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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

boxing day bonanza

A dominant Reds performance ensured the homecoming of the prodigal son, Michael Owen was simply not to be a joyous return. The heroics of Shay Given spared Newcastle's blushes as the 2-0 scoreline truly flattered the visiting team.

Liverpool had a field day in front of goal and they could have been 4 or even 5 up at half-time.

lol...that's the type of phrasing u always see in newspapers..and the thing is, it gets boring and you'll run out of adjectives sooner or later writing for this kinda of stuff. write simple english so much better.

well.. truth be told, liverpool was simply great last night. everyone played well, i think. But abit sad for Crouch 'cos his goal not credited to him again. damn freaking tulan for him. 2nd time this season liao. if not he would have a total of 6 & not merely 4 for his goal tally.

the brawl sparked off by bowyer also rather surprising..seeing how crouch & finnan get so agitated..then even gerrard got involved. it's a good thing you know. really.
'cos it shows your teammates are willing to fight and at all costs protect their fellow mate, there's this team camaraderie and cohesive spirit in the team.. scored his 2nd goal in 3 games.. suddenly jolt back to reality is it? all out of a sudden he found his scoring boots? after more than 2 years with man u?

more soccer action to come.. n btw, i haven't choose a designated colour font for this site.. next time perhaps.


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