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Sunday, May 28, 2006

POP lo


We're almost 6 mths into 2006.. Wow. Till now, i still can't cease to be astounded by how time flies. Anyway, shall let you have a glimpse on what's been happening to me for the past week or so.

On thurs, my coy had viper night.. which is essentially our own recruit's night. It started in whiskey's lecture room, where we were entertained with performances from each of the platoons. Needless to say, the performanes included mimicking of our commanders which were rather funny.. especially the part on our CSM (who was conspicuously absent).

Haha. Oh, there was this performance that took on Mr Bean, titled Recruit Bean. (Hmm, the title sounds very inspirational huh). But My God, that indian performer looks exactly like a darker replica of mr bean, and he made all the same spastic sounding noises and all the retarded antics. And the performance begun in the same way as the real Mr Bean show.. The lights were off, then suddenly there was this "thump" sound and a spot light was shone to reveal the actor laying face down on the stage.. to stimulate Mr Bean falling down and a beam of light shining on him. Haha. What a novelty. Although personally, i think a better title for the performance would be Coffee Bean (though some in the audience suggested Black Bean).. :)

After that, we had F&B at our training shack where the food were all catered by the muslim canteen store. They earned a small windfall that night man.. The food itself was already delicious, but i guess the setting makes it even more enjoyable. That meaning Ulyssus coy sending arms just 10 metres away. Haha.. Too bad! Following the night snack was a movie screening back in the lecture room, which was probably the worst part of the night. I wonder if any of you heard of/ seen the movie "Kung Pow"? If you haven't, don't!! That was arguably the lousiest movie i ever watched, with zero storyline and a sense of humour that appeals only to little kids or those with similar mentality. Heard there's a "Kung Pow 2" out there.. Hmm.. Looks like the kids' market is rather large eh.

2 days later we had our IPPT. mm.. which i failed. Hahaha. What's new huh? But it's not all bad, only SBJ couldn't make it. Got a pass for 2.4, which is a major achievement considering i haven't passed it since time immemorial. Haha. Then the rest all at least silver. I'm most happy with my chin-ups. 4 days before IPPT i only managed 5.. Then i decided to follow my friend's technique which emphasises a different grip and posture. Piang eh, now maybe can do 10. Hopefully i can master SBJ technique before the re-IPPT. However, all my commanders keep saying that it's hard to get into OCS with just an IPPT pass.. so dunno whether i shd retake the whole thing during the retest.

And that is just about all the major events in the past week.. Excluding my confinement.. Haha, where there's nothing much to talk about. Eat, sleep, go annex room play then book out. This coming tuesday is the drill squad competition lo. In my opinion, viper's squad is rather mediocre most of the time. But am praying that we'll be able to create history and squeeze into the top 3. Ya, viper has never ever gotten into the top 3. The previous batch got 2nd bottom?!?

So wish us all the best!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

new beginning

Thats it. end of air force service term. moving on to the professional term after nine weeks in OCS. and my new abode? the air force school in paya lebar.

hmmm feels like a new beginning really. life in the air force has been a change of culture. call it slack if u want, if you have deemed the exclusion of army-style tekaning sessions and getting unnecessarily shagged out as equivalent to slacking. whatever it is, whats in store for me in the pro term will definitely not be a walk in the park. SOCs, route marches, outfield deployment exercises, FBOs, man-packing... ADA is the infantry of air force afterall eh. so perhaps after the seven weeks of "lax-jax" in service term, i will grow to love my long four SBO and helmet once again. ha.

tough training makes tougher man... wish i wouldnt end up complaining at the end of the day. afterall, i want to be crying on the day of commisioning to be honest. to shed tears of joy... and savour the sense of accomplishment after the really tough days you have been through. if the going doesnt get tough, no way will you relish the joy of completing the whole process when that golden bar gets affixed on your shoulder. that will be a pity no doubt.

so bring it on baby. let me be battered and torn :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006


It was long. But a short wait.

the week and Medical Centre visit i meant respectively.

it started off brightly, with the FA Cup ours once more.

tough to slack all in one week. my first and only visit to PTMC and everything changed.

I like this quote particularly well...

"A defiant chorus of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' began to ring around the stadium as four minutes of stoppage time were announced.

As at half time in Istanbul the classic from Carousel was not being sung in anticipation of victory, it was a symbol of the fans devotion to their team in the face of what appeared to be impending defeat.

They should have known better....."

