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Sunday, February 26, 2006


My WoW subscription ends today. Sigh.

Anyone interested in watching Underworld: Evolution? Opens on 3 march.


Friday, February 24, 2006

The end is near!!?!?!

This is a comment on the fag blog swee introduced below. Read it before continuing else you catch no balls.

Woah. That's my immediate reaction when i saw the first few photos on the yag (a term used in my sec school- read backward) blog. But once i've come to the "Dear this, dear that.. So sweetttt..." part, it became WTF?!? I usually won't use the F word (preferring their dialect counterpart), but i think there's no better word avaliable in my dictionary. Even thinking about it gives me goosebumps.. errr (rub my shoulders). What's this 'act cute' shit?!! It's just like those 'act gay' antics we used to play on each other in school. Except this time, it's for real. This is just something too 'liberal' for my liking.

It also gives some food for thought. First and foremost, I'd like to salute their families for their acceptance, or at least their tolerance. To be able to overcome the initial psychological trauma (who wants their children to be homo? you ar?) and come into terms with their status is a testimony to how deep their love for their child is. Having said that, my 2nd though is: what went wrong man? Genetic? Probably.. make them more susceptible. Environment? Definitely. I'd say their surroundings play a big role in shaping them, through experiences and human interactions (like maybe kena rejected by girls huh), and making a relation with the same sex more appealing and viable. However, the impression i get from reading their blog entries is that they, or at least one of em, don't view themselves as gays. Like got this part both of em were wearing similar clothings during CNY and one guy commented that he was afraid others' reaction would be: "So gay". Butt.. if they're not gay, then WTH are they? Semi-G? G for gay. Identity crisis man. IMH sure have a bright future ahead.

Last but not the least, i'm wondering what would LJH's 1st reaction be if he read the blog. I could think of 3 very possible words that come out of his mouth. I guess most likely it would either be: CB or WTF.. Then there's still NBCB, name after a popular ride in Hong Kong's Ocean Park. lol. What's your take?


The end is near!!

The results of the 2005 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Examination will be released on Wednesday, 1 March 2006. Courtesy of Koh Ying^2.

Song bo..


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tsk.. so vulgar ar, ljb.. lol.

Entry title: Swee Keat and faggots- what's the diff?

It appears that our beloved and intimate brother lim swee keat has become an ardent anti-gay. What a great loss it is to the brotherly love forged in the past 2 years. It seems like you would have to fork out more than $100 for his pillow now.. lol.

Anyway, the link to the fag blog is invalid. Maybe kena censored already? lol. What a perverted world. But talking about homosexuality, it appears that their female counterparts are generally not that condemned right? Maybe b'cos i'm a guy, hence i find fags more disturbing. Perhaps girls will think otherwise? Koh Ying, your sec school got les right? How you find em.. fun?

Just remembered an album i bought 6 years ago.. Eminem's The Marshall Mathers. Probably the guy who popularised the usage of 'faggot' in Singapore. I highly recommend it to all anti-fags out there.

Alright, time to go listen to the songs. Haven't played em for a long long time. Kill You, Real Slim Shady, Under the Influence etc.. Suitable for all audience.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

end of the world. fark u gays.

I'm convinced. the world is coming to an end. more on that later.. a fitting time to use purple font here..

some interesting pics..

Yeah, i know it's kinda hard to turn ur head 180degrees to see this pic.

another pic to bring us to my intended talking point...

yeah yeah..the plaudits keep raving abt how good that movie is all that.. keep the accolades flowing, do expect a future trend of homosexual-themed movies in the works. but this is SO WRONG! all right.. u can say till the cows come home that wad our society is liberal, should be open-minded... all that stuff. sounds nothing wrong eh? V WRONG. you don't know the extent of the wrong-ness until u really see them in action..their words etc.

the power of the gays is so under-estimated in our society. u think they're just a small community lurking elsewhere never to cross paths with you eh? V WRONG.

don't believe u just go to their forums are bursting with horny gays man. u just imagine how disgusting is that.. they talk openly abt pcc-ing openly to other guys' pic all that.. wah...damn.. v v sinful. i guess a straight can never fully understand their mentality & behaviour man. gives u the creeps. wait till u find out ur best guy friend is a gay, keep fantasizing abt you... or as a parent, ur son is gay. has a bf... then i think u'll really worry.

the world is doomed. perverts and gays are going to roam and rule the planet.
did i tell the story of me going onto mIRC and getting a ridiculous $100 offer for a used pillow before? it's damn sicko lah..still ask got smell/odour anot? use how long all that? to me, this is much more worse than those buying used female underwear off ebay or something.

to end this entry, i gonna leave you with one v v SALACIOUS blog. lol.. confirm let u open ur eyes big big.

