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Sunday, July 30, 2006

BSLC's end.

I've finally watched Pirates of the Carribean yesterday! Caught it with another desperado bunkmate of mine at Jurong Point, right after bookout. Went in 15 mins after the show had started, but no choice, cos the next one screens 2 hrs later. So gotta rush rush and rush to maximise whatever free time we've. That's the pathetic and sad lifestyle of NSF trainees.

Deadman's Chest was pretty good, had a lot of actions but i'd still prefer the 1st one. Felt that the storyline had more depth in the latter, unlike the former which had too many things happening concurrently and leaves the viewers with a lot of questions at the end of the show. Basically, it's just like a 2.5hrs trailer for the 3rd episode which if i'm not mistaken, has been named World's End. I just hope that the last episode will be a fitting ending to the series.

In other words, bslc will be ending in 4 weeks' time. Can't wait to get out of trainee life and out of the jungles, the mosquitoes, the mud and the swamp. Can't wait for the day when i can react to some of my sergeants in a manner befitting them. Hmm.. got some thoughts forming up in my mind now. Hahaha. :) Revenge will be sweet.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i don't want to say much but...

it's been some time.

Italy won the World Cup for the 4th time. cheers.

Juventus got relegated for the 1st time in its history.

fark it. (milan shld join us)

Israel are flexing its muscles.

And, my course is almost ending.

yea..short summary of all i want to say.

it's kinda sad, that it had to turn out this way. Juve was wrong, but i wonder whether such a judgement by the tribunal would be in the best of the league's and team's interests.

Great. Let's see Chievo, Empoli fight it out in Europe. Simply awesome man.

Let's see how the TV rights fee plummet.

Even if Starhub brings back Serie A I doubt anyone would want to watch it now.

How Italian football will get a nasty smack right in the face when Palermo gets whacked by some European giant like Barcelona by some hockey or even cricket scoreline.

Perhaps the only consolation is that only in times of adversity do one witness true loyalty. Del Piero & probably Nedved sticking thru it thick and thin. pleasant surprise from the mercenaries bastards plying their trade in big clubs nowadays.

Middle East is seeing some action too as the major European leagues gear into action.

The Israelis decided to depict reel screen onto reality, except that Private Ryan turned into a Corporal instead behind its inquest into Palestine.

They never saw eye to eye anyway.

Considering that Israel pretty much fought its territory all by force half a century ago and the Palestines definitely still kpkb-ing about it, wanting to strike back but kinda tough luck for it's the Israeli army we're talking about.

It's like the mother of all armies.

Another radical group Hizbollah in Lebanon decided to join in the fun, but got Beirut bombed big time instead. Capturing two Israeli soldiers just to prove something, but implicated its innocent citizens instead.

Iran, Saudi Arabia and the predominantly Muslim region is gonna retaliate soon, but Israel vs Rest of Middle East is gonna be one tough fight.

It's like Red Alert, Command & Conquer everything rolled into one.

Wonder how US will react, being such a close ally but surely wouldn't want to further stretch its military forces after Iraq, Afghanistan and with Iran & N.Korea looming, you wouldn't want to make a hash decision anytime soon.

This is kinda poignant for dealing with arms every single day will sorta tweak ur mindset towards weapons, warfare and all that.

War is bad, but it is necessary at times.

Getting hands-on with all this will easily make u forget that every single piece you're dealing with is capable of shedding blood. human lives and all that.

Course ending end-August, probably getting posted to East Zone and tat means no more hefty transportation expenses again.

bad news though is that I'll be omni-present..

meaning there'll be no permanent camp to report to, just a HQ base. but perhaps Paya Lebar today, Hendon tomorrow, Selarang the next appeals to some who wants to visit every single camp in SG.

Going wherever we're needed, maintenance.. doing fit-for-firing (fff), repair.. it's like there's no lull period, and being busy all year round. this kinda sucks.

Unless.. i'm so lucky.. or rather unlucky..

to get earmarked for overseas posting.. two out of 20 odd. can't be that zhun right?

lidat hafta report to Army Maintenance Base (AMB) in Nee Soon Camp everyday man.

Just kill me if thats the case.

Especially if the vacant posting is for Lancer in Brunei.

Just shoot me then.

Even Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind sounds good.

wad's the world becoming to man....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Divine intervention.

Ah, a timely entry to revive this dying blog. Haha.

