a lack of maturity and naivety.

One may wonder why am i writing 'serious' entries nowadays. This reminds me of what JB and JH told me when i posted a similar question to them at the start of this blog, that we can't be all crap and no substance. Indeed, i concur that there's a time for everything and an equilibrium to maintain. Without the 'hardtalk' that each of us post from time to time, i think that this blog will degenerate to a lacklustre mindless whining blog that many have become.

Just articulating my thoughts...



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