A Juicy Site

*** PS: the previous link not working 'cos the "couple" intimate pics invited alot of flaming.. cos they go set password lah.. delete the blog.. but Google cached it.. i've updated the link.

one's a 18yr old Nafa student, the other's a 21 yr old NSF. damn sick. dunnoi wonder how their parents managed to come to terms with their dysfunctional relationship man... kissing in clubs, making house visits to each others' relative place passing off as gd buddies.. and taking all those freaking gay photos together...

it's a world we'll never understand..

PS: i'm beginning to hate this blog template.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

rez? no link!

Life after work.. Hmm..

Was watching this show on discovery channel yesterday, about some top 10 most bizzare relationship between organisms. Got 1 particularly disgusting one is about this underwater parasite (looks like a big cockroach) with its fish host. It swims into the fish's mouth and attaches to its tongue.. it then sucks away the blood till the tongue effectively becomes non-existent. No tongue= cannot swallow food= death(fish). Normally you would expect the parasite to leave and search for another host right? No!! It becomes the fish's 'tongue', helps the fish to consume food so that it itself will get a free source of food and thrive too. Sick. Luckily it doesn't attack human, otherwise next time we'll need to gag our mouth before taking a dip into the sea.

In other news, my mum was nagging at me about preparing stuff for NS. It feels like having houseflies hovering around both your ears at the same time. Or like a bird pooped on you... and you didn't win 4D, Toto or whatever. It was downright irritating. There's no way anyone could, at that instance, appreciate the good intention. It's only after the whole thing has passed, with the benefit of hindsight, then could we understand and appreciate their efforts. Am i right?

So i guess i better start packing.. starting with finding my enlistment letter. lol. Only know i should bring an extra set of PT kit (is that what you call em), and lots of toiletpaper. Have i missed out anything? Haha.


(P.S. LJB, what time are you enlisting?)

Monday, February 20, 2006

resurrection. -.-"

Ooh lala..

recently online alot of news eh? lol.. alot of stories flying abt.. tsk tsk. i'm sure u all will also know what i'm talking about.. the hot topic right now... other than the GE of course. the ruling party always sibei wad one.. everytime election time out of a sudden, your complaints and grievances to the Town Council, govt ministries all that SUDDENLY v responsive and efficient one. lol..

and alot of sweeteners. too bad we're not 21. but i think ns men get 100 is it? then after serve complete got a few more hundred..that's what i heard. free money also nubbad. altho' i can earn more than that easily. on a roll recently man. hope the run continues.

u'll be amazed they nv give the same name to this budget handouts one... Economic Restructuring Shares (ERS), New Singapore Shares (NSS) all that...

And, the NBA All-Star weekend has just came and went. nubbad, the match. high scoring as usual, alot of tricks and alley-hoops. but the scoreline looked rather suspect also though, if u consider that at HT West were up by 17 points, and in 3rd Q largest lead was 21pts. and bloody them just let East catch up. the likes of Nash, T-Mac, Kobe, Duncan & Yao surely better imo. the Detroit quartet were average only.. but if i'm Prince i'll be damn sian. initially the players were kinda letting T-Mac dominating the play with more points 'cos after all hometown heroes are usually highly favoured for the MVP. 36 for him.

but apparently this guy was bent on grabbing the headlines.