4 weeks of sispec life has passed, and boy, have i missed out on so many stuff.. world cup, and now some mid-east war? Mm.. I'm so deprived of the interesting world out there. Haha. This is not to say that sispec life is all dull, there's some silver linings in the dark clouds too. For example, our chemical defence "confidence building" session a.k.a remove your gas mask inside gas chamber. Quite fun in a way, get to see some pple 'crying as if everyone else in the world has died', as an officer put it.

Then there was also our navigation exercises at lower mandai (nowhere near mandai zoo, but rather some country club and reservoir), where there's some treetop trail and some dirt track for pple who wanna feed the mosquitoes (joggers and trekkers). It was quite eventful for my team. Got this part when we decided to cut some corner and follow the dirt track (which was not allowed) to this location closest to our next checkpoint (it's a yellow card hung onto one of the trees) before bashing through the jungles. Then we ran into a group of PAP kids on an excursion, who i think reacted as though we're some kind of primitive humanoids from the jungles. Though probably can't blame them too, cos soldiers with parang and M-16 aren't exactly the things you'd expect to see on a PAP nature excursion eh..

And for outsiders, in case you didn't know, the plants in lower mandai are freaking thorny, like they're some alien plants from outer space. Definitely worse than cactus. One of my team-mate walked into one of those thorny branches and got his eye pierced. Dramatic. The initial bleeding was quite bad and my FAD was used.. lol. Use your FAD? That seeming redundant piece of cloth? Never in my wildest dreams. Then we evacuated him to the nearest dirt track by bashing straight north (we weren't sure of our coordinates/we were half-lost). Along the way, the signaller in my group used such exaggerated terms to communicate on the coms set that the others must have thought we've got someone dying. Haha. Thinking back, it was really quite amusing and funny. We were really so panicky initially. Monkeys in the bushes we though got wild boar. lol. Lucky for my friend, that thorn missed his eye by 1.8cm, piercing his eye lid instead. Then there was also night navigation, which was hell. Nothing good to say about it. Can't see shit. In the end after 2 failed attempts to find our checkpoint, we just find some spot and sit down talk cock till the time is up. Don't want to imagine what kind of life those OCT are having in Brunei man.

And that about sums up the more interesting parts of these 2 weeks. Outfield training gonna starts in a week's time, hell gonna break loose. But looking on the bright side, what won't break us will only make us stronger and besides, there's only so much tekan the instructors can do to us. I'm looking forward to passing out from sispec and maybe hopefully get into MP and start raiding other units. You all better start keeping your camera phones and MP3 at home!



Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the match said it all..

feeling somewhat obligated to say my piece on England's dismal showing this campaign, I believe everyone has his or her own views.

Not being up to par, dishing out boring football.

Surely this is not what the masses expect from one of the best Three Lions' side since their 1966 homesoil triumph. Many names have been brought to the cruxificion cross, but the number of culprits are such that it'll take a massacre to wipe out each individual's sins.

The controversial incident that sparked the fracas:

If you asked me, it sure doesn't seem intentional.

But, for a tournament that's not likely to be remembered for any single player lighting up the entire stage, it's ironic that the referees are more than capable of taking centre stage.

Disputed sending offs, cautioned for the seemingly most innocuous of tackles. Everything constituted an infringement, a foul and of course, a resulting free kick.

This greatly disrupted the flow of play and certainly, the level of entertainment and pleasure for the fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo is despicable no doubt. But if you've noticed, he's always placed country over club, Portugal's maroon red rather than Man U's. It's true. Esp in the absence of Figo's temporary international hiatus, Ronaldo saw himself as the leader to rise to the occasion. Battling hard, fight for the country's cause be it his father's death or whatever.

But doing all this just to get your club-mate sent off is very wrong. Just look at the scorn on Rooney's face. To think that the press release, probably influenced by a very PR-conscious Man U management, is that both players are on good terms and Ronaldo continued to call...text Rooney on his mobile even after that.. "no worries, we can play as a team" seems to be the intended message.

I mean come on. Ronaldo has to leave. The lure of Real Madrid under the tutelage of possibly the best tactician, Fabio Capello will be hard to resist. Furthermore, RVN and Rooney can stay now. It's a no-brainer that one will choose England's next big thing, and ur club's 30million pounds signing rather than the Mr Flashy-cum-Twinkle-Toes right?

They look like they've just saw God descended from above.

If you ask me, the worst culprit that epitomizes England's sorry campaign, is none other than the lampar kia.

Mr Lampard.

