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Friday, March 31, 2006

army rox~

settling into army life? yea...

and i got gd news to share with all of u also... no matter where it concerns u anot..


u know wad?

4d? nope.

toto? u wait a lil bit longer.

It's the Weekend Guard Duty (GD) !!!!!

power! tmr night going back liao... zZZzz.. ppl got long weekend.. i go back "protect Tekong", which according to my PS, sounds like some v noble and respectable feat. Ensuring the safety of the military installations... be on the guard against intruders...

but all these acty only mean one thing: Sai Kang.

Woot~ Wx, u sunday night go back maybe u can catch me do sentry duty at the SFT guardroom man. Baton in hand, shield in the other, way too cool yeah? Lol...

the baton is really just another name for the wooden stick.. saw it.. but the shield more impressive.. really like those riot police use least not some sub standard rattan round basket thingy...

but still.... i dun see how convincing or intimidating a guy equipped with that can ask some intruder to halt.. farniE? u bet.

hai... dun kena this same shit as me ok? i ran down stairs for fire drill... the FAD dropped on the way i believe... and now strike jackpot. lol.. okie lah.. acty i'm fine with it.. try to think positive and be less sore abt it that's all...

Timothy H and Diwei at least better off... weekday GD..12 hrs only..and nv burn weekend.. whereas Pravin and me hong gan liao..24 hrs.. no doubt got shift..but next day 10am resume liao.. guard rest and avoiding strenuous activity won't exactly let u feel better.

ok... enuff abt my own stuff...

just now saw vincent online..long time nv chat with him liao.. turned out he now posted to Police Acaedmy..kinda rare siah..he told me the Jan intake..only abt 40 crossed over.. less than 1% of the cohort... and he's formerly from Ninja siah.. the infamous Ninja..

managed to dig some stories from him... no wonder Ninja is xiong.

one of the more ridiculous ones has to be.... u must knock it down whenever u see ur platoon's commander... PC 30, PS 25, others 20... this is WHENEVER u see them. in the morning, night..simi sai also u knock it down. Absurd? u bet.

and apparently...their OC is not the affable...kind type of OC... is the red beret one.. damn fierce one.. my coy OC join us for brief us with us..that's all... Ninja's OC will pump them one.. wahaha..and he told me got once OC not happy abt the standards of their area cleaning... confine the entire coy till sunday morning... wtf siah...

and the scary thing is... GD is like everyday routine to them... they GD and confine like nobody's business... know what? their coy fill up all the guard duty slots.. until there's NO VACANCY.

schedule packed until bloc leave come back do guard duty.

wtf? this is damn power.

so count ur blessings my friend.

there's always someone worse off than u.

meanwhile.... booking in in less than 24 hrs... sian 1/2....


PTP almost finishing...

Dunno why.. been thinking abt school life these few days. Miss those days man.. The slackness, the freedom and the fun. NS may be fun in some ways, but still.. it's shit.

Anyway, i've finally managed to transfer my prom night photos into my com! Hurray! So here's more candid shots for you!! lol..


This is how you use your pillow. lol. Ivy looks dead..

Passed away peacefully in her sleep? lol.

lol. Dunno what to say..

The very beginning...

Start of J2...
(The Newpaper heading reads: Pool Fiction- Swee, that's what you'll get for being a lifelong toiletpaper user. Shit. lol)


"Once in our lives, 2 yrs of our time.." What a ride it has been.

Now, back to reality.

From your beloved redtrack IC

Saturday, March 25, 2006

some funny shit

all right. this Final Fantasy 7 parody takes it.

damn farnie.

really laugh until peng.

and how 'useless' "Aeris" always proves to be...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Navy greens.. lol.


lol. Your army life sounds so much more enjoyable. Better than my present situation i think. Still, i shalln't talk abt it now. Tired sia. Just went for 30 60. Tmr la huh! Just come online to post a short piece of random crap.

Action speaks louder than word.... Agreed.

It's the thought that counts.... Sounds like self-deception to me. Who came up with that?

