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Friday, December 02, 2005

Another flip of the page.

The end of our prom truly marks the end of our lives in vjc. It would also signified the last instance where we would be seeing some of us in our lives. This reminds me of a quote i once came across: 'Some friends will be with us for a year, some 2 yrs, 10 yrs, but few will last for a lifetime'. So sad, but unsurprising.

Oh well, prom itself was fun. Had a good time socialising during the event, plus the photo-taking sessions were enjoyable too. Everyone, except 2 persons ( incidentally both wore blue shirts), were well-dressed for the night, some to such an extent that you could even barely recognised them.

The table i was seated at consisted of all guys and no girls, with *ahem cough cough*, *clears throat*. It was far from the ideal seating arrangement we would ask for. We thought that no girls= less food, *ahem*= sian 1/2. On our way to Ritz, Hock and I were already talking about the game of Hearts we're going to play later ( Remember 13 pts? Shoot the moon?) and 'each man for himself'. But thankfully it didn't turn out the way we expected to be. True, some of us weren't full after the dinner, but it would be attributed not to the lack of girls, but rather to the miserably small servings. *ahem* also did not dampen the overall ambience, though I'd have to say that Razak looked a bit downcast and quiet at the start of the prom. Haha.

However, i would like to add that all the fun, and essentially the success of the prom, were more of our own anticipation and excitment than the workings of the organisers. No doubt, the SC deserves credit for all the planning and the hardwork they put in. But the results they had achieved were barely satisfactory. A case in point was the food, which cannot be justified by the 90 bucks each of us paid. Delifrance also serves a free-flow of bread in their breakfast buffet for $6.95+. As for the music, my opinion is that only 1 or 2 bands made the grade. The rest were like killing chicken, slaughtering pigs.

Mmm... There are still many things i would like to add, like the post-prom party, but they would have to wait. My biological clock has been totally screwed up and i'm getting listless but not sleepy.

Last but not the least, i think that as we all depart on our journeys, the entries of this blog will become increasingly alien to the rest of us who are living in different environments(that's if we still write entries). Nevertheless, i hope that this blog will serves as a bond between us and reminds us of our time in vjc, and 04s42.



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