'Steven Gerrard.'

one name said it all.

training was getting tougher...schedule packed and stuff.. then Friday was the turning point.

at least completed my 16km road march on Thursday with my platoon mates.. it was fun.. we were fast. chiong under 3hrs & returned at 7 even before nightfall like how v and ulysses did... end up all blisters and abrasions, now all walking ba long long.

we kinda like road marches. sing, clap, make some real noise all the way. too bad no more 24 for me..

sent arms for hopefully, not the last time as POP on 060606 beckons. we would want to join in, both jy and me.

yea, u should have guessed it by now.

I'm not gonna be posted to a combat vocation... PES C life awaits.

byebye to MP interview. it was a decent vocation. i mean, at least it was something i looked forward to.

and i, as much as i was reluctant to, wasted the slot.

Mixed feelings. Guess many would envy the life i lead now. But kid me not, it's getting boring after just my first day in office. Filled with regrets, but if really tahan the knee pain until unit.. dunno what will happen also.. but, why can't the MO ask whether i want to downgrade anot? instead of just make me sign the forms... lucky oc say can write memo to them... put on hold..if not later kena recourse i really sian 1/2.

I kinda miss the chiong sua days... it's sad to downgrade, listening to Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" kinda made it worst.

No one will understand.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Jiao bin ar jiao bin.. zai na ni..

lol. Sian 1/2. Hmm.. Let's see.. Relatively long weekend to enjoy this week. Relatively.

Just saw the nus' letter yesterday. Got admitted into nus' engineering. My 1st choice was bioengineering. Oh well.. But i'll have another shot at majoring in bioeng at the end of the 1st year, provided that my results are good. So i guess i'll probably take up their offer. Say, i haven't heard from you guys about your uni applications outcome. So what course are you all taking up ar?

And i just found out my hotmail account has been de-activated, cos i never log in for at least 30 days. Hmm.. time sure flies. lol.

And... I left my handphone in tekong. So pls contact me via other channels if there's a need to. Thank you.

Anddd... back to army stuff. Guess what.. i tio platoon I/C since tues. Then on that day, the commanders found an empty cigarette box on our level. The culprit didn't own up and the platoon kena.. (But apparently the commanders alr knew who he was and they later confined him)"Platoon integrity". But i'd say there's a limit to everything. It's the 2nd time that smoker committed that offence. He's just that kind of self-centred guy who don't give a hoot about others. If it was up to me, i'd charge him and make him learn the painful way.

And finally, back to WoW.

Good day to you.


Friday, May 12, 2006


ok... this blog abit dying.. need someone to help revive.. u all post more if possible lah... simi lan also can post. dun tell me u all at ocs/sispec/bmt or where also can share experiences mah.. or talk abt ur uni course decision-dilemma lor...

turned out that Aljunied didn't fall to the 'dark side' as feared.. lol.. do expect the electoral boundaries to get refixed all over man.. gerrymandering they call it. it was narrow and a Bridg.Gen almost lost his job. woot. to think that our beloved 'mandate-wanting' leader also sweat abit that his constituency not a walkover as expected over the kamikaze squad.

the Opposition is definitely gaining more credibility. or shld i say more specifically, the 'West Ham' team. lol.. Liverpool gonna face them later tomorrow in FA Cup final.. at least on Sat still can watch buey pai liao...

this may get abit sensitive. but i shall try to convey the idea in a most subtle manner, or call it insinuation if u must.

A certain dynasty spanning 2 generations (or maybe 3, but heard the young dragon now out of course in ocs le... but hell, u can confer him the next Brig.Gen also no one dares raise an eyebrow) has its roots firmly entrenched in a city state's politics and interestingly, decided within the party to send the previous predecessor to go tolong the candidates in opposition territory.. somehow the campaigning remarks got out of hand.. comments like who's too old for wad etc....and the poor chap's reputation was somewhat hit.

On the superficial level, to some ppl, it was perceived that Lao Goh was losing it. But if u do look in depth, it was more or less a planned move.

