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Monday, December 26, 2005

ns and beyond

today i slept to a record time of 11.30am, probably still recovering from the previous night of revelry. it's been quite a party and i hoped everyone enjoyed themselves, even if you've spent majority of the time in front of the TV or the computer. lol. hopefully this wont be the last xmas party.

anyway, i got an SMS from CMPB reminding me to report on the 6th of Jan to BMT school 1. nice jolt back to reality. all of a sudden i realised i havent been training or keeping fit at all since coming back from HK. its a little over a week more, but the thought of leaving my everyday life behind to serve the country still irks me nonetheless. maybe things would turn out better than expected, but from word of mouth, thats a very big maybe.

to the rest who are going in at later times or not going in at all, hopefully we'll all keep in touch - and maybe, just maybe, we can go have a trip next year or smthg. merry xmas ^^


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