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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

an eventful week

It's Tuesday morning now... hope can last till 4...

to think i haven't slept at home since... wednesday night? lol..home sweet home finally man..

the past week was hell of a happening man..haha... first, the prom... ok lor..nubbad. emotional? no leh..not really lah..but i did thought of the fact that it may be the last time we see some of the ppl b4 we go into NS.. like Razak? etc... yeah.
i guess prom largely are similar affairs everywhere? 'cos dhs one abit similar..wave the napkin to the Ricky Martin song... exactly same action, same game, same music. only that dhs one low class, venue+live performances cannot compare lah of course. this ritz one the price almost double leh.. so okie lah.

lol..then Indochine.. my freaking sec sch + vj junior was there too.. bloody hell. she saw kesmond say hi see me boh lah? then still complain to giap we dance v farnie. look at chun meng lah! lol... i think that night was fun.

oh yeah.. i submitted my 1st article..think this job will last me the longest? at least 3 months...and maybe i can continue to do it even when i'm in army..weekend bookout write a money. my bro also commented this has to be the best job available.. he also interested. asked me help him write also..

then went to chalet on weekend.. fun. played the xbox..till daybreak.. fingers abit sore.. the right thumb esp. watched the star awards with my extended family... nice experience. lol... altho' i rather sleep deprived. and had a dhsco gathering at junior hse..she damn bloody rich ok.

stay at telok kurau lorong h there.. and wtf lah.. grandpa owns the land? got 5-6 in a row all her family.. WTF really. her 'lousier' hse got swimming pool one somemore.. lol..i asked my fren intro whether she got sis anot..or else she too young..

monday night..which is just now only.. went to had a night out with my co buddies.. yeah..guys lah. cos one of them enlisting on thurs.. went to Clarke Quay's Brewerkz to drink.

nice atmosphere.. always see their ad in papers abt live screening of football matches.. gd place, drinks abit ex though. but ok lah.. we drank abit nia.. and the finger food also rather ex.. each of us paid around $20 in the end?

that's about it. my $60 earnings all spent.. prom, hotel, chalet games, drink.. wah..siao man. spend damn alot. more than 100 the past week. not inc. the 90 bucks somemore..

had prom, went to club, annual family chalet..then my first pub/waterhole....

that's wad being 18 is all about man.. lol..although all nv check ic one..

n on the last note, Crouch scored. lol..didn't got to watch any weekend match.. i was on the mrt platform waiting for train go pasir ris.. then i overheard a grp of lads saying crouch scored 2 lah.. i knew 3-0.. ok ok nia.. but when news of crouch finally breaking his goalscoring duck hit me.. i was rather happy. pleased lah. not jubilant that type. i like him for trying. well, at least the entire anfield faithful also loves him... Cisse, no 'i' in team eh..cliched but really, dun sulk.. i hate to see u leave in jan transfer window man.. pls behave.

ok.this is long. n i never watched tong xin yuan.... followed till exams then after that didn't really sit down 1 hr watch liao.. my fren say the tian-yi still senile... rather surprising.. but where the hell is Da-shan n his girl, snoopy they all? and the sister maria or gao ji mei or wadever leh? zhou dong go where also? i only heard he kena exposed. then why the priscilia chan role give up the factory? tot she sold it?

wah..i uber lag. ok lah.i think this serial better than the Happy Fish or wad... but h.village still the best in the 100+ episodes thingy. maybe it was the first.. more novel then.. kindred spirit was the first.. to think that thru' out the period when Mediaworks was functioning, kindred spirit was repeated twice but outlived the company man.. that's how long it was.. hk still show in 1/2 hr episode somemore.. peng man.

ok. i talk too much.


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