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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Let's mug GP together!!!


Due to the overwhelming demand for GP materials, i'll post an article that is pertinent to the current affairs today. Anyway, this article is from, which is an ideal source for anyone wanting to know the happenings in Singapore society today. lol.


Singaporeans Demand that ex-NKF CEO Donates Kidney
by Collyer Kway

Singaporeans enraged by the revelation over National Kidney Foundation CEO TT Durai's huge salary, bonuses and perks are now circulating an online petition that he donate one of his own kidneys to make amends.

"Piang eh, make so much money personally and yet only limit the number of patients you accept", said dialysis applicant Ho Kit Nee. "After making so many people pay an arm and a leg, the least he can do is donate a kidney, leh!?". "I think asking him to donate a kidney is very reasonable", said organ donor Ms. Nah Hor Lee. "It's not like we're asking him to give something he doesn't have. Like a heart or what."
The proposal is gaining popularity, with over 10,000 digital signatures by last night.

"I don't know how we can persuade Mr. Durai to part with his kidney for charity", said Ms. Nah. "Maybe we should make some MediaCock stars perform ridiculous and dangerous stunts in order to convince him." In related news, MediaCock stars are demanding compensation from their administration for all the time they have spent devising ludicrous stunts in anticipation of NKF shows that will now never be held.

Further, the Gahmen says it will be taking decisive steps to deal with the political fallout cased by the NKF scandal, firstly, by postponing any elections. 2001-2003. All rights reserved.

Friday, July 29, 2005


Here I am. To blog, as instructed by some dude who wants me to use cheem cheem vocab so as to brush up on his GP skills. All this, when he's 3rd in class. Not first nor second, but 3rd. I say he topped the Comprehension component in GP last year, he said "Noooooooo...." He topped GP. For then at least. Mai siao siao.


this shall be a crap n rambling blog post then. Wah the past week was long, busy and rather fulfilling I must say. Got wake up from "slumber" abit, really ought to. When the Prelims' barely 6 weeks away, YES. I must remind you it's 6 weeks away. What in the hell are you doing here? Exhausting your tired brain cells reading nonsensical stuff and wasting whatever precious time that is left. To relax my foot. I BELIEVE. pornsites/friendster/Hotmail(it's there simply b'cos of MSN's sake, otherwise my GMail account would have owned it many times over)/dl-ing illegal, pirated music is all you do in your leisure time? I laugh.

ShOo~ Go study. It's 6.sIx.VI.六.6 freaking weeks to Prelims!!!!!! PANIC!!!!

Ah...okie. crapping mode a bit over now. Btw, you 2 put post titles why everytime got series one? I'll gladly break the "Drive with a heart" thingy then. Just realised JH was the one who broke the sequence. it was supposed to be 'Sian 63/64' and not '...' Maths fail siboh?
Hmm.. bus drivers dozing off ain't really an uncommon thing. Just take it as karma of sorts lor. Remember my theory that sometimes you'll get friendly, polite drivers on your lucky day but rude, aggressive ones on your bad day? That day when we went to eat chicken rice that Uncle who greeted us? Now it evens out lor. OH yeah. Cannot anyhow Uncle or bus driver, people got official post one okie? "Bus Captain". Simi pun bao ka liao. Ironic that they're the only sorta of crew personnel on board yet he/she qualifies as a Captain leading no one else.

Btw, once again. You've wasted 3mins reading the entry thus far. Remember. This time could have been better spent. Doing the Transition Metals tutorial (yeah, someone's that light-years far away already) or at least, do something like, playin' Handphone Tennis. Get a life. 'lol....

Talking about that. Our class' newest craze has to be playing hp games? b4 assembly at the Concourse that day most if not all fiddling with handphones. All addicted liao lah, or in the creative-potential-fail-yet-aspires-to-be-an-artist Ah Hock's words, 沉迷 liao lah. I'm not okie. Once I whacked the final opponent flat in straight sets to complete the game, I'll wash my hands off that game and mock at you all others. Then you mere mortals can continue grappling with how to master my "Net play" technique, 50% Return Ace skills etc. Envy you shall.

