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Friday, August 26, 2005


about time... this blog has been stagnant for quite a while sia, luckily ten kept the ball rolling with his... err... belligerent content? chill out man ten.

anyway, this wk has neared its conclusion and woah, wad a week it was. plenty of ups and downs... probably one most reminiscing in the whole of my jc life. to those who are real close to me, you know what i meant :) ron and via, really thanx a lot for ur help... will treat you to something good i promise after A's wadever the outcome.

GP on mon... then a couple of study wks and the real thing! shit man im not prepared. wadever goes into my mind leaks out the next day.... must really mug like dog already. haha... but to share something funny, that day Rong ma came up to me, swee and ten and shared her golden words of advice: " school one not important one la... the As is the real thing ". hahah, not an attitude i will adopt even though there is indeed an extent of truth in it. but anyway, thanx the ever-friendly Rong ma for taking a bit of that burden off at least.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Noise = unwanted sound

Pls don't open your mouth just for the sake of saying something. It will only serve to expose your ignorance, immaturity and foolery.

After all, empty vessels make the most noise.

Are you that desperate for attention? This sure ain't the way... if positive attention is what you're after.

You should know whether you fall into this category.

Just articulating my thoughts, no offense meant.


Friday, August 19, 2005

Month of Horror....

Wooo.....Waah... thought the previous post too long liao, dun cramp everything together.. what's more different topic.. if you didn't understand the previous post one single bit, too bad.

This is one all of us should be able to relate to.

Chanced upon some interesting and rather spooky sites on the Net, good for both destressing & relaxation after mugging and also making yourself all tensed up too.

Make sure you're alone, it's dark at night now and your speakers/headphones on at full blast for the optimal experience...

Guarantee not some lame stuff like face popup then scream..not some crap like car moving clip all that.

Not for the faint-hearted, but not that scary either. But the spooky music sure stimulates a damn realistic atmosphere though...

Thai House of Horror (click here and there to explore..)
Ju-On (promotional site for the movie, suspense i should say)

And finally, a weird and rather bizarre vid clip... rest assured it's nothing like the previous 2..

Tap Dancer

Have fun~

Sunday, August 14, 2005

a stroll in the PARK...

so this is it... the much anticipated EPL season of 2005/06 has kicked off... and what a start it was. for now, only one name resonates in every corner of the street... PARK JI SUNG.

who the hell says that asians are lacking the level of competence in a world-class league like the EPL? look at Park's debut performance against Everton. Blistering runs, delicate first touches that leaves defenders eating dust and that unbelievable stamina, to say that he is not up with the big boys will be an unjust derogation of his true finesse. the Blues are sure getting the blues from park in goodison park. (hahaha...)

and then there are the triple Rs. Ruud, Rooney and Ronaldo... (not forgetting Ryan giggs eh?) MAN U is back in business...

Shop shop

Haven't went shopping for a long time, so i decided to join my family on their daily trip to Compass Point today. Figured out i could use a few Redspot TYS anyway. (I'm sure lah)

Looks like i've totally no clue on what's happening in the commercial world during this period. Only today then i realised that Hang Ten has opened another chain of more high-class store under the brand Hang Ten & Co. Wah, so creative eh. But must give them should credit for recognising the fact that the original Hang Ten brand has become synonymous with cheap. I was joking with my sis that you can go in and buy a handful of clothes for 10 bucks. But though its clothes are low-priced, i would say they still have a certain standard. Designs are not bad overall, suitable for lots of event. In fact, i find it more sensible to shop at clothing stores lower down the pricing spectrum than go for those established brands like Levi. 100 bucks for a pair of jeans?! What, bulletproof material? I'd rather go eat buffet or buy a silk blanket with that money man. Maybe i'll rethink my opinion if i've more spare cash.

Speaking of shopping, so is the year-end trip to Hong Kong confirmed anot? The preparations seemed to have stalled for quite some time eh. Perhaps we should meet some time to sort out the remaining details. Must go overseas 1 more time before going Tekong leh.

And what about the grad night thing? Withdraw? Incompetent SC sure gives a lot of bullshit (fertiliser) about the price, always using delay tactics. But ultimately, it's better to forfeit 30 bucks than 60 bucks right? Better still if we can get a refund, but i seriously doubt it. Let's just use a fraction of that money and go eat Shangri-la buffet la or somewhere else. Better quality, lower price. Hmm.. but this is just my suggestion. Final choice still up to you all.

That'a bout it. K, see ya in school on monday!

Cheeeee BYE!


Friday, August 12, 2005

Purely football stuff.

