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Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm not okay.

No good.

Instructors no good life.

Instructors no experience. Recruits no cooperate. Superiors no brain.

No no no.. your army is no good. No good at all.

La-ah-ah, la la lalala la
Ah-ah-ah, la la lalala la

I broke some rules yesterday. Gave some of em who were freaking late a change parade. Told them they could call the hotline for all i care while a 2lt was looking on nearby. I could always play by the book and make it 10 times worse.

Anyway I'm wearing green for 5.5/7 of my time now. So sorry man, aint got anything decent to post here... Unless you consider my current intake stuff decent. lol.
If that's the case, maybe i'll dedicate my next post to the chao kengs in my battery, esp if i could get their pictures online. Wait till you see their faces. Priceless, or shd i say worthless, stuff i'd tell you. What depression, hairline fracture (suspected only). Ahaha. Bloody mofos.

This mood swing prolly gonna last till tmr, for which i'm the duty instructor. So they better say their prayers. For shit flows downward...

I know I know you don't want welfare
I know I know you want a confinement
I know I know you want a tornado
I know I know you want a late bookout


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