Damn arrogant I know. But if I don't write or act this way, no entertainment value liao right?
Thanks, that'll be $2.50 for every laugh you made just now & Roland, every cheem vocab word counts as 5bucks each. Time for you to start paying subscription fees to read this blog liao ala TIME, Newsweek etc.

Otherwise I won't have enough cash in coins to lend Hock the 10, 20 cents to buy his drink every time. Will always remember he damn jian, want to borrow 60cents to buy drink when I see a $2 dollar note in his wallet. He claims he don't want to '浪费' his note.


Now finally, I realised this blog set up so long we 3 have never talked about our interests/favs etc. Here I start then.

Recently listening more to jazz music. the likes of diana krall & corrine may (not sure if she counts) are gradually growing on me. The appeal of songs like 'Fly Me to the Moon', 'Say A Little Prayer' is always there. Why else there are never-ending newbies doing a cover of all these songs over and over again. Bet you've heard the 2 songs I listed there too. I'll bet my d_ck on that.

Aren't you laughing right now? Want to make a falsified claim that you've never heard of them b4 so that you prove me wrong? Then claim my d_ck?

Wait long long. The _ refers to 'u' cannot is it? I have a new pet duck you want it for wad? Braised duck rice? Not funny.


We've finally come to the real topic of this entry, which is that, I truly believe Liverpool is a great team. *Those cynical, 有眼不识泰山 people buzz off* Yes you! JH, Weixian, Roland, Ronald all that... Liverpool is a GREAT team.

How else can you answer me when I say, "Can you count to 5?"
btw, for the uninitiated, the five refers to the number of European Cup triumphes the Merseyside Reds now hold. For people (kind enuff not to term them as 'losers') like Tottenham Hotspurs fans, it's understandable the distant dream of even gaining entry into the top-tier European competition of Champions League turns you into a jealous, rival fan.

Not even Intertoto Cup to speak of. OMG. Don't worry. Waiting for that proverbial light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel? Well. It's Hell you're digging yourselves into man. Hell hole. Great for a**holes. It certainly rhymes eh? Both Holes.

Back to the topic.

Rafa Benitez won the holy grail of European football in his 1st season in charge. Can you beat that? Cries of T-Y-C-O ? It took Sir Alex 10 years to obtain that mind you. Not that Liverpool's present team is of championship calibre either. Arsenal's trophy cabinet under 'European titles' still rather barren. Tottenham? Let's not get there. I remember reading somewhere the most prestigious cup they won is the Fairs Cup or something. Know it? No you don't. It certainly says something about the quality & history of the team eh? Proud Peace Cup winners? US$2million prize money? Don't make my Birdie (name of my pet cockatoo btw, this is real) laugh. Yes, it can laugh. Serious. Just like a human's chuckles.

Liverpool's 20+million pounds from last season's amazing run to the title really dwarfs your pathetic sum I say. Sterling Pounds mind you. that is equivalent to your US$35million approx if you like. Wah, total ownage.

Okie enuff 'crapping. Realise this blog is really a good channel to voice out and at the same time, laugh when you think of how some loser readers will be fuming & all too eager to defend their team in front of their computer screen. Real fun.

Btw, say goodbye to Everton. They've drawn Villareal in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League with the first leg to be played on 8/9 August. ByeBye.

Arsenal? Lost 7-0. Okie nvm, the Gunners are a pretty decent team and on their day, their free-flowing football can destroy any team, lest of all Everton.

Thai U23? Should have been a stroll in the park right? Dead wrong. Lost on penalty shootout in the end. A joke. Their place should have been given straight to Liverpool, spare us the long qualifying route to the final (Yes we'll defend it successfully).

Okie. Think that's enuff stuff. A long read it must have been to get you here. Feel guilty?
You should. After all, the Prelims' only 6 weeks after.

Lol. I'll get flamed for this.

Disclaimer: For non-soccer fans, sorry for the football talk, couldn't resist a dig on certain teams, inc. teams who travel all the way to Japan to boost fan loyalty only to lose to the local minnows. Not Real Madrid I'm talking about. The other so-called successful English team, that is.