Lights out! Reveille 07 30... 07 30 (Echo).

your dearest red track I/C
(Fatigue Duty)


army blues


REC reporting in sires!

adjustment week's over. so far so gd. quite fun. my bunkmates are nubbad.. some real smart arses in there though... 3As 2Distinctions.. place in Imperial College of London..all that.. certainly not lacking here. but of course, there's the other end of the spectrum too..

hmm.. to my platoon is all jc kias..only 2 from shatec... 1 of them in my bunk though..only 19 and his life exp can pwn all of us man.. lol... Jinhan..he's living the dream u once pictured urself in too.. becoming a chef all that.

and oh yeah, my batch also have lotsa ppl who came back from abroad... all those New Zealand, Melbourne kias all here... Shyam of Vj also of indian descent... only 2 vj ppl in my platoon.. and also, got South Korean, Indonesian all that in here... lotsa of them man.

in fact, my platoon got ang moh. Yes, you heard it right. Singaporean Caucasian serving NS. Really 3G army now siah... SAF no longer the place for ah bengs to Serve-and-Farkoff. It's only an international force man.. lol... he's American btw.

btw, i in Taurus.. wx in Viper.. damn u. take our 7pm ferry home. push us to 8pm. but most #@%@% is that freakingly gayed name Ulysses... 11am. wtf? talk abt early book out having to book in early. my coy 8.45pm and ulysses 8.30pm.v early eh... lol.. nothing's fair in ns and in life. so just hafta to live with it. Or, to be exact, ENDURE.

that dreaded word that will plague us for the next 3months or so..

wx, u share ur stories here also lah ok? knn u.. adjustment week must be chao keng go swallow toothpaste then high fever + migraine go back right? but heard my older ORD-ed fren say that toothpaste really burns inside u though.. better dun try. not worth for Att C status.

and yea...i find it rather amusing.. or how shld i say it.. like i see wx inside.. will automatically call him Jiao Bin..then he'll call me LJB or JB for short.. lol..come to think of it..rather hilarious.

and damn... my name's already nice up there on the "Judgement Day" notice board... b'cos forget to bring FAD down for fire drill... this is freaking dumb.. really dumb. u may say me (and 2 others in my section) deserve it but then.. let me explain first..

cos that was arnd 6pm..after dinner. we knew either that day or next will have fire drill... just climbed all the way back to 5th floor..sit down talk cock awhile..then some siren went off.


bcos we dun wanna get farked for not displaying the much-vaunted sense of urgency.
we all chiong down. Helmet, pail, FAD and all.


we were the only platoon down there. foolishly wearing the helmet, pail in hand, and shouting "Fire" like there's no tmr. our Platoon Sergeant (PS) down there, looked kinda dazed... then suddenly burst out into laughter with the Sec Comm for that day.


it was the freaking Cat 1 weather status signal...


i had suspected sth wrong. cos firstly, the alarm sounded very much like the Total Defence day Bomb raid one... asking u to rush to nearest bomb shelter. when did it become fire alarm?
and also, when we farking chionged down.. the platoon 2 and 3 ppl were like.. "Wtf?" by the we made our way down the stairs.

then at night..when the real fire drill came.. i left out my FAD. damn.

btw.. my section 12 ppl.. 1 OOT, the remaining 11, 7 in punishment's ic book liao. lol.. nv shave, sign touch box.. simi also have.. one guy from next bunk tio confinement liao..commence next week.. honeymoon week's over.

so far so gd lor.. got 2-3 days can afford to take afternoon nap. but sometimes got few occasions..sat or sun afternoon.. nice time to catch forty winks.. the idiot "ishrain" DI can kajiao us.. do all the star jump, bunny hope arnd chairs.. superman... crunches, bridge... for freaking 3hrs. that's why now admin time we also v apprehensive.. admin time ppl sleep we up there jumping arnd.. lol..

and yea..area cleaning.. yea..some ppl really like from rich families that type..nv touch b4 broom or rag.. machiam expect their amahs or maids to come clean for them... lol.. cos i Corridor ic... then they sweep floor eh.. when they say ok, done liao.. u must go sweep wipe both his and ur own arse. the drains are not nice to sweep... die die will have specks of dust one.

but the worse must be... toilet ic.. gan suey. the sergeant found pubes in the urinal..took up and asked "What's this?" then proceeded to wipe his fingers on my fren's shirt.. lol.. really must be considerate and pick up after u urine man..

water parade... kena one strict one liao lor.. full bottle... cannot drip a single drip on shirt or floor. he see got that ONE drip.. go fill and drink another time.. then step forward in the that ur spot will be dry again.. alot of them drank 2 bottles.. really bloated i tell u. all developing tekong water phobia.