Well, you've been warned eh. This entry is much of rambling on the pending new English Premier League season kicking off this Saturday. Traditional early curtain-raiser pits soon-to-be-out-of-ChampionsLeague (damn right, 'champions' who lose to Thai U23. well done) Everton against the declining Red Devils at 7.40pm local time, which is like 12.40pm over there in Britain? Wonder how they play in the afternoon sun. Yeah, maybe not much of scorching sun over there in a temperate country but wth, it's lunchhour leh? the players are supposed to eat b4 the match? or rather after? weird timing i say. but who cares right. What's more we over here in Asia get to enjoy the early kickoff. Good for us.

Btw, JH say he going to take Man U and give me 3 goal handicap. That means, Man U must score 4 or more for him to win his bet. Lol, said in jest but then, really can't see Man U pulling off such a convincing victory.

Nvm. Today got lengthy supplement in ST for English soccer. Don't quite like the fact that they recognise Chelsea as de facto champions once again come next May when the ball has not even yet being kicked. Yeah, highly probable that they win lah, not that I won't admit. Sheer rubbish. This coming season really an interesting one eh? 4 horse race? Think so.

BUT, the joke in the paper is that the soccer correspondent predicted Spurs (tottenham or san antonio u all go settle urself..) to finish 5th. Okay lah, not an overstatement, considering Tottenham has really strengthened the squad with lotsa players, notably midfielders. Siao one. Buy so many man to crowd the field or what? play rugby is it? need 15 players? Edgar Davids should be a good signing. Wish them luck really. Perennial underachievers, maybe Tottenham can qualify for Europe this time round via the proper way, not Intertoto backdoor.

I know I know. You all surely say I still dreaming lalala all that.. But seriously, Liverpool DOES pose a credible title challenge this season. Okay lah, I also not that unrealistic and demanding. A step at a time, won't expect them to win the domestic title immediately after last season's European success. After all, we've waited for 15 years since the last EPL triumph and Chelsea only had theirs after a 50-year long wait. What's another year? Thinking of it, every now and then, I still do replay those vids and see those pics of the magical night in Istanbul. Yeah, I downloaded all of them, from Dudek's jellyfish wobbling legs to Gerrard's first goal. All in my hard disk. Over 700mb, this comp better not die on me. Mourinho being 'The Special One'? I think Rafa is the real McCoy man. Who else wins the Champions Cup in his first season in charge. Brillant.

Okay lah, talk serious abit.

Gerrard & Alonso in the middle of the park looks promising. Then Kewell, Luis Garcia, Riise take turns to run the flanks. Still need a right winger though.

Up front, Cisse, Crouch, Morientes and Baros. One of the strongest if not strongest up front. Talking about strikers only lah, not best attack (Arsenal). Chelsea & ManU pales in this aspect leh somemore. Maybe if Owen goes to Old Trafford then different story.

Then Reina also excellent shot-stopper. Saved 7 pk out of 9 for Villareal last season. Impressive stuff. Certainly has progressed much from those days when he warm the bench for Barcelona. Somemore he also damn young, in early 20s nia.

Anticipating a great season ahead. Bound to be a distraction.


Let me end off this post with some interesting pictures found off the Net.

Okay, back to reality.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

in sync with present trend......

edited: don't say i not friend lah. i help you put the picture smaller abit, less conspicuous. Save space too. If you really not comfortable with it, feel free to remove it lor.

Now is horror month mah, with movies like Maid all that....

JinHan shared with me a slow car vid he got from Damien, thought why no reciprocate his kind intentions? esp. since i'm in a good mood too....muahaha

to get the scare of your life, do scroll down.

Here it is! 'Hunk pic! Nothing but the truth in his own words.

(pic removed liao)

*Cue laughter*

Retribution. Try to trick me so many times. This is what you get. Song Boh!
That day, this faggot wanted to send me this 'shuai ge' pic from his Friendster.

Of course not without those artworks lah.
Took me less than 5 mins to own him totally.

Ay, at least I not bad leh. Taking into account you're a fan of Manchester United, I help you add the Red Devil horns leh. Swee boh. damn proud of my masterpiece.

Once again, OWNAGE!!!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Get a life.


Enough of the mugging and exams shit, shall talk about something less serious today.

Overall, today was a pretty pleasant day. After passing some notes, went to parkway's suki to celebrate Ronald's birthday along with SK, Hock, Ron, Syl, Ivy, FQ, Lita. SK and I went there early. While waiting, we got approached by some rude little bimbotic girl trying to earn commission in the name of charity. "Wah, haven't say finish already say no. So rude." SK should really have 'bestowed' a tight slap across her face man, put her into place. Best part was later when we suckered Hock into walking around the place, saying got "chio bu" will approach him. Hahaha. In the end, he was duped into buying a $5 handphone pouch. lol.

