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Monday, November 28, 2005

executioner 'executed'

Yah I know the title is lame but I couldn't think of a better one. If you could recall, in the last few weeks I posted something about the granddad executioner for the Nguyen case. Well it seems that the good-ole government got wind of it and decided to suspend his services indefinitely. Man, it looks like the folks up there sure do take their security seriously, because apparently he could not reveal his identity in public due to undisclosed 'security reasons'. Sounds fishy to me. Anyway, here's the article.

I actually feel sorry for the fellow - for having countrymen acting childishly and blowing the whole matter into one big out-of-proportion hoo-ha (if you don't know what I mean, go read the recent papers). At least its not the whole of Australia that has let their emaotions take priority. Thankfully.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

That's life.

i am sleeping my life away. seriously. jamming on my PS controls till early morning, 0530 to be exact, before finally giving in to fatigue after the hours of adrenalin rush through my head. so in deep slumber i went, motionless like a log for an amazing eleven hours... not even the constant drilling and hammering of the under-going construction in my neighbouring apartment could have disturbed my sleep.

an enjoyable life after the exams? literally IN MY DREAMS.

" Do not take life too seriously cos no one's getting out of it alive anyway. "


16 amusing one-liners

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy and the tallest guy in the National Basketball Association is Chinese."
-Chris Rock

"A guy know's he's in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple of days."
-Tim Allen

"A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he's finished."
-Zsa Zsa Gabor

"I told my doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places."
-Henny Youngman

"You know why fish are so thin? They eat fish."
-Jerry Seinfeld

"A bank is a place that will lend you money, if you can prove that you don't need it."
-Bob Hope

"I don't consider myself bald. I'm simply taller than my hair."
-Thom Sharp

"This is a strange country we live in. When it comes to electing a president, we get two choices. But when we have to select a Miss America, we get 50."
-Jay Leno

"I figure you have the same chance of winning lottery whether you play or not."
-Fran Lebowitz

"Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend."
-Zenna Schaffer

"It's not that I'm afraid to die; I just don't want to be there when it happens."
-Woddy Allen

"I have my standards. They may be low, but I have them."
-Bette Midler

"I've been on a calender, but I've never been on time."
-Marilyn Monroe

"If God meant us to be naked, he would have made our skin fit better."
-Maureen Murphy

"It's so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don't say it."
-Sam Levenson

"If winning isn't everything why do they keep score?"
-Vince Lombardi

taken from here

Thursday, November 24, 2005

清晰透明 就像美丽的风景

过往温柔 已经被时间上锁

极光掠夺天边 北风掠过想你的容颜
我把爱烧成了落叶 却换不回熟悉的那张脸
爱你穿越时间 两行来自秋末的眼泪
让爱渗透了地面 我要的只是你在我身边


随著北风凋零 我轻轻摇曳风铃

Post-exam bullshit.

Hmm, my 1st entry after A lvl.

Apparently, many of us have difficulty filling in the void created with our departure from VJC. Sitting infront of the TV/PC or just lazing aroudn are not quite in line with the grand 'vision' that we have envisioned before the end of the exams huh. Well, I guess we all need some time to settle down to the new realities of life, considering that we've been screwed by the education system for the past 12 yrs. And the fact that none of us are enlisting in December- depriving us of an impetus to quickly straighten out our lives, doesn't help much too.

LJH's (not LJB) entry on the topic of friendship reminds me of an experience i went through not long ago. I had originally wanted to stop a quarrel between 2 good friends of mine (I've this friend who's weaker in english, and the other almost always try to make fun of him). But ended up getting sucked into the argument. Was accused of showing off my vocab ( i used the words 'albeit', 'morbid'). In the end our friendship withstands this test and everything turns out fine. But not before i've learnt a lesson: the proper usage of words. I believe this will become more pertinent as we step out into the society and meet different kinds of people. Seriously, our class people will probably treat words like 'morbid' or even 'lackadasical' like no big deal but repeat that to another audience... i'm not too sure. We'll just have to be more prudent in the future to avoid stepping unknowingly on other people's toes.