Remember leh, during GP essay those philosophical questions. If this topic ever comes out,

"Define success"

The following is the model answer provided:

-18 Premier League titles
-5 European Cups
-3-times UEFA Cup winners
-2 European Super Cup triumphs
-6 FA Cups
-7 English League Cup crowns

Wahahaha....this is fun. I know the tagboard later sure all bombard me one. But who cares?
Not before you can answer me, "Can you count to 5?"

not unless you're a fan of Real Madrid or AC Milan of course.

Walk on...walk on...with hope in your hearts.

Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Winner 2004/2005

Drive with a heart II

To all SBS drivers out there, for the passengers' well-being and your own safety, please drive with a foot on the gas pedal, do not let the net force on the bus be zero... especially when it's travelling at 30km/hr and during peak hours.

Just experienced the 3rd world efficiency of SBS last night, which was manifested in the form of a 2hr travelling time from Marine Parade to Seng Kang. Was incensed when i saw that half-asleep look on the bus driver's face... So too were the other commuters at the bus stop, whose outrage were clearly visible on their faces. Which really ought to make one reflect on the value of time and his responsibility to safeguard the blood pressure of all commuters should he be a SBS bus driver, isn't it?

Do spare a thought... Before someone gives you a piece of their mind or blows up the bus like the London bombers...


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

drive with a heart

to all drivers out there, for the safety of self and others, please drive conscientiously... especially on slippery roads.

just witnessed the aftermath of an accident which occured early this morning in the pouring rain. was grief-stricken when i saw that anguish look on the young victim's face... and the state of distress that his parents were in as they sticked by his side, all drenched in the rain. which really ought to make one reflect on his responsibility to safeguard the lives of all people should he be a motorist, isn't it?

do spare a thought...


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Forgive but not forget?

Hey man, wobbling wobbling.

I've decided to write something a bit more substantial today for a change, quasi-nonsense you may call it, so as to keep in line with the benchmark set by my 2 fellow blogmates.

During a chat with a friend today, we touched upon the phrase 'forgive but do not forget'. I believe many of us uses this expression to characterise ourselves. Me too, for a period of time. However, upon closer inspection, doesn't this expression contradicts itself? Personally, 'not forgetting' is equivalent to forever black-marking that particular person. He/She will never be perceived in the same light again and our judgements will be biased against them, be it receiving them with an extra sense of cautiousness or hostility. What kind of forgiveness is this? Think about it.

Was scanning through the news just now and came across this headline "Student volunteers abused, flag days sales fall by 30% after NKF saga". It says "Out of every 10 people approached, only one stopped to drop in a coin" and "But smaller charities, with no surplus funds, may have to scale down projects or even dismiss their staff". Sad huh?

Well.. I do not expect everyone to concur with my views expressed earlier on and I am opened to all constructive feedback. But if you only have shit to sprout, I'd appreciate it if you would just pour them out to your toilet bowl.

Can't afford one? Then just swallow em.



havent blogged for quite some time. well, life is as boring as it is... whats there to share anyway? yeah i did my tutorials, studied a bit here and there.... crap.

anyway, woah looks like the vocational assignment is troubling all you paranoids out there. afterall its only a vocational assignment what. commandos or NDU, dun wanna go then dun perform during the thing can already lor. thats what i thought haha. i haven checked my mailbox though for this further reporting order. definitely not NDU (naval diving unit) i presumed cos i will sink in fifty metres, much less dive... and hopefully not the red berets cos i dun want to get dunked to death. no....

armour could be fun, driving the big tanks around and going on a "vroom vroom" rampage to knock everyone down... or maybe signals where you can shoot fireworks in the middle of the night deep in a jungle somewhere... beautiful :) haha... im sure its that easy.

prelims in like fifty days time? thats 4 320 000 seconds to be exact. every second that ticks away is an inch closer to a slit in my throat... which makes me wonder what the hell am i still doing here. hmmm...


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Vocational Assignment...really sian 31/32 liao.