hmm..wad else to share... oh yeah

abt those not so clean stuff.. platoon 3 (i'm in platoon 4) got ppl claim got long hair on their beds when they wake up again..for few days..then someone said they saw the typical long-hair-white-figure thingy floating arnd the corridor at night.. dunno. better dun think too much.

but i also joined my frens to scared some sleeping ppl... sit on top of their metal cupboards with legs dangling down...( ala the commander story laughing at weak recruits story) but he nv freak out. still ask us wad time fall in. lol..peng. then L-torch..put green lenses..this one dun play too much. and go squat on the wooden shoe cabinet facing the bed to scare the poor sleeping guy.. lol.. i tio this. and when i scare others he kick me siah.. lol.. it was fun. but i think must cut down. better dun push our luck.

ok...honeymoon week's over. night snacks also over (this most dumb. barely 2 hrs dinner u die die must eat the muffin+cake or sth)... it's only the beginning.

wx, pass over to you. jinhan 3weeks confinement.. ronald still arnd now.. blog more lah.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogger's cocking up again

Mmm.. It's about time to return to a calm state after that section change incident. Life has been a package of shit and rewards.. and it will always be.

On a lighter note, the dec/jan batch has received their vocation today. Quite a number of s42 gotten into command schools eh. So far at least 2- ljh and fq, are gg for OCS, while rol to SISPEC. I'd expect more to come. Congrats to them all (assuming that's what you want)!!! May you all be the change that SAF desperately needs.

Butt.. Let's not forget that for every officer and sergeant, there's also another person.. if not more who becomes combat medic, combat engineer, guard, ranger, infantry etc (The sai kang/fatigue duty vocations) .. So let's see some of their reactions(MSN nicks) below. lol.

1) Military Police... HaHaHa... Yeah, but i hate the chiong part
2) medic? r u kidding me? pple r gonna die man..

And the big winner:

3) Combat Medic !! AHHHH

Hahaha... Laugh at others now, maybe i'll kena later? Hopefully not. lol. Back to tekong early tmr. So shall end it off with a quote from my company's CSM.

"Scared of me ah? Why you all scare of me? I'm also human. Just that i f**k more pple only, those who don't do their job."


Monday, March 13, 2006

ronald teo!
hibernating eh? knn... we are supposed to keep this blog going leh. i doing my part now to update new crap... you are next hor.

haha to the poor little swee in tekong: GOOD JOB LIVERPOOL.
captain gerrard has single-handedly presented the second place finish to MAN U. almost.
wtf. of all people gerrard. the only player i truly respect in pool. wadever it is, liverpool has cracked under pressure yesterday. first the red card for alonso. then the blunder of stevie G. they are definitely playing out of sorts ... not like the liverpool who held MAN U to a 0-0 finish. Alonso. an outrageous tackle that truly deserves a second yellow. but he chose to linger on the pitch and voicing his dissent to the ref, ended up being booed and jeered by highbury nia. wad the hell was he thinking of. just leave and get the game going la... afterall it was still 1-1 at that point of time and definitely a chance for pool to complete the comeback. but nah... the reds just disintegrated after that, and gerrard the ultimate villain to sum up the lacklustre display. and it definitely didnt help with peter crouch sending numerous clear opportunities on goal begging. jia lat sia, first the champions league exit... and then the premiership tumble. so now how little swee? haha... SUCK THUMB :)

and now the topic of the day. MAN U. rampaging through the newcastle defence almost every three mins in the game. no joke... one of the best displays i have seen from the devils so far. and so glad it came during my block leave haha. the 2-0 scoreline really didnt reflect the actual disparity in performance between the two teams. 10-o it could have been, with ronaldo, rooney and saha raining countless shots on shay given. and respect for given as he stood strong in the face of the red wave. pity rooney for not getting his first hat trick of the season. sian... the boy wonder was really mesmerising yesterday hor. just look at that little toe flick for the second goal. and that chip over shay given after peter ramage has does his damage in front of his own penalty box. SIA LA. no wonder hes the boy wonder. all these, without ruud van nistelrooy the ever potent threat in front of goal. haha. is this depth in the squad or wad? muahahahahaha.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

gone are swee and wx, to the wretched island. looks like the baton has been passed to me and ron to keep this blog going. whatever it is, good luck and take care bros... try to enjoy your army life though i know its hard. ha.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


pop pop pop!

Time sure flies. Now it's our turn to "serve our land, once in our lives, 2 years of our time". Wooooo...... Dunno what to make of it. I'm just apathetic towards it i suppose. More concerned about the uni admission. Limited options due to result, plus no decent idea on what the remainder courses are like. On top of that, swee and i won't be able to make it for the unis' open hse this weekend! Woot~ Icing on the cake! Or rather fly on the shit.