On a lighter note, seems like LJB (not LJH) has found a new job writing articles on sports. Hey, have you ever considering working for the toilet paper? I think you'll do a better job than that Edwin. His predictions for the soccer scores are bullshit, perfect for anyone wanting to throw good money away. Once in a while he'll get lucky, and he'll boast all bout it in the paper. At least that's the impression i get of him.. Plus.. if you write for the toilet paper right, then next time you won't have to go to newspaper stands to buy em! You'll probably have a complimentary copy or you can help yourself to one. Imagine the money you would help your family save! A lifetime supply of toilet paper! Woah.

The fringe benefits are evidently substantial. Ponder over it k...

Alright, that's all for now.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

how to fold paper (gasp!)

If you thought that a piece of paper could only be folded in half 7 times, you're dead wrong - some fella in the US folded it an unprecedented 12 times!

Here's the link.
(warning : some math involved. lol.)

And by the way, contrary to popular belief, my exams are not over yet. Damn econs s. Not to mention I blew yesterday's math s too. yee-haw. -_-"

SDD is in a week (?) and I still can't find a bloody shirt even though I trekked through marina square, suntec and raffles city yesterday. Eventually I had to settle for 4 potential candidates, but my mom was none too pleased when she heard the price of 65 bucks. Looks like I have my bargaining cut out for me (with my mother I mean)

Hmm, back to man u/villareal. Yeah the match was disappointing, but I don't have doubts that they will qualify for last 16. Maybe they'll kick pool's butt in the knockout stages. That'll be quite a thought ^^ then i'll see what swee have to write for his column. muahahahahaha..

P.S. I'm playing GTA : San Andreas now, and it just pwns everything else. Later homies.

life after exams

well well.

for those who haven't really bade farewell to your books and notes. I'm so glad I've finally broken free from that cycle, only to find myself indulging in another form of lifestyle cycle.

God damn. I'm addicted to Silkroad Online, a MMORPG *massive multiplayer online role-playing game for the uninitiated* It's fun and the graphics are brillant. It's the next best thing available after WoW and it is free forever, so no complaints there despite the lag. Some fond memories though, for the last such game i played was Renewal Online like some 3 years back? 'cos you really need to devote lotsa time to train and lvl up ur char if you really want to be strong. no point feeling satisfied with a mediocre, casual player type eh? not when you have such a long holiday. but guess this is going to end soon though. filled up an application form to work in my mum's workplace liao. having mixed feelings whether this is good or bad. More income yes, but must live the live of a normal student/worker again. no watching soccer till the wee hours of the morning, no playing games till 2am... come back home liao so tired, also not in the mood anymore.

But the server is still damn unstable, and a server update has been causing me problems in logging in since yesterday afternoon. it was horrible, when you can't go grind your character and plough thru' the quests whereas others experienced no problems. Surfing those fansites & forums also proved to be vainless and there's no clear solution to it. Damn.

And, recently I've been watching more sports on tv. saw how federer raced to an early 2 set lead, only for his body to throw in the towel and trail by 4 games in the final set. I bet Nalbandian must have got a real scare though when he thought all was cruising only for the Fed Express to miraculously pick himself up and lead 6-5 even. But alas, he still lost in the tiebreaker. only his 4th defeat this year eh? scary. i think only Nadal has a real good chance of beating a top-form Federer in each clash 'cos his top spin and heavy smashes can inflict maximum damage to the Swiss' game.

Oh yeah, Man U sux. spoil my day only siah. A depleted Villareal side w/o Riquelme and Forlan also cannot beat. wth? you all forgot you may not qualify for the knockout phase eh? Now i truly hope Man U will NOT advance and banish you all to the ignominy of plying the MORE illustrious UEFA Cup and join the likes of Boro and Bolton. Haha. If Lille wins Benifica next, hohoho. Bye bye man u, and the Glazers are going to go bust! Let's see how they service the massive debt when they're success-deprived. no additional revenue plus a rapidly dwindling fanbase, that's the classic recipe for the doom of a big club eh? Congrats.

And oh yeah, if things go well, hope to see my weekly article in Football Weekly. $60 for each, good money i must say when you're writing about something you're interested and know all about. But to earn 1k each month, must write like 4 a week? Not that i don't want, but i reckon even they also won't allocate so much duties to a yet to be trusted novice in the field.