By the shrewd and clever duo no less, if u get what i mean. hope you do. for at least, this is more of wad politics is all about. it's a shady scene man.

lol.. i shared this with my mum and she was like, 'yeah hor'.

ok... jump to another smaller scale topic.. the Sitest.. my fren kenna bitten by centipede.. lol... damn suey. at night sleeping in his basha at 3am.. was awoken by the bugger on his face near the eye, pulled it off with his bit his face..and abit of his palm.. it stung and burnt like hell.. then his right eye teared until next morning when we wake up for fast march.. he go medic also give some panadol, painkillers-type to relieve abit pain nia.. which wasn't helpful at all. he said it felt really painful... certainly something u wouldn't want to try..luckily the 'numbness' didn't spread to other parts of the face and body..otherwise need go MO or even airlift u via Super Puma like 2 weeks ago one recruit lidat liao..

and platoon 4 gan pua suey..all either xiong like medic...or senang like signal. but nubbad lah..some other details our signal pl. mates got volunteer to help carry the stretcher pack for some stations... acty the sitest is nothing xiong.. those who fall out is bcos between stations double up until wan to die already.. if navigator lead wrong route then is really hong gan liao. plus the umpteen arti drills (some only got 2 for 2 days, freaking hell.. to a massive 15 for 2 days for some suey details) that entails u to prone..then faster come up with that bloody pack and chiong again.. lol.. leopard crawl another diff story liao.

ditto for grenade throw. i think we nearly create a record of sorts. whole coy only 1 blind. but abit suey that is from our platoon. we wrap up the entire thing by 2pm, instead of the scheduled 5pm. i was one of the lucky few to witness the c4 explosion though. nubbad.

now all major events over.. same for viper also.. more time for pt liao.. jialat.. also more boring. like thursday bookout day, it went like '60-120, with the 275m SR...then BCCT (more like knock-it-down session then AGR in late afternoon b4 booking out at 8pm... only consolation is our batch lotsa long weekends.. nubbad.

WC also coming.. but i guess the short bloc leave is all we have. no more no less. this sorta triggers certain thoughts in you... like how it goes in the route march song.

"Have you ever wondered...Why must we serve...?"

"B'cos we haf no choice... and we lan lan have to serve, have to serve... yeah!"

Friday, May 05, 2006

election fever hots up

lol...We are the Champions? bloody hell, keep listening to the entire cluster sing this song as they come back from field camp or sitest in viper's case on their respective tonners... bloody hell.. weekend burn one day.. hope i dun kena wad medic or demo... be navigator take compass+map or claymore can liao.. take the stretcher fast march ain't fun with in ur fbo..

one last day to the big day. GE.

u know it's the TIME when friday night bookout go pasir ris mrt also can see Teo Chee Hean sitting on a wooden stool at the entrance of the subway station, with his lackeys..erm, team of capable individuals i mean, in toll. Apparently, i heard he hurt his foot or sth on an overseas leisure trip some time back?no disrespect or wadever to the incumbent defence minister...

my section mates were saying..let's go up and ask, is it possible to scrap NS? lol...imagine that. and we were drifting along the lines of...hmm, maybe hor, if the Opposition overthrows the ruling party...maybe our NS suffering will be cut short man? abolish NS? wah shiok. lol.. dreams they shall remain. talking cock keeps us in high spirits mah. like how our PS jokingly made us keblakang puseng on our way to the ferry terminal.. cos we were singing the..."today is our bookout day, bookout...bookout.. no more soc, no more ippt, no more sgt tekan me..... " then PS took over.. then he led us in singing "Today is our book in in" hahahz..we were laughing like mad.. but it was in jest lah.. only march less than 10m then turn back again...

yea... abt the GE. such events are only once every 6 years.. yeah, so do cherish see them act out the entire wayang..and go thru the motions.

Rockson's blog is quite a good read.. really provides the true insight to what the average joe or ah pek la-ing kopi at the friendly kopitiam if u want in our local context thinks.. PM Lee also quite farnie.. today on the way back on the fastcraft heard his apology of sorts..about using the words "fix" and to a lesser extent, the "buy". was hilarious i must say.

he also said something abt how his son went to the WP's rally with his friends in their uniform after school... and how they cheered after each opposition leader's speech. lol.. and when the dad questioned how about attending a Pap rally, his son said it was too boring..and too logical for his liking..hahaz.. kinda farnie in a way.

too bad this time we're still not 21 yet.. but it's really interesting to watch how the drama unfolds.. this will own all reality tv scripts man.. makes u ponder, is there really a credible dissenting voice in SG? or is the opposition all..merely moles planted there for enhanced effect? now all the giants in SG politics are running all over the island.. lending their voice to boost the contesting PAP candidate for fear that their member cmi... really fair huh? bring ur father, grandfather all come, we also dunno what to say.

after all, in PM's words, we've all been 'bought' over eh? no?

btw, i have to post this.

Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea

Chelsea ?-? Manchester United

tsk tsk.. u know, i know. the scoreline? it shall remain deep buried in ur hearts, shan't shatter the fragile hearts of the few man u fans.. at least when liverpool lost 4-1 early this season, it was bcos they start to chiong after going down..counterattack then tio caught on the fast break.. but hey, at least Gerrard equalized 1 iirc... but tsktsk..last weekend's much hyped title showdown clash was nothing more than one-way traffic.

Monday, May 01, 2006

lol..field camp blues. wx's previous post suggested. the 7days of fun, torture and wetness has finally ended..

the 2 weeks was kinda long.. started with range..then go outfield.. man man.. the gd location of the rubber plantation kinda pulled the wool over our eyes.. into thinking that we're gonna be safe and dry.

hell wrong man.

the drainage there was v v well dug, courtesy of the hard work put in by previous batches.. really can sleep thru'out the rain.. got once 4 hours of heavy downpour also never dampened our high spirits (2nd or 3rd day nia..thus high).

Other than the strong gusts of wind causing a few dead falls right before our eyes, which one even narrowly missed the commanders' tent..damn. it was pretty safe there.. saw lotsa wild boar shit but none of the real creatures in action.

technical break at the oil palm plantation? Horrendous.

it rained like fark.

and it hardly helped that we had to dig our trenches for drainage from scratch..and the pathetic amount of time given was simply, pathetic.

the rain came.

it poured. and poured.

no matter how high ur mud walls or 'dams' if u like, no matter how deep is ur drain, the cold, icy 'teh bing' will show no mercy... when my section mates' basha in front of mine became the first victim... i knew mine would have been the next.

the embankment couldn't hold the water and the rainwater seeped right under our groundsheets beneath us.. and, it overflowed like the merlion fountain for there was a hole in my buddy's groundsheet right in the middle. stupid underwear wet wet song. bloody hell.

we just stood out there with our gortex on, e.t tool in hand, helpless.

justin said now he understood how tsunami victims felt. lol..exaggeration it was, but how true it proved to be.

it freaking hell rained every single day, except for one day at the rubber place.. and the rain is, like, waddfug kind. not the slight drizzle.

but alright, wad's a field camp w/o rain.. our file formation movement+ FCO stuff on the way to the reclaimed land campsite was a memorable one indeed.. being the last platoon.. we waited till late afternoon then the oh-so-familiar rain came again... boots wet, rifle rusty nvm. hahaz..but the farnie part was Choi, my Korean platoon mate..go prone in one 'small' puddle of teh bing.. that turned out to be at my thigh level.. then we kena leopard crawl in the muddy rain.. and the funny thing was, Choi machiam go into swimming pool.. he prone there... the SGT could only saw his head and rifle..the other parts all submerged in the murky water.. lol.. kinda funny i must say.

and the creepy crawlies there were huge.. we encountered a red+green centipede the length from ur wrist to the tip of the middle finger while doing the FCO proning thingy.. until our PS got us to get up..and spiders the size of ur palm on ur SBO, and big fat earthworms the size and thickness of ur pinky finger on Pravin's groin. wahahaha...

it was fun. but tiring..

and recent news... got top jc boy commit suicide cos of genital size issue... i no comments..and the hot topic in town.. the GE.

my constituency happened to be a hot zone.. Aljunied contested by the "Lightning" and "Hammer" (these are their names in Hokkien... from what i learnt from conversing with my grandma...)

You can see the PAP is bent on crushing the opposition, go mobilize all the juggernauts to storm the front, and further tilt the already unlevel playing field. but i must say Workers' Party is kinda decent...whereas i can't say the same for the others.. especially the SDP. everytime chu alot pattern. if they this time can even snag one single seat then we Singaporeans are really doomed man. not the Chee's 2billion dollars qns then is now the NKF defamation suit..

u can feel the tension in the air.. everyday u can hear those lorries and loudhailers blaring their slogans and pleas for ur sacred vote during my bookout..

altho' we aren't of legal age to vote as of yet, but it certainly makes of interesting stuff to watch how the entire thing unfold.. 2001 WP was disqualified due to inconsistencies in their application one minority race cert also cannot gao tim.. hai.

i also dunno wad to say.

but this election is going to be v impt. no by-election strategy, first for the PM, and really does define the future of our opposition.

but also knn. polling day night i must bookin liao..Sitest frm sunday to tues..bloody hell.