Mm.. one option i'm considering is taking psychology. But then i don't really know what one can do with it in the future. Not much career prospects huh? Anyone else considering this course too? Then there's also the business degrees.. but only have a vague idea of them.

"Have you ever wondered why we've to serve?" lol. It's the law, stupid. But just for civilians out there, the politically correct, patriotic answer would be "cos we love our land, and want it to be free, to be free... YA".

And so, swee and i shall pass the baton to han and guo. May you 2 be fruitful and multiply. Haha. Sounds brokeback huh. Multiply crap la. Swee posted so much liverpool stuff during these few months, the least you 2 can do is to reciprocate right? Haha. And since he wants a change of the blog layout, perhaps it could replaced with a Man U one? I can't picture his shock and disgust when he returns from the confinement. lol. Alright, shall leave the task of how to revamp the blog layout to your imagination.



Tekong is here!


first, let me digress first. i think this started a few years ago... but only now did i recalled it..

abt printing ur sch name, tel. no on the lower back portion of ur uni...esp for sec sch and ites....
sure giveaway when u tuck out.. in black bold font and in a linear straight line fashion somemore.. so obvious. i think it's a very ingenious move. at least not as gay as when i pri sch.. always see bedok west pri beside my sch.. their pe kit. damn paiseh i tell u.

I *heart* BEDOK WEST

in a big font somemore. bth really. i cfm dun dare wear out man. but now..p sch all house tees somemore liao.. go one sch can see more than 5 colours outfit.. v colourful indeed. talk abt uniform to instil common identity all that. indeed. on week wear once for assembly day also song ar the uniform lidaT?

back to the sch name part... lidat the sch can count on the public to notify them shld they see their students misbehaving elsewhere... with the tel. no and all that... just last week.. i walk past nearby void deck..a few bedok north boys and girls... smoking there.. with cigarette lighter and all that on the table.. No prizes for guessing what happened, maybe they sibei suey lah.

cos a few teachers or sch staff or maybe their DM suddenly approached out of nowhere... then all tio rounded up.. no time to run..all faster hide lighter all that.. then still can profusely deny... lol.. i dunno whether to laugh or cry.

ok.. back to the main topic - Tekong.

All right.we're going to the sunny island and live in a resort soon. just realised i sept birthday..sure kena 4th or 5th level bunk. gan suey. but nvm. at least i sch 2. no charlie coy jacob ladder, no all the scary things.

btw, no time to catch up with u all sch 1 kias sia. hope wed night got more time to kar gor talk cock. esp do guard duty..sentry nv see anything one ar? so heng? heard in the past sentry is volunteer one.. cos no need walk around and sweat buckets.. but now i think is mandatory shift. correct? and now if u heng, i heard u won't tio guard at all...

must do prowling also.. but this at least got buddy can chit chat with u along the way when u roam the camp..not so bad. nv hear u all mention any scary stories also..

other than hock field camp shit nv dig hole.. and that's it. no other sensational news.

my bro last year come back more stories.. dunno real or fake. but he won't so old sch scare me with all those stories.. he do area cleaning in find long hair b4... not those 5cm ULTRA long ones. 20-30cm that type.. intermittently appears in the toilet... eerie.

and he go live firing range.. his fren who claimed to have the 3rd yin yang eye..saw dirty things near the target there.. then they see him quite shaken.. subsequent shots all bobo liao.

and last one... not during his duty, but his platoon mates....claimed to see a lady...walking towards the camp...then road lamps will flicker one. they go report also dismissed as nuttin much.. think is "regular visitor". wahaha.... kinda scary.

and wonder u all got late night go pee or shit anot? cfm paiseh to wake up ur buddy one rite? take the torch walk walk walk..then sensor suddenly all lights lit up. lol...

and field camp... weixian, we better pray our turn ti gong bo bi dun rain.... u just imagine ur socks, underwear...everything all drenched and soaked. then must tahan 7 days. cfm bth.

And better pray hard, DON't step on some faeces left behind by some inconsiderate arseholes.. lol..otherwise ur boots no chance to thoroughly wash...then ur platoon all must tahan ur chao stinko smell together for the remaining few days. sibei suey one.

till now i also haven't really pack my stuff. all chunk one corner. lucky i got a sibling with all the hand-me-downs... blue tape black tape, snake powder, personal med kit, gd torchlight, more no.4 for u to display in cabinet..all ready liao..

