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Sunday, June 25, 2006

mixed blessing..

Ah.. now in oeti learning all the tech skills.. course at Ayer Rajah 2 months..then post to Nee Soon camp or other place for another 2 months for On-Job Experience (OJE) then off to posting liao.

gd part abt this vocation is can get promoted to corporal after the course ends.. after nov.. then 3rd sergeant later on.. it's more abt the allowance rather than the rank. and get to play with all types of small arms.. really is everything... i saw the steyr 'scout', gpmg, sar21, m16, cis 50, wad 84mm and 125mm all the shit also got in the workshop.. with tanks, arti vehicles and amphibious personnel vehicles all the in common area... v different from bmt indeed.

Will have the opportunity for overseas posting.. but little vacancies for NSFs.. starlight 1.4k, crescendo 1k, lancer 1.2k.. not inc. nsf allowance.. but min. 6months.. most ppl usually do more than 1 years all the way to their ORD dates.. gd thing abt overseas posting is can get to see more things.. and lotsa leaves and offs to take..

bad thing.. lotsa studying to do. every module on every weapon consists on theory and practicals.. unable to pass then remedial training on weekends till can make it.. and got wad e-learning system. log in every day clock hours one. nowadays saf too high tech also bad for us ns men siah..

and likelihood of accidents are high.. lotsa safety guidelines in place.. deaths or serious injuries are not uncommon considering the turret and heavy arms ppl deal with high explosive stuff.. and the workshop environment isn't that conducive.. ppl with sensitive noses tend to get ooc-ed. and the stench of oil can get overbearing with poor ventilation.. and wearing that one-piece coverall kinda sux, esp for guys.. if u get what i mean.

ok. of cos, most of us there are sleep deprived.. almost all of them there at least bet or watch football, or both.. lol. lotsa ppl on same frequency v gd siah.. now do i understand units have ppl from all sorts of background then do i understand.. ppl losing 10k+ in debts.. ppl driving to camp everyday in mini cooper and mitusbishi lancer.. can tompang us sometimes.. nubbad.

finally, there's more incriminating evidence against drogba that turt in this world cup...

He sucks.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Shit don't come alone

Viper, now Charlie.. Ya, who said God's fair huh? Haa..

Words can't describe what's the situation like. During BMT, booking out was accompanied with a sense of liberation and joy, albeit a short-lived one. Now, booking out is sort of stressful and.. painful? B'cos the bookout timing is saturday evening (the latest, and it gonna stay this way for the next 4 weeks) and we gonna rush to prepare the stuff needed. Plus Charlie coy reputedly has no nights out, practically no canteen breaks and (almost?) always the latest bookout timing. Zzzz. No surprise at times our conversations inside the bunk centred on how to OOC.

8 weeks more, how sia? $450 simply cannot justify this way of life. The commanders' dialogue is unconvincing and they were just beating around the bush, never ATQ (Answer the qn). A part of me really hope i get OOC after doing SOC. Some wrist injury or something huh? Don't need too serious ones.

Ah. COS duty tmr, reporting time 0720... This is what they say: Shit don't come alone.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

new phase, new life ?¿?

This deserves a special thanks to my bunkmate Timothy Han.. for the dinner at Palm Beach. ahahaz..sometimes it certainly helps to haf a bloody rich fren whose father happen to own the franchise to be able to afford to give the entire section&sergeant a sumptuous seafood dinner treat...

And a certain incident convinced me that the organisation we're bound to for 2 years is acty quite a shady and corrupted system.. not far from the Malaysian police imo, if you catch the drift. cannot comment more over here.. but such black sheeps among the commanders are really.. disheartening to say the least.

i wish my fren who kena 'sabo-ed' in a way all the best in sispec.. really take care liao my fren, Jared.

I was going thru the previous entry. and i tot the pic-filled post appeared quite decent on this template ar.. nubbad at all.