Lebron was impressive to say the least. his 3 pts was zhun and his driving layup damn aggressive as usual. makes u forget he's only 21. against all this big boys who're best in the business. nubbad.

back to online stuff. recently i reading more stuff. by now you all should have known of the infamous Nigerian scams right.. funny as it might be, but this is no joke cos i heard a handful of Singaporeans had gone missing after receiving the mail and flew abroad to open wad farking acc. gullible but then, you can't blame them since the Nigerians are seasoned fraudsters.


some of them are still nO0bs. reallly noobs. just refer to this link. read thru it. it's not v long and damn farnie.

the thread i chanced upon...

the follow up link: (view this only after the first link)

the following pictures..

nothing scary. nothing to be afraid of. but I can guarantee you'll laugh till peng.

alot of more similar stories in this site.. too many.. but go read if u're bored online. lol. the dedicated site to all this punk'd nigerians can be found at 419 eater.

lol..ok. how was that?

leave u all with another farnie old joke.

Let's Learn English with Bush and Rice

damn farnie also..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

refractions. lol.

Hello. How have things been going for you guys? All fine i hope. Refreshing to see someone apart from swee and i posting an entry... though it sounds like ljh has been brainwashed by army propaganda. lol~ Just joking.

Some random crap: I suddenly thought about LJH in the 'teaser' pic in one my earlier entries, taken in Hong Kong.. then i realised that if he has dark skin, then LJH seriously look like a nigger. lol. He has got the build, height, facial features.. Somemore during the HK trip, he wore this hooded jacket. Put all these together and add some diamond earring and thick gold chain, i'm sure you can picture him as those neighbourhood punk nigger that you see in GTA right? lol.

Alright.. No more crap for today. My ingrown toenail is getting too painful to ignore. Suddenly i'm contemplating the once unthinkable option of going thru the nail removal operation again. But if i rmb correctly, it took about 2-3 weeks to recover.. liddat how to train running.. and NS sure kena one. Hmm. Gotta ponder over it.



somehow... NS is about the lesson of life, more than learning how to fight and defend your motherland.

something that really struck me in the two weeks of confinement cum field camp period was just how often do we actually learn to cherish the nitty grittys around us? how often do we realise the virtue of selflessness? and how often do we really appreciate the company of others?
six days in the outfield, in the sun, in the mud, in the heart of nature. no showers... just powder baths; no warm, fresh and cooked food but green ration packs and biscuits; candles and torches to find your way in the darkness... groundsheets in place of your bed.

and then u start to understand.

how wonderful a routine shower could be. how maggi mee could become a delicacy and how amazingly comfortable lying on your own bed could possibly get. never in my life have i realised how bright the moonlight actually was till then. beautiful it turned out to be.

and as we got dirty, smelly, itchy, shagged and most significant of all got screwed together as a platoon by the commanders who seemed more like mother-fuckers than ever, we are most glad we could be in this shit together.
glad that we could share our complaints; glad that we could sit down under the tree to talk cock in case we start missing home; glad that we have someone to exchange the ration packs with to avoid eating the same inedible menu everyday; glad that we have someone to hold the torchlight as we fill our bottles in the dark; glad that we all belong to the same "anti-sergeants" party; glad that we have someone to sing and cheer together with as the route march gets tiring; glad that we have someone as company to go pee in the vegetation in case anything unthinkable happens...

so glad that "no man is an island" rings true.

we shall learn to appreciate, cherish and be contented. learn to respect, to give so as to take from others.

so that at the end of the day, we shall learn to be a better man.

Friday, February 17, 2006


hmm.. thought should post recently.

Surprisingly, Singapore recently doesn't seem to be the crime-free haven anymore eh?
just last week or so got armed robbery for the 3k toto money. then 2 days ago Serangoon got murder case somemore.. surely is some business feud one, considering the line the deceased was in. then just ytd got a pregnant lady stabbed.. kinda disheartening.

abt the grandpa who robbed the toto money, i think damn bo hua and v not worth it for him. he's not stupid, cos he knew with his age and slower legs, he couldn't go rob a bank or wad. go mug those auntie auntie figures surely easier..what's more with the toto hongbao season still in full swing then. money sure gao gao one. who knew now.... that he's gonna face the mandatory death sentence for a paltry 3k... sure damn sian one.

and oh yeah... i read the ads..McDonald's milkshake is back.. lol..for this month only. maybe u crave for it can go try.

the other day, i was watching this campus superstar show repeat telecast on the weekend.. realised the vj girl acty sung v well. and got one kiddo called Adriano Huang.