Xijie's words came true. Say my mailbox surely go letter one. Think it was not really unexpected, 'cos Xijie went to CMPB medical check-up on the same day as me, then receive all the same letters, mailers from MINDEF. Then the Air Force thingy, far route all the same. Hope he goes on to become a Naval Diver though. :X Damn jek ark man.

Just received this mail, titled "FURTHER REPORTING ORDER". It's also about to report for Vocational Assignment, but mine is at Pasir Ris camp @8.30am (transportation from Pasir Ris Mrt provided) and not the faraway Sembawang. An hour later than Xijie's too.

Dunno what to expect now man. Heard rumours scaring that Pasir Ris/Hendon-or-whatever-camp-in-the-vicnity is for commandos unit. Btw, you all can log into MIW portal? both Roland & me can't.

That damn 'Handsome' Roland is proven wrong man.
Did some research. Apparently, the camp also has infantry, armour units too.
refer to link: MIW Site

And no Mr. Handsome, i won't be the first one to die during your hypothesis of commando selection training for pre-enlistees. Then help you set precedent, make your route easier. Hope you're the one. Underweights will also make the grade as Commandos these days. :>

Btw, today asked all my CO pals. All we need to do was to do the now universal Italian *want to eat* sign, then all will break into laughs and know what we're talking about. Power siah, Russell Peters.

Gave us a damn bright idea for Cultural Fiesta performance instead. Instead of the usual boring racial harmony stuff, might as well put up a short performance.
Picture this: Just when the curtains are drawing after the final item, everyone on stage starts "croaking". *click* *click* *click*....

Then just when the curtain is completely drawn, the emcee or someone slots his head out in between the curtains, and says "Bile". !Xobile.

Confirm+guarantee+chop laughters all around siah. Somemore, Russell Peters makes fun about racism, shows that we're comfortable with racist stuff mah. Fills the theme too mah.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sian 15/16 loh.

What? Am I supposed to continue with the fraction series? Lol.. i'll play along then.

Wah sian, think all of us slowly but surely waking up from the "slumber" of sorts liao. Seeing muggers (it did not broke -.-) like roland, fq do so much work, and hearing so much talk about prelims being less than 5 weeks away, it has certainly jolted us to start the "muggerification" process (JinHan sure kpkb i use his word one, but hey, go kb the FQ, the ultimate mugger of all, first).

Now the school totally engulfed in this tense mugging atmosphere liao, you certainly can sense it when there're more people at the library rather than idling in the canteen & people rushing home upon dismissal. No more playing cards, tennis soccer etc. Good in a way too. Not complaining or anything of sorts.

Oh yeah, moving onto the topic of blogs, just realised actually quite a number of people actually realise the existence of this blog. But the thing is, all of them macham reading on the sly lidat. Maybe Jinhan you go do some research work, change the theme n stuff, add a tagboard or something. 'Cos the comments ain't really useful too for must be .blogger registered user then can kb here. Then his blog can really become more of a talk cock zone for the class.

Btw Jinhan, i realise ur fetish for green stuff eh? The "nicest of the lot" greenish theme was chosen by you, then your font also sibei nice hor? Weird leh you.

Kk, going off liao. Going to friend-friend with Yellow Racer, Orange Bee & Pilot liao.
Think you all can guess what are those right?

Weird eh? Nowadays stationery items got such cool names, albeit all no link one. Not even a play on the words like F&N does e.g Outrageous Orange, Groovy Grape etc...

Fast Blue, Red Cruiser, Stormy Green, Speed-Magenta. In addition to the Racer & Bee.

Power Ranger also dun have so many patterns lah. 李国煌's words will be 'pattern zuay ko badminton'.

Okay really going off liao.

Actually, I was just rambling on and on. 'cos i was just writing to pass time to 7pm, turned out I overshot.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sian 7/8

Jin Han is ballesssss.... Well done LJB! Now we've got 2 Lim Gong Gong on board! lol.

