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Saturday, December 10, 2005

portrayal of women

I happened to chance upon this insightful article during one of my mindless surfing sessions. It basically discusses the image of the female gender in gaming, and to a certain extent the mass media. Sounds quite GP-ish, and I'm not denying that its quite academic, but still an informative read nonetheless.

T and A: Body Image and Jiggle Technology

While similar articles might be prone to be influenced by a feminist POV, this article proves otherwise. It starts off by describing how the feminine image in films have been traditionally influenced by the dominant male population's (aka the audience) wants and desires since the 1990s till present, and follows up by differentiating this image in games from the norm (or at least our perception of it). Well, if you ever wondered why most movie actresses on the silver screen are so buxom and leggy, this article does a pretty fine job of answering that question.

Ok, that concludes my first non-crap post for crappingstop. The irony. lol. Anyway, for the unenlightened, we are meeting at 5.30am in front of the departure/arrivals board next Tuesday. And of course, I'm talking about those going for the HK trip, but if you aren't, you are welcome to come as well :D

I was wondering if we could change the blog layout/design a bit. Looks a bit dull after repeated viewing. I have no admin rights so I cant do anything. And no, I don't know how to either :X


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