WAHAHAHAHAHA. laugh ur hearts out man.

reminds me of my sec sch.. got one senior named Owen one.. v v weird. if got ppl named Adriano in his birth cert then... i really nuttin to say man. Nxt time i also must choose a styl0-milo name for my children.. Del Piero Lim. the best liao. lol..think of few more, let u guys in the future also can use ok? Filipo Tan Inzaghi, Socrates Ng Ah Huat, ... lol.

acty also hardly surprising..SG ppl like to use all these inspiring-esque, totally smack of angmoh flavour names like wad Cristiano lah.. Donovan lah etc.

after all u see all those illustrious figures in history.. names also action packed one. ancient times got Napoleon..then u see all those dictators also got nice names.. like Chile's Augusto Pinochet. the last name abit..intriguing right? like his character v v deep lidat. modern times also got a few... George Soros also somehow. Soros Soros. like some v great man lidat. shows that to make ur mark in life, die die must have a powerful powerful name so that awe-inspiring mah.. lol.

but one name can try.. nice sounding and not too over. Diego. v latin and swee.

and on a final note, wx are we supposed to receive another letter for ns? guidelines on what to expect etc...? think haf right? left 3weeks nia still no news leh..

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

long time no post.

happy v'dae.

suddenly forgot wad i want to say also. nvm.. u all think if GE we all can come out? right should have public holiday..then army can come out.. wasted yet of voting age. my aljunied grc like hotly contested..not bad. acty have u all wondered wad ur parents always vote for? lol..previous GE my constituency walkover cos the silly Workers' party fill form also fill until got problem. how to be our MP? lol... but they are mad man..go challenge Ang Mo Kio. challenge the almighty PM. if he lose we ish can go bang wall already.

mission impossible lah. head of govt lose his own GRC? if lidat, malaysia press sure have a field day man.. report until di siao siao. lol... the danish comics saga caused one paper to tio suspend.. farnie siah. acty, to say a fair word. i dun think it's fair to judge the Scandinavian country over this issue. those arab countries attack embassy, burn flag. but to say a fair word, Denmark is one of the most advanced, higher living standard country.. and most impt of all, it's v cooperative and helpful on the int. front. it donates to humanitarian aid alot. and those environmental concerns they take v seriously all that one.. kyoto protocol all that only a handful of them fulfilled their targets way below their limits.. when the damn usa also heck. do abit things nia so high profile.. heard the recent movie Jarhead sux..war movie no war scenes.. all focus on a war that was never really fought well.. is Bush Sr's time one.. not the ongoing Iraqi occupation.

btw, i dun think the results will be out this fri leh.. till now still no news? abit long liao leh.. my cousin teaching at HCI didn't quite believe me when i told her is fri.. she believes next week.

came across a few videos recently. farnie ones. i think rather farnie really.. abt CJC students one. see them so sibei havoc..v fun. the single ride to hell at the stairs looks easy but acty quite scary... cos sec sch i tried something similar b4... damn fast one. machiam roller coaster ride so thrilling also man.. esp if topple over the two people one sure injured until jialat jialat one.. think i'll try to embede the video from youtube into here...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day is right round the corner.. Have you bought the gifts yet? No!? Then this special promotion is just for you! As part of its 3Rs programme (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), SGH is now selling fresh flowers to the public at cutthroat price! So hesitate no further, hop over now to Blk 9 in SGH (the one with the coldest air-con) and get your bouquet or wreath now!

Please take note: The above promotion is fiction... or is it? I seriously dunno.

Haha. And if you still don't have a clue what Blk 9 actually is.. well, let's just say that a lot of people in those black-and-white pictures on the newspapers have probably stayed there for a while.. This reminds me, during worktime a guy actually came and asked for directions to Blk 9. We were a bit stunned (cos no one knows as nobody asks), then we asked him for what purpose. His reply: interview. Applying for dream job huh? lol. Anyone of you interested? Sylvia perhaps? lol.