Lunch cum high tea cum dinner at Suki was good, as usual. I was in the same table as Hock, SK and FQ. Discovered a few dishes which are rather good. 'Somen', thin white noodles in 'cold soba''s sauce. You should try it if you enjoy 'cold tofu'. Then there is also the Miso Soup, which is very appetising. I recommend having it at the start of the buffet, to boost your appetite.

After that, met my TJ friends on the street and went to play DOTA. (Muggers who don't know what's DOTA can skip this paragraph) Won 3/4 rounds. Got utterly thrashed in the 2nd round. Our kill ratio was like <10 to 30+. Haha. But we thrashed the opponents in the other 3 rounds. Found out Centaur and Morphling combo is the best in 5.84. The last round was the most entertaining. Didn't expect to win them cos they look pro. In the end, kill ratio was 10 to 30+. Their team consisted of SA, Bone, CM, Medusa, Vengeful Spirit. Vesus Morphling, Centaur, Zeus, Nerubian and Treant. The Treant neutralised their element of surprise and gave it to us. Their fate was sealed in the 30th minute. At game end, 4 out of 5 of their heroes could only afford boots. Haha. This must be my best game ever.

The only downside of the day was that i kena flu. (Maybe b'cos of the 'cold' jokes traded at our table?) But the slight discomfort it posed was insufficient to affect my mood for the day. If only every day is so good.

That's all. Hope you enjoy my babbling and wasting your mugging time. Now back to reality, it's time you go back to mugging eh?

Haha. Bye.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

the night is young...

This is it. Probably the official flagging off of mugging process. kinda fast eh? Time really flies, few months time we'll be taking our A's then into Army we go. Heard endless stories, be it about the horror hauntings, camaraderie between bunk mates or the horrible sirs in the upper echelon ordering you around to do silly things. At least it seemed silly to the 3rd party listening in.

Okie. Nostalgia is not the theme of this entry. But rather, I'm still rather amused by my mum's music preferences. 'Cos right, she suey suey happened to chance on this Mongolian song called 吉祥三宝 (i.e Ji Xiang San Bao) on radio at least twice, which is abt some kid & parents singing together. cute song lah. then she was bugging me to go dl n burn into the a disc for her so that she can bring it to her office n listen for leisure. piang. yeah. sure suey for me.

Tried to pull it off by saying using a disc for 1 song is not worth it, hoping can 敷衍 her lah. but she darn smart, she suggested she'll listen to a few more songs playing on the Winamp player i always leave playing on the comp while playin' her games (yeah, she does play games like spider solitaire, solitaire and blackjack etc). Great idea. She'll listen to the songs randomly shuffling while enjoying her games. deprive me of my comp usage, while claiming she is preventing this 'distraction' from hindering my doing work & studying. Really 2 birds with 1 stone this time round.

After 4 hours, she finally got a list of 13 or odd songs. Yeah, she can play that long in 1 stretch in front of that glaring LCD screen.

Thought it was interesting to share it here. Her choices kinda surprised me, 'cos there were about a hundred songs of different genres in there but then....yeah. quite funny too.

Ji Xiang San Bao (natural top pick, maybe u all can go dl n listen wad's the fuss all about)

Candy Lo - Hao Xing Fen Shou (Canto version)

Richard Marx - I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You

Ah Du - Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni

R Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk with my Heart (muahaha...surprise entry)

Lifehouse - You & Me

My Sassy Girl OST - I Believe

Rob Thomas - Lonely No More

Cyndi WangXinLing - Mu Ma Tu Cheng Ji

JJ Lin JunJie - Dou Jiang You Tiao

Vivian - Hen Hen Ai

And finally,

Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl

ROFLMAO. wahahaha. I was totally shocked. Replayed the song & ask her again "Are you sure..."

Well, I must say sometimes we think too little of our parents. Ain't exactly fuddy-duddy you can say. At least my dad knows who's 5566, Jolin Tsai, Mariah Carey, Jay Chou etc. The list goes on.

Maybe my fault lah. My playlist doesn't consists of the King Elvis Presley or Beatles nor Carpenters. So not really an accurate portrayal of her real music taste. But hey, at least she thinks something of these songs right? Think of it as AmericanTop 40, or the Billboard. They're up on the list man.