He totally sucked. To the core. But as one of the more established player in the lineup, he was considered an "untouchable" by Eriksson. Sub him out? Or you mean DROP him? Unthinkable man. Face it, his form is kns. totally shit. he'll live with the stinky reputation of being the player being the most shots at goal without a single goal to his name. Statistics don't lie.

Btw... Beckham has finally surrenderred his armband. Great move by him, can prolong his international career considerably. But sadly, it'll go to Terry if the pundits are right.

Gerrard would have been the natural choice.. in terms of being an inspirational figure.. urging and really fighting for your team's cause. He embodies the English indomitable spirit, fighting to the end. even more than Rooney if you insist.

But.. unfortunately.. club background does come into play.. and Liverpool ain't exactly considered that big a boy in the league.. so Terry and all that..tends to take first priority.. yeah.. that's how the world works outside too.

On a irrelevant note.. The Tour de France is on too. But it failed to emerge from the shadows of Mr Livestrong.. another doping scandal.. geez.. everyone takes drugs huH? lol. from ullrich to basso. all suspended by their respective teams for fear of disqualification. this is the ultimate mess man.

of course, other than the scandal Serie A is embroiled in now. Juventus' chances don't look bright. Hai.. this is indeed a bad time to be a Bianconeri fan. but you could see it coming.. Juve was like.. way too dominant and powerful in Italy lah.. it's like every week a win is a given, three points is a foregone conclusion. the most consistent league team for the last decade or so in all major European leagues man.

now Capello is gone. maybe a mass exodus on the cards. I'd hate to see that. but if that really happens, i hope Juve will come back. to Serie B or C1. do a Fiorentina and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. please.

Hope Italy overcomes the Germans tonight. Keeping fingers crossed, the hope lives on.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fan of England.

england's out of world cup. and the painful scale of judgment? penalties yet again. against portugal that is and one name spells heroics. RICARDO.

call him the jinx against england i say. a god-like performance to save portugal's blushes of an inability to capitalise on their one-man advantage. respect. for RICARDO purely i say.

watching the portugese in action yesterday, a great deal of respect has been lost. a lacklustre attcking display in front of goal with the absence of the influential deco, even the highly-rated c ronaldo and fading figo could conjure nothing but empty potshots off target. and so they resorted to playing dirty, particularly when frustrations set in with failure to capitalise on their numerical advantage on the field. the main culprit- ronaldo. cunning fellow. not mentioning the frequent hitting of the ground on the slightest of touches, he seems to dictate the theatrical display of the portugese, throwing occasional winks at scolari after earning undeserved free kicks and was the mastermind behind the turning point of the game. the sending off of wayne rooney. he seemed to have influenced the referee in flashing the red by accusing rooney of intentionally stamping on carlvalho while challenging for the ball. and rooney shoving him aside does not help matters when the marching orders were finally given. to me, that was purely a lost of balance by rooney in the challenge, never intentional. and wonder if it was only me who had noticed, the expression on rooney's face when ronaldo chose to step in and have a say in that incident was one which read disapoointment and anger, particularly that of being betrayed by a club teammate and friend. indeed, it is club ties and friendships aside come representation at the international level. and the next moment when the camera focused on ronaldo's face after rooney was sent off, it simply read guilt in my opinion, a certain uneasiness. perhaps he was just doing what ought to be done for the sake of his country. patriotism. how much the youngster had always loved to win games and score goals for his own country was always reiterated and yesterday, guess it was plain eveidence. even to the extent of winning it dirty.

this is football. not everyone can view every aspect of the game in the same light. especially when i am an england fan. but i believe the deserved winner of yesterday's game has got to be england. they had showed their fighting spirit and will to pull out that impressive draw till the final minutes of the game, and at points of time they had even come so close to turning the tables around all thanks to peter crouch and the teenage prodigy aaron lennon. to be dealt the death sentence with penalties, a repeat of history, is something too harsh for the side to bear. all has been spoken enough of eriksson's disinterest and lousy tactics, or beckham's incompetence, or doubts about crouch's abilities. what england had showed yesterday was their spirit and will to prove their worth and go against all odds. they might not have deserved the world cup afterall, but they truly deserved respect, at least more than portugal.

The sun will rise, the birds will sing, for us and you and me.

I need a divine intervention. Aeromedical centre pls get cmpb to downgrade me soon.

The sun will rise,
the mosquitoes will sing,
for us and you and me.

We're from charlie coy, charlie company.