Hmm.. Typing this piece of crap certainly helps relieve some boredom. But if things continue to get worse, i may need to take a cue from LJH and call the LJB's "lonely hearts" hotline. lol. Gay.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

For all despos

Wah, Koh Ying Ying must have a lot of free time to be a despo for blog update. Must be left your fun-filled and exciting admin job alr right? lol.

Anyway, i'll also be leaving my job at SGH too. Have already served my 2 weeks notice, and will be working till next Sat. That'll leave me with about 2.5 weeks left to slack around and enjoy before enlistment with LJB.

Come to think of it, my work at SGH may not have enriched me financially but i'd say that it has accomplished what i had intended for it to do, that's to gain exposure to the society and to develop a broader mindset. This job really exposes you to all sort of people, especially to those who don't think on the same frequency as me such as the elderly, the bad-tempered, the lunatics (e.g. one-dollar man), those that received little education, those from lesser social background and of course, those with high social status. It's very different from my schooling days, where apart from my days in a neighbourhood primary school, i'm mostly surrounded by people who come from the same echelon in society with a similar education background and hence think on a common bandwidth. In addition, b'cos i'm an employee of the hospital, i'm obliged to uphold the good name of the hospital. Hence my hands are tied when dealing with visitors, no insult, no sarcasm, no finger gestures, no dialect "rhymes"... In a nutshell, i'm deprived of my fundamental reactions. Though sometimes i'd be tempted to tell some drivers that they're dumb by making a 'where's your brain?' gesture, i cannot. Everything has to be settled in a diplomatic and cordial manner. That's it of cos, if they don't cross the line themselves. This is somewhat similar to UN peacekeeping troops' plight- you don't shoot till you get shot at. But then again, it'd ultimately look bad on us (the employees) if we also stoop to their level and whack them.. even if we win.

Hmm, there's a lot of things i can talked about regarding my job but time, or rather, sleep (afternoon nap) is of the essence. So i shall end up with a short intro of some of my more 'interesting' colleagues at work. And of cos, i've came up with nicknames for most of em.. lol.

The Philospher- This malay colleague of mine who is in his 40s. Dunno which frequency his brain is tuned to seriously. English from his mouth sounds like some alien language. Like to talk about ways of life, morals, behaviour (hence the nickname), and he chats non-stop. Got once he was telling me that next time i should go set up a restaurant, then a fish farm, like in M'sia or Indonesia(to supply the rest.), then expand to more branches, blah blah. Heard from an ambulance driver that when he was a medic on the ambulance, no driver could tahan him more than 1 week. After that, they all take MC or leave when they know they'll kena him.

The Word-Player- Same age as us, from NYJC. Like what the nick suggested, likes to play around with words. That's apparently his sense of humour, which appeals to no-one except him. Got once my friend says he's an herbivore (cos he's a vegetarian), then his reply was: "No, i'm a his-bivore". Get it? Ultimate sia. Houseman canteen changed to house-woman canteen. Funny hor???? Almost never fails to laugh at his own 'jokes'. Behaviour also a bit pushy. Another colleague of mine has alr pointed them out to him, but guess it all ended up on deaf ears. There's a time when we were discussing whether was he an outcast in his class. We reached a similar conclusion. Personally, i'd say he has the potential to surpass even Zhao Geng himself.

Teo- That's his surname actually, not a nickname. Looks a bit like humpty dumpty and is the most funny person in the whole department though he's alr in his 50s. A bit sex-deprived and his mind a bit corrupted but that're what make him funny. Like for example during a break, his water bottle was leaking and someone pointed in his direction and said: "hey teo, leaking". Guess what his reaction was: He hurriedly look down, at his pants (groin area), then say: "Where? Where?" Then after the whole thing, he said: "wah, don't scare me". Priceless. lol.

That's the end. Hope this will entertain you despos out there for a while.

Nap time. Zzzz..


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A lvl

O lvl results coming out this fri..

A lvl probably in another week's time, maximum 2.

All the fear, anxiety and pressure are resurfacing again.. Think i'm more pressurised now than anytime during my 2 yrs in jc. Haa. Must be payback time huh.

