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Thursday, December 29, 2005

let the reds roll on'

well~ :>
the smile says it all. almost with a smirk.

this are the matches that makes it worthwhile staying up for. liverpool matches have always been entertaining this season i must say, playing style changed alot under Rafa.
no more boring long ball tactics from Houllier, but i thank him too, for making Gerrard the captain.

i'm not going to go into details. but i say the goals were nice, esp cisse. i like the choice of scorers too, crouch, stevie G and cisse. nice one.

the fact that we can rotate and rest players makes this all the more impressive.
garcia, morientes, riise rested for sissoko, cisse and warnock.
too bad reina can't break the record, damn beattie. but 9 consecutive wins i have no complaints.

We are marching on, Chelsea do look behind ur backs.

i buey today's TNP. lol..look at how the chinese employers practise job discrimination. female employees must prove they have symmetrical breasts? wah...this is totally hilarious..

i rmb reading my dad's fax not long ago.. he was telling me..his colleagues in damn weird Christian names..

Wishly __
Dragon Lu (wah..inspiring eh? lol..)
Xiao Ling Tong.. (change the L to T)
Camel __ (wad's the fascination with animals?)

talk bout creative names in SG...


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