crapping stop = stop crapping?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Today is a sunday!

Sunday= Super Sunday!

Then Jin Han will start humming some tune (or you prefer it.. making some weird sequence of noises) and do some wacko 'dance', with that 'rapist look' on his face. lol.

Hope everyone will have an enjoyable and fun-filled Christmas today and an equally pleasant day on the public holiday tmr!

And oh yes, turkey (not a country) sucks. Part of it tasted so spongy as like a sausage, while others tasted like the fibres in a rope. (Maybe b'cos Sylvia cooked it? lol...) Some Western traditions such as these are simply not worth keeping. So let's support our neighbourhood's small retailers and businesses (aka chicken rice stalls) and settle for a better and cheaper alternative- chicken.


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