Teamgeist+10 official match ball.. if you've got 200bucks to spare..

btw... about the ongoing World Cup.. well well.. England sux. period.

Czech got stunned last night. Pretty discouraging but without their first choice striking duo up front, it was always going to be an uphill task to expect their midfield quartet to deliver all the goods. Nedved & Rosicky can only do so much.

Italy kinda kelonged again. lol.. 10 v 9 also cannot take adv of the numerical superiority.. for an entire half somemore.. Ain't championship material this way..

Javier Saviola - another reject of Barcelona... but together with Riquelme, who cares abt it now? it seems the entire supply of South American talent stems from the Catalan giants..

Argentina's 6-0 drubbing is kinda overrated if you ask me.. no doubt, they're good. The Serbo-Montenegrins were missing their usual defensive pairing with Vidic out.. but then, the supposedly best defence in qualifying (only conceded 1 in 13 matches) to leak in 6? that's helluva lot. But then, the SGPools unkers all decide to play it with the wind... now the South Americans' winning the title come July 9 has dropped to a pathetic $5.. nearly almost halved its original value.. we shall see man.

Ok, i think the females haf lotsa reasons to stay up.. this World Cup has more suave and delectable men chasing the ball around..

Like the current It guy of Brazilian football.. Kaka

He plays well, models for Armani, gets mobbed by female fans, filthy rich. And has a pretty, young wife to boot. who said God is fair?

And who can forget the easily most recognisable face of football... Becks

And also the new Man U no. 7 - Cristiano Ronaldo.

But I'll say, the hottest strikeforce has to be that of the Spanish amigos.

You have Fernando Torres.

And the new flavour of the town, David Villa - the new prince who has displaced the original king with smouldering looks, Raul Gonzalez.

But if you ask me, i think Alessandro Del Piero personifies something even more - coolness, calm, and exudes a certain charisma and peacefulness from within.. Even his name is so unique that the Infernal Affairs character depicted by Chapman To also went with this screen name. Kinda farnie..

Alessandro Del Piero with a new clean shaven head, already a living legend

And to be fair.. the females get to ogle the guys.. the males also get to do likewise.

A Brazilian babe.. and there are many more scantily clad ones among the stands. damn hot and gorgeous lah.

Every 2 years when we approach the World Cup or European Championship, there'll be bound to have more football-related ads being broadcasted.. to jump onto the sport bandwagon.. this time round, kinda surprising not to see more of Nike's Joga Bonito on tv.. altho' there are already tons of videos with Cantona in them... But Nike's marketing campaign on Brazil is really a wise move.. and the retro-inspired jersey kits for the Brazil, Netherlands teams are selling like hotcakes.

There's the all-Liverpool feature by Carlsberg.. with Reina, Gerrard, Cisse etc..
and Pringles one.. with Roberto Carlos, Gerrard again...

And the most exciting ad so far - the Jose+10 thingy by adidas.

Most would have seen the usual ad of two boys playing on the sandy ground (always sandy one.. like the previous ad during Euro 2004)

But most would have missed the longer length and its sequel.. nice.


Beckenbauer? wahahaha...

Jackass of the Month (June 06)

you know.. there're some people out there who are amazingly, brilliantly, extraordinary-ly retarded. Seriously. Beyond your wildest imagination. So this monthly 'award' is but a timely gesture to give these people their long overdue attention and 'fame'.

Before i begin, does anyone of you know that there's a NS vocation called Dental Assistant???

And the June 06 Jackass of the Month Award goes to this anonymous gentleman who posted these questions on a forum that would even confound Einstein himself!

And the forum thread is as following:

Hi guys,
I got posted to
1. You are posted to MED TRG INSTITUTE.
2. Your vocation is DENTAL ASST.

1) DO i need to stay in?
2) Do i really need to bring all my SBO, Helmet etc??

Brillant! Absolutely thought-provoking (Hmm.. What's your IQ?)! Questions of the millennium! Don't you all agree?


