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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

new look

That's it. I'm finally convinced that the web has not enough blog templates with the word 'crap' in them. Trying to search through 500 thumbnails to find a suitable one was no easy task - and I'm not even like halfway through the whole 6000+ of them. Editing was one heck of a pain but I hope I did a good job.
Anyway, I've more or less recovered from HK. It's just that I posted my thoughts in another place ^^

Regarding this Saturday's party, no one is allowed to bring drinks only. In fact, everyone is supposed to bring one bottle of drink in addition to their food and gift. I'll tell everyone soon enough, but if you've read it here already then good for you. lol. One more thing, try to buy gifts that are unisex. We can't have a guy getting a teddy bear for xmas can we? Maybe fq? Nah. Ho ho Ho.


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