Nonetheless, things are looking good. and how come online always nobody now eh? i know the exams aren't really over for some of you, but afternoon our class none of us online...? wth?

dun all online liao nv log in msn leh. or lagi worse, all put offline status.

get off my back

we are eighteen by now, for most of us at least... so guess its time we stop acting like kids. getting pissed over the slightest things, letting it affect yours and others' rightfully beautiful leisure day ahead? fuck off mans. to be maligned by others is something i cant stomach...

i respect the value one places on true friendships, but to take it over the limit at times and assume everyone is ready to compromise and accept ur fucked-up attitude, then u couldnt be more wrong. enough is enough.


Monday, November 21, 2005

s42 - 2 year's worth

I just uploaded all the pics of the class these 2 years, so those who want to see them drop me a mail ^_^

Saturday, November 19, 2005


well well.

i'm no man u fan. nor a fan of keano.

but i must say, i damn respect his outburst at his teammates.

this time round, fergie got it all wrong.

no doubt, he felt betrayed. felt backstabbed that his 'mouthpiece' this time round publicly lashed out at his teammates to the media, although MUTV can be considered an internal production.

fergie wanted everything to be settled in the dressing room and no hard feelings or contempt is supposed to reach the ears of the media.

no wonder he's angry.

but i say. think from another perspective. You really must give Keano credit.

He's injured. he can't play a part in the big clash with Chelsea. Upon watching his beloved team crumbled to boro, he flew back to man u from the middle east where he was recuperating cum holidaying.

He criticized for he care.

Any lesser player would simply just keep his mouth shut and peacefully proceed towards his final few months with lucrative wages of 100k pounds each week. He didn't need to jeopardize that. He could really just let it go.

But he didn't. For he wanted the best from his fellow mates. Nothing but the best as per his high expectations and demands of himself.

But this is Roy Keane. The straightforward guy who would break your leg if you ever hurt him ala Haaland.

He did what he did in the best of his team interests. To spur them on. To give them a wake-up call.

But now, he paid the ultimate price.

fergie is taking him as a convenient scapegoat.

i tell you. if i'm a Man U fan, i'll revolt outside the gates of Old Trafford ala the Glazer takeover incident.

now it's all wrong. no team captain, no inspirational fighter who gave his all. only fletcher, smith and scholes to fill the central midfield slots for now, till the January transfer window at least. A war chest of 10million to replace Keano? I laugh.

He's irreplaceable.

Salute him for his love of his team and his willingness to step out and be counted. When he could simply fade into the background and draw his final payday at man united.



an unfathomable sense of emptiness in the suddenly expanded span of leisure hours. pointless and aimless for most of the day as the clock ticks away....

no harm perhaps... too much time to spare anyway. the incessant mugging has certainly taken its toll to be so unused to freedom. continue studying anybody? damn you.

i need food. got sudden urge to eat a whole mountain.
anything will do... cos i am hungry. you name it i eat it.

and no i dont eat dark-coloured excretions...

wah piang PSC nite on tv now. STUPID SHOW. Chen Shu Chen is not funny. The other two hosts also not pretty one... uninteresting content. PSC corp just trying to glamourise and promote themselves. enough is enough... how many successive seasons liao you ass. showcasing talents of the younger generation is a good idea. but not dolled-up three or four year-old infants!!? they cant f**kin sing for goodness sake. yelling into the mike is torture, not entertainment. no way are they possibly glamour-hungry when all they can derive pleasure from are toys, cartoons and food. parents are just eyeing the coveted prize-money... poor kid.


Tribute to Hero Keano.


12 Years for The Making Of A Legend.


keane leaves united

Damn. I think I'll miss the fella.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


this is it. im done.

on hindsight, the As seem to pass like a breeze. two years of mugging like a dog for the pathetic two weeks (in my case a mere eight days)... for a certificate that makes and breaks people with nothing but alphabets in print. thats meritocracy for you. reality.