Tekong, here we come! lol... dunno why still abit look forward to 2 years inside.. gd luck to those clearing leave soon... hope u get posted to the desired unit.. senang or siong depends on the individual song anot lo.. just gd luck~

Thursday, March 02, 2006

blogger cocking up liao..must delete the previous post..

Well well. don't wan to say too much. but there've been lotsa farnie stuff online. laugh until peng.

the first one is abt cybersex chatlogs. MATURE theme! pls do not read if u'll feel offended. it's only in the name of fun.

I think u read with all this lines in the blog layout v kang kor. maybe u can do a copy and paste to elsewhere. i just copy wholesale from another forum that i got it from.

Cybersex logs

bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?
BritneySpears14: Aight.
bloodninja: slip out of those pants baby, yeah.
BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bloodninja.
bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up.
bloodninja: Me too baby.
BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest.
bloodninja: I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
BritneySpears14: Hey...
bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl. 8 *beep* of the Infinite.
BritneySpears14: Funny I still don't see it.
bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty F*ck of the Beyondness.
BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous.
bloodninja: Don't f*ck with me bitch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands.
bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl. 2 Druid.
BritneySpears14: Don't ever message me again you piece of ****.
bloodninja: Robots are trying to drill my brain but my lightning shield inflicts DOA attack, leaving the robots as flaming piles of metal.
bloodninja: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Robotnik's evil army of Robot Socialist Republics. The cold war ends. Reagan steals my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him.
bloodninja: You still there baby? I think it's getting hard now.
bloodninja: Baby?


bloodninja: Ok baby, we got to hurry, I don't know how long I can keep it ready for you.
j_gurli3: thats ok. ok i'm a japanese schoolgirl, what r u.
bloodninja: A Rhinocerus. Well, hung like one, thats for sure.
j_gurli3: haha, ok lets go.
j_gurli3: i put my hand through ur hair, and kiss u on the neck.
bloodninja: I stomp the ground, and snort, to alert you that you are in my breeding territory.
j_gurli3: haha, ok, u know that turns me on.
j_gurli3: i start unbuttoning ur shirt.
bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't wear shirts.
j_gurli3: No, ur not really a Rhinocerus silly, it's just part of the game.
bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't play games. They f*cking charge your ass.
j_gurli3: stop, cmon be serious.
bloodninja: It doesn't get any more serious than a Rhinocerus about to charge your ass.
bloodninja: I stomp my feet, the dust stirs around my tough skinned feet.
j_gurli3: thats it.
bloodninja: Nostrils flaring, I lower my head. My horn, like some phallic symbol of my potent virility, is the last thing you see as skulls collide and mine remains the victor. You are now a bloody red ragdoll suspended in the air on my mighty horn.
bloodninja: Goddam am I hard now.


Bloodninja:Wanna cyber?
DirtyKate:OK, but don't tell anybody
DirtyKate:Who are you?
Bloodninja: I've got blond hair, blue eyes, I work out a lot
Bloodninja:And I have a part time job delivering for Papa John's in my Geo Storm.
DirtyKate:You sound sexy.. I bet you want me in the back of your car..
Bloodninja:Maybe some other time. You should call up Papa John's and make an order
DirtyKate: Haha! OK
DirtyKate:Hello! I'd like an extra-EXTRA large pizza just dripping with sauce.
Bloodninja:Well, first they would say, "Hello, this is Papa John's, how may I help you", then they tell you the specials, and then you would make your order. So that's an X-Large. What toppings do you want?
DirtyKate:I want everything, baby!
Bloodninja:Is this a delivery?
DirtyKate:So you're bringing the pizza to my house now? Cause I'm home alone... and I think I'll take a shower...
Bloodninja:Good. It will take about fifteen minutes to cook, and then I'll drive to your house.
DirtyKate:I'm almost finished with my shower... Hurry up!
Bloodninja:You can't hurry good pizza.
Bloodninja:I'm on my way now though
DirtyKate:So you're at my front door now.
Bloodninja:How did you know?
Bloodninja:I knock but you can't hear me cause you're in the shower. So I let myself in, and walk inside. I put the pizza down on your coffee table.
Bloodninja:Are you ready to get nasty, baby? I'm as hot as a pizza oven
DirtyKate:Oooohh yeah. I step out of the shower and I'm all wet and cold. Warm me up baby
Bloodninja:So you're still in the bathroom?
DirtyKate:Yeah, I'm wrapping a towel around myself.
Bloodninja:I can no longer resist the pizza. I open the box and unzip my pants with my other hand. As I penetrate the gooey cheese, I moan in ecstacy. The mushrooms and Italian sausage are rough, but the sauce is deliciously soothing. I blow my load in seconds. As you leave the bathroom, I exit through the front door....
DirtyKate:What the f**k?
DirtyKate:You perverted piece of s**t