Hopefully none of us would have to cry over split milk.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

penalty shootout madness

wow wow wow. the face says it all. the African Nations Cup threw up a stunner in the Q-finals stage.
Cameroon and Ivory Coast drew 0-0 in regulation time, 1-1 in extra time and it was down to the russian roulette of penalty shootout.

when was the last time u rmb kick pk until one round of 11 players in the team all taken one? and somemore is all kicks went in that type. keeper lousy? lol.. can't really say so also. siao siao. first time i see keeper against keeper for 2 consecutive kicks. must be really kan cheong for them.

but alas, the Barcelona man missed the 12th kick and ballooned over the bar.

Drogba scored the final, winning penalty to make it 12-11 for the Elephants.

this type of thing no joke man. matter of life and dead literally. those africans also so avid and passionate about their game, Eto'o must be seen as a sinner right now.

You can do all the things right but you miss the penultimate kick then bye bye man.

dun forget the Colombian player Escobar got shot after he scored an own goal in the World Cup finals in France 98.

and also, the infamous "Football War" in 1969. El Salvador in central america declared war on honduras after a hostile match triggered the bad blood between the two countries all this while. funny enough, it ended just 4 days later.

the world is mad. football becomes their life. siao ginna.

Friday, February 03, 2006

i not stupid too

After watching this movie, i think it has touched many raw nerves with teenage & student life in Singapore. initially i dismissed this as another of Jack Neo's movies. but glowing reviews somehow made me decide to catch this local production anyway. surprisingly, i think i've caught almost all of his movies man. LiangPoPo, moneynoenough, inotstupid all that. i think only Na Ge Bu Gou i didn't watch. but saw it on tv.

back to inotstupidtoo. nice pun on the name. his next movie also plays with 'law' and 'lor'. and fann wong is getting a 6-figure sum for appearing in it. lol.. one's reputation and curriculum vitae surely does precede one eh? Hollywood? as if we care.

this movie has lotsa heartwrenching sub-stories and the plot is written rather well. today's Life even had a full page dedicated to it. i think it will need a rather unfeeling person to not be touched by the scenes... perhaps i can relate to it more.. that's why i feel more for it.

the most shen ru ming xin part to me ish not the $500 buy 1hr or wad.
is the scene revolve arnd the cheng cai boy and his dad. seeing how he hit his boy.. wah.. power. nice acting there.. then after that... his last breath.. sad sad.

but one of the more i relate to is the tom guy tio caught with pornographic vcd and the ensuing scuffle and public caning. well, this one reminds me of sec1 man... not that i also bring such stuff to sch.. but i remember my best bud then Samuel and me v mischievious.. see the relief teacher in front abit easy to bully lidat.. then we haf some fun. eat tic-tac... then sibei gei siao. go write stuff on the box.. like "Viagra", then throw it across the width of the classroom cos we sitted on opposite sides u see. Samuel go draw a hairy male genital on the box.. then throw back return to me.. we both sides the surrounding classmates also got do stuff.. like lesson too boring. then fold hearts.. paper cranes..write stupid msg in.. put in box.. throw throw.. until the teacher caught us. it was damn shitty lah.

we knew we were in trouble cos the teacher passed the box to our then on course form teacher.. damn strict one.. we got into trouble alot of times with her liao.. even made us sign those declaration form b4 that if we get into any further trouble prior to the incident we must bear all the consequences liao.. kinda harsh to 13 year olds eh? previous incidents include got once is we a group of boys play with water bottles the squirt thing after sch in class.. make the whole floor wet wet. suey suey tio caught by the sibei ngiao Mrs George.

then in the end my form teacher threatened to let the Discipline Master (DM) handle the issue.. then words like suspension.. expulsion all that came out from her mouth.. Samuel n me were scared stiff lah. 'cos dhs reputation is no pray pray with u one.. just the year when we entered dhs already heard got sec2 boys tio expel cos they play the dhs tradition game of "opening" (in Mandarin) and unzip the boys pants all that.. like vs play jack lidat lah..somehow all these got sexual sexual stuff.. sure tio daiji. teacher then demanded to meet our parents.... tsk. our friends not involved also damn worried for us.. still rmb few girls like camy, ying chun all cry cry.. really magnified the entire issue siah..