A's sure are hard... not as easy as expected. maybe becos this year MOE decided to ga jiao and chap ji ka in the setting of the papers, end up pushing the standard from past years to a high. thats what i thought ha. really think its tough leh... but whatever it is, whats over is gone for good. now im free like a bird :)

plenty of plans after As ringing around me eh. dye hair, pierce ear, pierce stomach pierce everywhere, eat, sleep, play, movies, dolling urself up for grad... there is sure a hell lot of time... but has anyone ever considered the plight of a poor man like me? if i have a hell lot of money sure i can do a hell lot of stuff, but a lack of it... haha constraints constraints... need to work out cost savings plan liao.

anyway this has marked the end of JC life. time for reflections...

chiobus! HAHAHA. sia la INSTINCT.

haha no la. a memorable two years.
friends, teachers, basketball, studies, slacking, the library, lectures, LTs 1 3 4 5 (wheres 2 btw?), memorable people, places, times...

to everyone who has stepped into my life in one way or another... Thank You.


World Cup fever

Australia did it. finally. think got few decades they haven't reach the finals proper now. a pity for their Oceania qualifying group is a big joke and appealing to FIFA to allocate them an automatic slot would be totally ludicrous. The likes of American Samoa, Fiji all that are real whipping boys. NZ & Solomon Islands are slightly better, but i think even worse than teams like Cambodia or Philippines.

But alas, they've done it. Not really surprising, considering they've lotsa players plying the European leagues too. EPL stars like Viduka, Kewell, Brett Emerton, Mark Schwarzer etc..
But think of it, i think it's a big insult to football too. Disrespect. You get this Guus Hiddink in, just couple of months before the final playoff legs, then qualify just lidat. Joke. Australia didn't even need to field any Kewell or Viduka prior to this. But i must say, at least Australia has more potential to do well than USA, ranked in the top 10 for unknown reasons.

Tonight the 32 teams will finally be confirmed. Debutants Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast & Angola from the African contingent plus teams like Serbia & Montenegro previously Yugoslavia... Poland was rather surprising too.

Trinidad & Tobago or Bahrain? Either way, it is a massive achievement already. Considering they only have like, 3 million and 667k in population size respectively. It's like, a small Fiji can produce a Vijay Singh in golf. You read about news of the African nations celebrating qualification like it's the best ever thing it had ever occured to them... lagi better than gaining independence from their colonial masters lidat.

Makes you wonder.

When is it our turn?

Goal 2010 was and will be a pipe dream.

Even twenty years down the road, i think we can't even claim bragging rights as the kings of ASEAN football. The Thais are doing everything right with their tom-yum football man.

I really think we need another Abramovich or something or 'buy' us citizens to play for us. Not the coach Avramovic.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Reds rampage

Woo. England vs Argentina was a nice match. Took a break from studying to catch it. Worthwhile I say. Have not seen such an exciting match with end-to-end action for sometime. Argentina indeed live up to their reputation as football aristocrats along with the Brazilian samba masters. Look at their fluid passing and calmness on the ball despite being pressed to the touchlines each time by the English players. Really don't understand what's wrong with Barcelona man. Sign Riquelme without giving him any first team chance.

To me, the Man of Match surely belongs to Gerrard. Yea, Beckham and Rooney played well too. But Owen was totally anonymous before he pop up to score 2 lah. Maybe that's a strikers' instinct. Just need 1 chance to convert and you're propelled from zilch to hero. Just look at Gerrard's running when he ran to the byline then pass back, only for that idiot lampar to think he's playing rugby. And Gerrard's pass to Rooney but the chip hit the bar. And not forgetting Stevie G's assist to Owen. Woo!

Elsewhere. Luis Garcia scored a hat-trick for Spain in their qualifying match. Surprised for he wasn't even a regular starter. Morientes added in 1 too. Muahaha... now the floodgates are open. The Mighty Reds shall march on. You're warned.

Friday, November 11, 2005

everybody, say hi to the executioner

Remember the aussie fellow who was caught for drug trafficking and sentenced to the gallows recently? Our friends down under made quite a big fuss and tried to appeal for clemency for the guy since he agreed to cooperate and spill the beans on the main bad guys. They took into consideration that and his plight - he needed the money to pay off his twin brother's debt to loan sharks - but in the end all was to naught.