Sian 3/4

HAHAHA! peanuts and TT Durian! i sure am laughing my balls off man! quite some stuff you have conjured eh?

btw welcome on board Ten. and Tak Sum Bong your head la... can choose a better name or not? like maybe Anthony? : )

alright, enough outrage on the NKF thingy. lets just say that Mr D has had his just deserts... so lets be appeased and not forget what NKF has set out to accomplish- to provide help for the patients. let it not be the end of NKF i hope. but yeah, D sure is the scapegoat for the executive board as a matter of fact man. having his reputation stained and hounded for immediate resignation... poor soul. not taking sides here, but he ought to be recognised for his commendable efforts over the years spearheading the charity organisation much as he should be condemned for his so called "misdeeds", as some might put it. seems like the bad always beleaguer our minds more than the good is appreciated.

anyway, results for my common test were devastating. not that i expected four As though, but such an outcome at this stage really leaves little shimmer of hope for revival come prelims and the As. i am running out of time...


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sian 1/2

Zzz.. just got nagged at for playing "too much" computer games. What do my parents expect me to do? Mug whole day like some cross-breed between a French and a Greek?

Btw, very funny stuff you got there, LJB. Haha, but i didn't laugh my balls out. Gotta go for tuition now...

"How long more till lesson ends?" -Me

Fun Stuff

Been surfing the Net today. Found lotsa interesting stuff regarding the NKF thingy.

Now online forums are all buzzing with the "Peanuts Theory", which is a famous remark from Mrs Goh herself. Plus, not forgetting the GOLDEN taps.

Don't want to elaborate more, guess the following pictures and animations pretty much sum up everything.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Lol...I leached that from somewhere else online. Nice stuff.

And one more, oh yeah. Fellow like-minded netizens have made this video, using the Infernal Affairs scenes as a parody to mock the NKF saga. Gr8 stuff, definitely worth a watch.

It's 3.98mb in size & 1:40 min in length. The subtitles are hilarious. Too bad no sound dialogue though.

Btw, anyone got any idea what is the title of the soundtrack used in the beginning eh? Found this track and the one which is damn sad 1 in Infernal Affairs when the Inspector kena thrown down the building was nice all along but always cannot find the correct file online.

And something that's totally unrelated, maybe wols, but heck, just post, it's damn farnie after all.
Spoof of another classic trilogy. 3.74mb & 1:09 min. See it. Now.

Betcha laughing your balls out right now!


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tak Sum Bong

Wah, welcome welcome Mr Hong-ki. Congrats on your worldwide fame after Russell Peters video became hot property on the Internet. Or is the punani still seedless? Lol...I just realised Jenani's name sounded alike. Wait till she hears of this.

Must write proper good stuff mah. If you write anything wrong or too casual, some people will say you lack depth, da pai only know how to kaobei this and that.

If you write things that are too misleading, got people will get into trouble one leh hor? Hor? Lol...

No lah, breaking news mah. It's all right to devote more space to write about that. Okie, next time I'll just blog about a new comic "The Chronicles of the Superhero - Tak Sum Bong".

On boh?

"Your mother is so fat. And when she jumped for joy, she got stuck"

Anthony by day-

Hey... (Shows an italian hand signal)

Are you two using this blog as a front to brush up your GP skills? I mean, just look at SK's posts on the NKF saga man. Are you writing an essay or did you copy and paste from a newspaper article? Or are you practising for a future career as an editor in Newpaper? Don't put boring news here! That's what the Straits Times' for! This is not you turd.

Be a man, do the right thing.

Steps down, finally

So my guess was right after all. The government was bound to intervene in this matter which was fast escalating into a national scandal of sorts. Glad that the authorities managed to adopt rather radical yet welcome action to replace the board and Mr Durai will resign upon request.

Looking at the live footage on CNA now, the forlorn look on his face, occasionally managing a compelled smile at times, seems to paint a sorry picture of his predicament. I say, if you're in his shoes, things certainly don't look good eh? The entire nation (well, almost) is out for your blood, and I seriously doubt Durai can continue to lead his normal, peaceful lifestyle in Singapore again. Not when you have people on HardwareZone Forum posting his address and stuff, which is rather disturbing for him and his family. I empathize him of being made the scapegoat, for I believe the entire board is also equally responsible and on the receiving end of these car perks, sky-high pay etc. It's just that as the CEO, the figurehead has to bear much of the blame and after all.

