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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why are Singaporeans quitting the country?

(A poll taken from

1. We're ungrateful bastards
12.89 % (508)

2. We're poor bastards
6.39 % (252)

3. Someone's being bastard to us
35.11 % (1384)

4. To survive here, we must be bastards
28.36 % (1118)

5. Bastard terrorists have made airfares cheaper
17.25 % (680)

What's your vote? <3

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

your.. your..

your mother peipei!

Haha.. sry, i'm just way too bored and can't think of anything smart to say. And i've no idea what peipei means. But it sounds rude right? Haa.

Anyway, what do you all think of yesterday's rain? song right? But not for those flower-sellers along thomson road i suppose. Especially when they've just imported additional stocks for the coming festive season. Well.. Hope you guys bought insurance! And then there's m'sia becoming a big Fantasy Island. What can i say? Malaysia~~ Best in Asia~

lol. Enough crap.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

the time for sharing

OKAY! the yuletide season is upon us. that also means my stay-in course ending in a week's time. everyone's favourite time of the year is extremely different this time round cos after all, we're wearing green nowadays.

New Year Eve's duty in camp. wootz. okay! the only drawback is extra dun think will compensate me one day for 31st also PH (Hari Raya Haji)

alright. the football season in full swing as this period marks the midway milestone.
some videos to share here..

This ain't new. Some say Martin Tyler's coverage of Beckham's freekick goal against Greece was almost like a perfectly-script plot. I guess this comes close. Roy of the Rovers stuff they call it in UK.

And also.. we've heard so much abt the fanatic support in Turkey. The red hot cauldron of Ali Sami Yen and Welcome to Hell signs. too bad, the demise of Galatasaray and a switch to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium for their CL home fixtures.

Nonetheless, the Turks are at it with another premier club Fenerbahce.

Well, now i understand why Bill Shankly said football is not only a matter of life & death. It's much more than it. Their support may border on fanaticism, but kudos all the same.