bloodninja: Wanna cyber?
Katie_007: Sure, you into vegetables?
bloodninja: What like gardening an *beep*?
Katie_007: Yeah, something like that.
bloodninja: Nothing turns me on more, check this out:
bloodninja: You bend over to harvest your radishes.
Katie_007: is that it?
bloodninja: You water your tomato patch.
bloodninja: Are you ready for my fresh produce?
Katie_007: I was thinking of like, sexual acts INVOLVING vegetables... Can you make it a little more sexy for me?
bloodninja: I touch you on your lettuce, you massage my spinach... sexily.
bloodninja: I ride your buttocks like they were amber waves of grains.
Katie_007: Grain doesn't really turn me on... I was thinking more along the lines of carrots and zucchinis.
bloodninja: my zucchinis carresses your carrots.
bloodninja: Damn baby you're right, this *beep* is HOTT.
Katie_007: ...
bloodninja: My turnips listen for the soft cry of your love. My insides turn to celery as I unleash my warm and sticky cauliflower of love.
Katie_007: What the f*ck is this madlibs? I'm outta here.
bloodninja: Yeah, well I already unleashed my cauliflower, all over your olives, and up in your eyes. Now you can't see. Bitch.
Katie_007: whatever.


BritneySpears14: Ok, are you ready?
eminemBNJA: Aight, yeah I'm ready.
BritneySpears14: I like your music Em... Tee hee.
eminemBNJA: huh huh, yeah, I make it for the ladies.
BritneySpears14: Mmm, we like it a lot. Let me show you.
BritneySpears14: I take off your pants, slowly, and massage your muscular physique.
eminemBNJA: Oh I like that Baby. I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: What the f*ck, I told you not to message me again.
eminemBNJA: Oh ****
BritneySpears14: I swear if you do it one more time I'm gonna report your ISP and say you were sending me kiddie porn you f*ck up.
eminemBNJA: Oh ****
eminemBNJA: damn I gotta write down your names or something


And one thing about us people is that when u a mere mortal meet ur superstar idol, getting star-struck is kinda normal..

But, u can't get any more hilarious than this.... give it up for this young fan of Dakota Fanning's.


WARNING: All about football
but i think way before Wayne Rooney, there was already a GOD amidst us. yep, even the britons had the decency to nickname him as the Almighty. He was THAT good. Paul Gascoigne may have been the most talented.

But none came close to being such a natural goalscorer.

Robbie Fowler.

upon your first exposure to game, normally people will pick a team to support based on a couple of players that will make u pledge ur allegiance to the team. some said Cantona for Man Utd, some wanted Ginola for Spurs, Shearer for Blackburn etc.

Liverpool all bout Owen? lol... it was Captain Fowler man. he's da man really. at 17 he was terrifying. he scored much much more goals than anyone else.. not even Rooney.. diff playing styles, but Fowler was way damn good back then. it looked like he was capable of conquering the world man.

but alas, his career fizzled out and left Liverpool. but he was really capable of scoring goals by another way back then. head, knee, chest, lob, fk, left foot volley, right foot chip. all the outrageous stuff he did it effortlessly. till today, i still rmb his overhead kick goal against Charlton in our cup treble winning season in 2002 to secure CL next season..

the following video with gr8 accompanying music is for him..

Since we're at it. let's see Gerrard..ahaha. he's way better than simi lampar guy lah. hope the new England coach won't suppress him in a DM role to allow Lampard to roam up front. damn unfair. Gerrard scores spectacular goals man. to think we almost lost him to Everton, which was his boyhood club....his cousin Anthony is playing for the Blues though..

dun say boh. this Cantona goal also sibei swee. it's what defines him. his attitude, his character, his cockiness and penchant for scoring unbelievable goals. and that sheer arrogance with the folded up collars. and the look on his face after he scored this goal. damn.

Credit: Nystul's Propunter site