NKF certainly hopes this will mark the end of the saga. If things goes as planned, locals will soon be making regular donations to the organisation as prior to the lawsuit again. But, I seriouosly doubt that. As the damage done is kinda irreversible and the breach of trust remains a lingering memory in people's minds.

The end is near.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NKF saga

For this once, I'm going to be a nice, good boy and not argue with the naive and childish Han.
No expletives nor derogatory terms, 'cos I wouldn't want to be relegated into the same league as Han. Talk about intellectual people.

Ah...The talk of the town. NKF and its now withdrawn defamation case against SPH. Well, I guessed the speculation & rumours off the mill all these years have been proven true once and for all. Talk about using public donations to pay for their luxurious Mercedes-Benz, flying first class and to spruce up their posh interior of the NKF headquarters. It's really been a backlash NKF has truly dreaded so far, their intent to sue SPH to repair the negative publicity it indirectly generated, only to result in irrevocable damage done to the carefully built-up reputation of NKF.

True, I agree that Mr Durai was a key figure in helping NKF grow in stature and accumulate much more financial reserves since he became its head honcho. However, his massive contributions is certainly insufficient to write off the ridiculous pay & bonus perks he gets. It's a real smack in the face for the donors who have been religiously donating money to the organisation in its annual show and via their monthly pay. I heard during the news that more than 2000 people has withdrawn their monthly GIRO payments to NKF. Poor patients, for they have to bear the brunt of the "scam". After all, their reserves can last your another 30 years eh? Blah.

I guess I don't want to say more. Just that everyone is disgruntled that NKF has been exploiting the masses' goodwill and kindhearted donations thus far. From the bookshop auntie (heard her complaining to Mr. Sayers), to classmates and my Dad, it has truly been the talk of the town this past few days, certainly not helped by the wide coverage given by SPH in ST and TNP.

I believe Mr T.T Durai should do something to salvage the situation at least, NKF is in danger of being condemned for eternity. To think he says he won't step down anytime soon after stepping out of court.

Below is a link that has been started by like-minded people to call for the resignation of Mr. Durai:

This is going to be interesting.

Oh yah, by the way, forget to comment about Little Han (sounds so y-a-g). Commendable effort from you eh, msut have taken you ages to write this afternoon eh? You know, perhaps, time could have been better spent? You'll know what. Lol....

- eGoistIc - not some nah or han or wadever

Where is the love?

i had enough of little swee... wasting so much damn space for a blog entry... think you are funny ah? tmd...

anyway little swee showed me his beloved *toilet paper* (newpaper la) today. on the headlines were of course non other than the NKF scandal issue. apparently, people had vandalised the exterior of the NKF building to express their discontent and anger. yeah... the words sure were harsh, calling CEO Mr D a "liar", "cheat" or simply in hokkien a "dua pian sian". haha, thats funny, but laughter aside, the impact of this scandal on the reputation of this supposedly the most well-recognised and successful charitable organisation is nonetheless cataclysmic.

mishandling of the people's funds by the executive board for car perks, ravishing building refurbishments, business-class travel entitlements and of course the $600 000 pay cheque for Mr D is morally unacceptable and unnecessary in my perspective, considering that more patients could have been aided with these funds redirected for a more proper cause. and to mislead the public that the foundation's reserves of 128 million could only last for another three years when in fact it could have lasted for at least 30? tell me, where does the moral integrity of NKF lies?

other orchestrated frauds of the organisation needs none of my further elabobaration... its sure well-known by many now that it has become the hottest issue in town, and we as a societal body of the nation ought to be ashamed of it. in addition to the above scandal, the incorporation of lucrative rewards for donors in major donation drives on national tv simply questions the truthfulness of Singaporean hearts to do charity altogether. just where does the humanity in us lies? shouldn't a charitable effort be one that needs and asks for no returns?

the evident losers at the end of the day ought to be me and you alike, and most regrettably, the patients who are receiving critical aid from such charity organisations. heart-wrenching efforts by the patients to fight for survival could well be deterred by our eventual reluctance to continue our monetary donations as a result of a loss in trust in NKF. this ought to be enough to call for some repents Mr D :)

- Han -

Monday, July 11, 2005

Wah this simi Jin Han damn gay n boliao leh. Your idea say your idea lah, still kpkb so much.
I good okie, contribute constructive stuff to the blog, whereas your intellectual ability only limits yourself to niao-ing ppl.