NOTE: If you're the author of the above-mentioned forum thread, pls kindly report to IMH ward 524 to collect your prize. You'll find a stack of 5 cents coins on the floor. You are expected to stay in.

Friday, June 16, 2006

friday - doomsdaY?

Alright. the day of reckoning is here.

When the judgement will be passed on how the recruit fared in the tekong phase of his valiant army life.

lol. cock. i wrote that b'cos this is an impt day for all NSFs.

reminds me of the 'que sara..que sara..whatever will be, will be' song.

Yeah..yeah.. i heng.. 'think is technical work? small arms stuff.. dunno also. but is bloody far at ayer rajah camp. or shld i say sibei far.

but lidat also gd. at least i nv kena SIR Rifleman like my bunkmate..hahaz..really hong gan, suck thumb.

to think that he asked another of our fellow mate to help him check 'cos his internet access was down..then was saying he sure tio rifleman... then in the end, our wish came true siah! lol.. really damn farnie..

gt service medic, RP, ocs, sispec, combat eng, signals.. alot lah.. apparently, signals or rather infocomm 2 in particular alot of openings to fill...

weixian go sispec must be more guut lat liao ok? lol.. to mark this special yet solemn occasion..
let's have a few laughs..

firstly with a joke.. then a mind-boggling video..


An American, an Italian, a Singaporean and a Bangladeshi were travelling
around on a private helicopter.

After an hour of travelling, the American took out his cigarette, lighted it
and started smoking. After two sips, he threw the cigarette out. The other
three men were surprised and asked him " Why didn't you finish up the
The American replied arrogantly " there's lots of cigarette in my country."

On seeing this, the Italian took out a bottle of branded perfume, applied a
few sprays on himself and threw the rest out. The other three were
surprised and asked him "Why did you throw away the perfume ?" The
Italian replied "there's lots of perfume in my country."

It came to the Bangladeshi's turn to show off. He took out some ivories
and threw them all out and said to the rest "well guys, there's alot of
ivories in my country.", shaking his head proudly.

Now the rest of them were looking at the Singaporean, expecting him to
show off something. The Singaporean thought for a while, then suddenly he
threw the Bangladeshi out.


and now the real joke:

it's a series.. and apparently, u go youtube alot videos on them..

"it's so lame that it hurts" yeah. exact sentiments.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Your crap intake of the day

KP simi? lol.

What day is it tomorrow? It's friday! It's D-Day! It's results day! Or rather posting day la. It's the day when our fate for the rest of our NSF life will be decided. Though not necessary sealed 'cos you can always consult a specialist (if you get what i mean). Haha.

Anyway, enough bout friday, let's talk about today, thursday. Hmm... Oh, congrats to Belinda Foo Hui Fen for her job resignation! She'll now be joining the ranks of the unemployed along with the likes of Sylvia Koh Ying Ying (who's currently considering a job offer in the gambling industry)! Hurray~ lol.

On a more serious note, i just got wind that one of my older cousin lost consicous yesterday and is now in a coma. Apparently a blood vessel inside his head burst. But luckily he's now in stable condition. This brings back to mind my late aunt, who passed away when i was an infant b'cos of internal bleeding caused also by the rupturing of a blood vessel inside her head. But for her case it's b'cos the blood vessel didn't develop bigger as she grew so eventually the stress became unbearable, whereas for my cousin's case, it's more a high blood pressure.