that night i phoned Samuel and we two bared our hearts out man.. i still rmb till now.. cos while one talked, the other played the role of the listener.. and we were rather guilty of our actions. both of us dun dare to break the news to our parents. like v letdown if we really kenna the worst scenario of expulsion or wad.. seems silly but sec1 say gong ish gong one mah.

then we talked on the phone till like can sense both our voices abit shaky liao.. almost 1hr convo iirc. in the end somehow the issue blew over as the form teacher say she wash her hands off our class man.. then imagine our sueyness when we realised she'll still be our form teacher for sec2 (we dun change class in lower sec u see..)

ahh.... that's why. the movie's great. makes u think. ponder over why things are lidat. there's something wrong with this entire rat race and education system. is life supposed to be like this in the first place? v vast difference when i compare to my friends who migrated back to SG from abroad.. rmb my p2 classmate Dale, he say Down Under no exams siah.. that time i heard liao i was damn stunned back then at that age. not say exams no gd.. but u can just imagine how life is elsewhere..

gd movie. sets u thinking and leaves you with a tingling after taste..
wah..i talked so much.. in retrospect, all these memories are priceless man.. make up ur childhood. like how i once "fought" with edgar then tio punished stand out principal office during break when we were already like p4. lol....damn farnie, thinking of it now. those were the days.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

2020. it will be goodbye once again. back to the wretched island.

somehow more so than ever, i long to be missed.
by someone.
yesterday was nice, but a heart-wrenching conclusion it was to be.
a feeling of emptiness and loss.
and a struggle it would be to live with it.
for the half-a-month ahead, or perhaps longer than that.

as someone has put it, "an officer and a river separates lovers".
to boys and girls in love... how so true can this be... wish i could know.
to me, i say reminiscence of the beautiful days i once had.
but yet beautiful.

so as we get down tough and dirty once again,
and listen to the sound of planes soaring above our heads...
messengers they are to me,
calling for the remembrance of wonderful memories...
telling me how well my loved ones are back home.

and from this i shall garner strength,
to push on.
for the ones i cherish.
for brighter days ahead.

midweek roundup

ARGH. frustrating after thoughts but what a match.

I was there to witness Agger's debut.
there to see Gerrard score his 18th goal in the season.

There to see Fowler make his emphatic return. the noise and cheers from the crowd even as he warmed up on the touchline could send a tinge down ur spine.

bloody hell, but to their credit, birmingham did well too. 10 men but nv panicked.
the dreaded equalizer came in the form of a silly own goal by Alonso. damn. really damn. first goal conceded since chelsea's win here. birm becomes the 2nd team to breach our defence at the anfield fortress. i feel for him, after seeing how he tried to atone for his mistake by curling a top corner freekick only to be thwarted by maik taylor the birm keeper.

I swore i jumped when Fowler "scored" that overhead kick. reminiscent of his goal in the 3-2 win over Charlton some years back to secure us a CL spot in the Treble winning season eh? too bad offside. damn again. Didn't get all 3 points, but at least the spirit we had was more than comforting. Chelsea at Stamford bridge next. damn damn damn.

Mourinho's men dropped points. i got feeling their "blip" that never came last season has finally materialized. chelsea no longer the mean blue machine churning out results week after week. trailing more often, such as to sunderland.. then drew against everton last weekend and now this draw. bodes well for the others eh?

Henry broke the all-time goalscoring record for the Gunners. but too bad. still lose in this London derby against West Ham. was kinda surprised to see them trailing 2-0 at home early on man. tot livescore playing punk. and of course, how can we forget our dear man utd.

kesmond, u were right. man u is suck cock ay, not i say one eh. 'cos we were chatting b4hand and he made that remark.. true it proved to be. man u was down 4-1 man. 4-1. wad a disgrace. tot can rest RVN lidat. dream on man, fergie. ur fledglings all cmi one. rotate and u shall die. see lah, lose 4-3. boohoohoo~ song boh?

the so called big 4 all failed to clinch all 3 points. a rarity these days. jinhan, i'm sure u got watch man u's woeful display right? wahaha... i shall go sleep with a smirk on my face.. . it could have been sweeter man.. if not for the 88th min o.g. damn.