In my opinion? I was actually quite irritated that some aussies threatened to put bilateral relations on the line just to save that guy's life. An individual before country? Well done. Just leave the damn policies to our government for goodness sake - they own the gallows and not you (even though I don't really agree to the high execution rates in Singapore to begin with)

On a lighter note, the press down under has actually attempted to find out who was the one doing the hanging itself and it turns out that its a 73-year-old grand father who has done the job a whopping 850 times since his 46 years in prison. That's a pretty grim statistic. Anyway, its an interesting article which I'm not sure whether its published in the Straits Times already, but still a good read nonetheless (especially so if you're singaporean)

Nguyen Executioner Revealed


Was surfing hwz forum just now. saw this thread on the A380 plane that touched down in Singapore this morning... damn awe-inspiring i must say. Gives u those kinda of vibes that 'This is what technology is all about'. What a long way we've progressed since the Wright brothers flew the first plane. A masterpiece.

shall leech some pics from there.

look at that midget behind it. lol.

but, i still think Boeing is going to win this aviation war. The Dreamliner's approach of smaller planes, shorter flights is a more potentially winning gamble as compared to Airbus' long haul flights. The cost of such long distance without any transit flights sure going to spiral, think it largely appeals to the business world executives who jet around the world and can afford to pay. Or maybe not. Since such big companies may even have their own chartered planes.

And I read in last week's report that with A380's 4 mega turbo engines, it is surely going to be less energy-efficient during takeoff & landing. But nonetheless, pray that the Europeans can finally put up some fight to Boeing & break its monopoly successfully. A risky bet, with potentially lucrative returns. But, a little setback may cost to the tunes of billions lost.

But still kudos to this piece of engineering wonder. Spanning the length of a football field, this is going to interesting come next year.

Monday, November 07, 2005

where's that #@!$% entry proof?

tomorrow's the big day already and for those of you who still can't find that piece of A4 paper which allows you take the exams, fret not and use this guide below
(which basically helps you find stuff in general)

How to Find Lost Objects

lost things aside, good luck everybody. its 3 more weeks (ok, 2 for some of you) and its hallelujah. cheers.

Incoherent rambling.

Woohoo. 1 more day. Am still studying history and math now, chem gotta shelf till tmr evening. Haha, deep shit.

Met Jen on MSN just now. She said she was "going to explode". I told her that won't happen... unless she pressed the red dot on her forehead.

Oh, Ronald Teo Jun Rong selemat datang crappingstop. Haha, dunno spell/use the malay words correct anot, rmb Slim used to use that on Shawn.

Anyway, tmr Math P1 at 2.00pm.

Instruction to Candidates:

1. You are required to bring along this document (entry proof) when you report for the examination.

2. You are required to bring the identification document (IC/Passport) when you.....

Guess who'll forget to bring? Hmm, maybe we should place some odds here, just like how they place the odds on which Man U player to get sacked first... Haha.


1 - 0

good game. better man u. i have to agree with swee :


Sunday, November 06, 2005

(caffeine)^100 + you = dead

Ever wondered how much of your life would be gone when you drink that can of coke? Well, the website below doesnt tell you the answer but it comes pretty close.

How much of your favorite caffeinated drink would it take to kill you?

(and it seems snapple is not a good alternative either)

oh and btw, im watching the match tonight ^^


sia la... A's on tue officially. much-awaited? much-awaited to be over more likely haha. best of luck to all people out there. may all slackers unite to show our true prowess this time round. not that i am so confident of doing well.. lets just say i am much more prepared as compared to prelims. or am I? maybe enough is never enough. what a paradox... to those who can mug all the way till depression sets in, bet you know what i meant.

chelsea-man u tonight. major distraction leh. but you must have had a screw loose in your head if you intend to give it a miss. for the devils and blues fans at least. as much as man u looks unlikely to topple the runaway leaders, there is still a glimmer of hope right? lets be optimistic, even the once greatest Roman empire could shatter into rumbles, why not ROMAN (haha)
ABRAMOVICH's so called Chelsea empire in the league.

pray hard... for the revival of MAN U and acing the coming A's. that would be double happiness really.

-absolutely MAN U-

Friday, November 04, 2005


hey, say hi to crapping stop's newest crapper - me!
ok i think thats enough for an introduction. lol.