Mmm... I suddenly feel this mild headache at the back of head now. Down pes anyone? Hahaha. Touch wood.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

cb..all dun post. blog dying liao. nvm nvm, World Cup to the rescue.

wah.. cb weixian. bloc leave u post abit lah. dying liao leh.
i trying v hard to wayang x jialat jialat to post lotsa stuff here, u over there diam diam be voyeur.. read nia nv contribute right? hahaz.. post random shit lah.

you can talk about how good the imperious Reds are, or how hat-trick hero Crouch is going to be the saviour for England for that matter. ok, the last one was a joke. too bad, he's pledged to stop his robo dance.

it's gonna be Gerrard instead. rooney all step aside. this is the time for Stevie G to shine on the biggest stage of footie. even Rafa looks so cute. muahaha....

anyway.. World cup mania has descended upon the mortal world once again.. i dread the day i'll return to camp, i'll miss the daily dosage of football action like an addict needs his morphine.

really lan lan lor. but so far, i'm glad my bet on the Azzuris to win the WC is going well.. lol.. so far the impressive teams have to be Argentina, Czech, Italy and perhaps Germany.

the host nation may have played the most exciting, high-scoring game of the tournament so far. but hey, it was against the Los Ticos for crying out loud. ain't exactly world class material.

It remains to be seen how the Germans fare in the knockout stages... where the big boys play.

this quadrennial event is affecting everyone's lives.. it's the biggest event in the sporting world acty.. dwarfing the big O (olympics lah) in viewership, global interest whatsoever.

Everyone's raving about how robben and the chelsea contingent are lighting up the stadiums right now.. but i'd say, fark them lah. wait till Liverpool's Spanish armada come along. Till then, Mourinho shall wipe off that smirk off his cocky face.

For those who haven't seen Rosicky before. his scintillating, virtuoso performance was straight from the top drawer, perhaps helped by the fact that the teamgeist ball packs a much more menacing punch and wicked swerve with its lighter frame. when Arsenal got him for a mere 7million pounds, u knew it was a steal straight away, considering he's only 23 or 24?

so far so good. the World Cup is fun, it has to be. but then, teams are playing rather conservatively.. choosing to shut the doors once the lead is obtained.. ala Greek style. even the artisans from the land of samba also won 1-0 nia.. croatia is a decent side.. but then, the result wasn't convincing enuff for a team chasing its 6th triumph and 4th consecutive appearance in the finals.. (won twice in 3 outings, so damn gd)

I dare say, the selecao won't win it. definitely. even their legendary players like Tostao do not fancy them repeating their feat in Yokohama 4 years back.

Football today isn't just a game of 22 men chasing the ball around. and no, it's not much more important than a matter of life and death as Bill Shankly would have liked us to believe.

it's a sport filled by political agendas, entrenched with commercial interests and plagued by problems of corruption and bribery. anti-competitive practices are evident across all levels..but it's a case of everyone knows it, but no one says it. for the one who does so will land himself into hot soup that's all. the fiasco of '98 was a true example.. but then, the purists would have liked everyone to think Zidane's sheer genius warranted a 3-0 thrashing of the samba masters.

With that, Brazil will not win. the Italians, Dutch and Argentines will fare as well if not even better.

with that, let's end this post with some interesting and nice pics to ponder over...

-boy glances at Campbell, who peers at girl under his nose.
the man of the pic - giant Crouch.

-the heart-rendering joy of a bereaved man. true professionals take pain&anguish like a man - Oswaldo Sanchez

-another broken tibula, another missed tournament. Cisse ain't a lucky chap.
Now, we can't sell him. dawg.

-last but not least, possibly the last team standing as Asia's pride.
Chun-Soo with the taylor hicks' grey hairdo converts the freekick for the equalizer.
He can't sing as well as Hicks, nor act as well as George Clooney, but boy, he can score. hahaha...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

keep it short.

had more time on my find out what is this bugger doing to me..

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

and more...

this really sux. the specialist say will heal by itself... and from what i read.. the thing will grow itself and even out eventually to no pain whatsoever?

no need for simi sai.. will heal by itself.. sounds good eh? sounds like some self-recovery mutant powers ala wolverine..

but the cruel reality is,

i've had it since i was 10 years old?


Saturday, June 03, 2006

What happened these 2 days:

24km route march finished lo~
Blisters lo~
Heat rash lo~
Parade rehearsal lo~
SSM kao pei lo~
Sergeant kao pei lo~


POP lo~~