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Friday, December 09, 2005

pure luck?

Well well.

You're not defending man u i know.. wise of you to do that.
today must be the darkest moment for all manure fans... in the past decade or so.. since '94 season..when they failed to qualify in the grp with ifk gotherburg n barca advancing.. that time still european cup..not CL.

but the thing is, you're lambasting football betting for nuts.

hai.. i dun want to say more.. but it is really like shares.

are share investments gambling? you'll nv know that much hyped IPO will also sooner or later spell doom for the listed company man... classic e.g in recent years is China Aviation Oil (CAO).

u tell me lah.. in the height of this oil price boom, which company deal in oil will go bust one?
somemore now airlines are picking up in business lor.. otherwise what else those airlines like qantas, SIA and now the Chinese also purchase so many orders from Boeing & Airbus..
must make till the company CEO run road...come back face a mountain of lawsuits...

the company still got SG govt links one leh..siao siao.. all those investors whose fingers got burnt all thought this is the most secure investment lah.. or banker bet if u call it in football.

now Google another gd example. the price already skyrocketed already. and the market valuation is grossly exaggerated. it certainly ain't worth more than US$100 per share.. but the market hype makes it so. it will go up even further trust me. but what goes up will come down eventually.. yahoo's share prices have halved since their peak.. all these interesting stats i learnt from BusinessWeek, not from me one eh.

betting is just a calculated risk. for does entail knowledge and not mere luck.
unlike 4D or Toto..where luck is everything.. unless u really come up with this computer system that records all the winning numbers since sgpools started legalizing it lah.. fyi, the official site only got a few years record... then u go make this probability distribution..wad numbers appeared more times.. when was last time it striked..then u bet lah.. lidat 4D betting diff case liao. not 100% luck. u did, or rather..tried to do ur homework.

well.. the '9 out of 10 bets will lose' saying in Chinese doesn't hold true in all forms of betting.
at least not in football. but i must say it's really tough and a real guru to earn profits frm punting full-time... i know of quite a no. of ppl who do that though..but ur capital must be huge..

use double up method lah..sure win.. yes, i meant SURE win. but the thing is, how many times can u afford to lose b4 that elusive win come? thousands? i say millions.. but that comes to another pt..if you've 1 million..what for u want these petty gains of few dollars in each bet?


everything's conjured by us humans. the rules, the handicap... bookies win some lose some, trap some give some.. to lure more punters.. is lucrative business. sure thing. but what makes us think we can't beat them eh? this is, assuming the kelong analogy does not stand lah.. that's why asian leagues damn kelong.. chinese super league esp.

and another interesting stat... sgpools aims to take a cut of 11% of ur stakes in the long run, whereas for WilliamHill is 8%.. so in the long run, the odds are only supposed to reduce ur assets by that much/little whichever u prefer.


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