Mai gek.

Think what? Big Han as in Big Shot Bob eh? Dream on eh!

Oh yah, btw, today you were seen with me at the Bedok Interchange food centre mah, then after our group spilt and left, got people asked me for your number leh. I don't have your permission mah, so in turn I took that person's number instead.

Ai Mai?

Scroll down for it

Pui!!! Think what, you very dashing or charming eh? Don't make me scold that Chelsea midfielder's name okie~ Lol...

Really still want eh? That Ah Pek pang sai-ing one ai mai? LOL...

Buey hiao bye siah.

Little Swee aka eGoistIc and Big Han

aiyo... cant wait to hear from me is it? bet you are the more gay one. actually set up this blog to see how much more atrocious stuff about yourself you can write... and wow, i have got exponential returns :) you think the world out there really bothers to know about little swee ah? dream on la... what a joke. people only want to know more about me, including you eh? keep on kb-ing about me not posting a blog yet. right, be patient...

anyway please do not be affected by little swee's crap if you still possess a discerning mind. write what feedback on newspaper article... think you knowledgeable ah? thought all you used to read was THE NEWPAPER and never can do without it like its toilet paper? hmmm... looks like you have finally learnt to differentiate news from tabloids eh :)

haha, nonsense aside, this blog is not created purely to niao little swee one la, even though its IN MY BLOOD to do that...
its for self-entertainment for the both of us (and no, we are not gays) or your viewing pleasure if you ever find all these entertaining :) (bet something's wrong with you when that happens)
and if you ever wish to join crapping stop as a premium member (now you really has got a screw loose in your head), you are cordially invited.


- Han -

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Firstly, Jinhan you knn leh. create this blog liao, say share but till now yet to see a post from you. But it's alright, considering the way you put in tremendous efforts in doing your essay outlines, maybe we'll get to see your first post sometime next year liao.

Okie. Get to the topic. I read this Sunday Times article today, which was a transcript of Steve Jobs' speech when he addressed the Stanford graduates. I guess all of you should know him, judging by the cult following Apple commands in their iPod players and Mac OS.

In fact, the Straits Times' Digital supplement on Tuesday had already touched on his words in slight detail and was also covered by this Tharman-lookalike on our career guidance talk on Wednesday in school. Well, I didn't really know much about this Jobs guy, just that I remained quite sceptical and doubtful whenever those Mac enthusiasts rave about how Windows is so ugly and stuff. I wondered what makes this guy tick and to be so capable as to unveil innovations time and time again that never fails to mesmerise the global market.

His was a classic rags-to-riches story, not from the regular family background you'll expect of. It was ironic that his biological mother placed so much emphasis to ensure Jobs was to be adopted by a couple who can ensure a college education for me, yet Jobs dropped out of Reed in the end, walked the less-travelled path to achieve success.

His words really make you wonder and question your moral purpose in life. How he goes about saying to live each day as if it was your last, so that only in the face of death the truly important things will surface in life. Kinda clichéd of sorts, but make real sense. He was 17 when he heard that saying, which is to say he was my age now. It made him embarked on a eventful career and now, he is able to do what he is passionate about and earn big bucks at the same time.

Wah, his words really inspiring eh? Cb Han, I know you bo read po zhua surely think I talking cock, you *want to eat*? When is it your time to post some stuff?

btw, Sylvia said this idea of a shared blog damn gay, but I think it's hardly surprising since it came from you. Muahaha~

Friday, July 08, 2005

Virgin post!

testing out the new blog.

btw, Jinhan is a cb kia. this is his idea of a shared blog. think he's too gay liao.

but nvm, at least there's this place here for your random rantings, 'senseless' talkcockings & where praises and accolades for Liverpool are given.

No place for simi Amare, Ryousuke, Manures etc.

It's Stevie G & Liverpool forever~