It certainly isn't just Fei Yuqing or the trashy Gao Ling Feng's Dong Tian Li De Yi Ba Huo.
But of course lah, they may still baulk at heavy metal etc. 'noisy music' such as Linkin Park. Cannot be blamed. That time media ain't exactly the same as today. Guns'N' Roses, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones weren't exactly very prominent in Singapore back then. So, being exposed more to Mandarin songs frm HK/Taiwan, their taste for music expectedly tend towards the likes of OuYangFeiFei, Liu Wen Zheng (bet some wouldn't even know him).

Okie. And this isn't Waste of Bandwidth (WOB) you blardy Jinhan. I like long entries leh. So what? Kinda helps to destress mah.

And oh yah. the season kicks off tmr in the traditional curtain-raiser Community Shield. Hope Chelsea wins it. 'Cos for the past 20 seasons, only Liverpool and Man U (on 2 occasions) have gone on to lift the EPL trophy (or First Div back then) after winning the C.Shield. Muahaha. Hope they win.

Excitin' season ahead. Bound to be major distraction on weekends from now on. This being the World Cup-year also makes it more intriguing. Sian, imagine next year no Germany 2006 for us. this is where serving NS sux. Unless, of course, you heng heng tio Clerk or some 9-5 vocation. Lidat really ho sei liao. lol.....

Kk. To end off, I predict Liverpool will finish at least in the Top 3 this coming season, maybe displacing ManU or Arsenal. Lagi best is above Chelsea. Let's see then, and this shall be proof of my prophecy next May. That is, if this blog still exists.

Friday, August 05, 2005

fly away

so long since i last posted... but even so, im not gonna be like some freak who loves writing freaking long entries so that we can waste a hell lot of our time scrutinizing his crap. stop it if you havent realised that you are wasting blogger resources SK.

anyway, bet the exams are burning hot on our heels, the mugging fever everywhere in school... so pressurizing. i must say that the college looks so dead nowadays, everyone's just burying their heads in lecture notes at every corner of the school. well not that this isnt what we ought to do at this point of time... but going to school these days just isn't fun. NOTHING to look forward to... lectures? tutorials? even canteen food sux. then back at home, it is the same old routine of homework, revision and fearful speculations when the motivation and efficiency to drill concepts into my head is simply lacking. much as i dun wish to remember, it is hard to forget how much nearer we are to the prelims every single day. failure to grasp any concepts during lectures nowadays are certainly distressing. inflicting a little bit too much pressure on myself i suppose... but who wouldnt be?

i am almost breathless, yet a break is a luxury i cant pretty much afford...


make me believe.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Watch local TV shows = Sek Si Yum Liu*

Hey lim swee, do you live to see this post? So is it time we call you commando lim, diver lim or pilot lim (forget it!)? lol.

Anyway.. Schoolwork, SBS bus drivers.. now it's time to condemn Singapore's tv productions. Who in the world seriously think that as a whole, local shows are good? Except those producers, script-writers themselves of course. Lousy, shallow and boring plots have alway been a trademark of local dramas. Creativity is an absolute zero, or 0.5/10 some may argue. The local media only knows how to copy popular overseas shows and try to adapt it to the local context, often with disastrous results.

One good example is Tong Xin Yuan showing on channel 8 now, which is an obvious rip-off of A Kindred Spirit. They simply copy and paste everything, from only filming in the living room/work place(fishball stall vis-a-vis eatery)/dining room to giving the characters some Towner Gardens names (e.g. Ruan Mian Mian) to ensuring that the show drags on for over 100 episodes. What the hell, they even went as far as to get one of the actress to come over and act too.

To give them some credit, the producers did insert some sort of twist to the plot, which was to introduce physically/intellectually impaired (i.e. retard) characters like Dayang, his mum who suffered a stroke and Baobei (who acts like one). This sure helps to stimulate interest and publicity for the show. Everyone would soon be saying: Wow, let's guess who's gonna get retarded next? Dayang's father? Or that chinese-speaking Indian kid whose facial expression is always the same (just like most of the other characters).

As if lousy shows aren't enough, the amount of advertisements between the shows is enough to make any decent viewers puke blood. I think that for every 15 mins of show viewers watch, 5 mins go to advertisements. So in effect , you're only watching 40 mins of show for every hour you spend in front of your tv set.

So isn't it time you subscribe to Star-Hub cable tv? Free yourself from the mind-numbing local tv productions! Do not hesistate anymore! Pick up your phone and make a call to your friendly local operator at 9822 3570 now.


*Eat shit drink pee in cantonese

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

sian diao

tmr going to waste 5 hrs at Pasir Ris camp.

god damn it man, thinking of it.

but nvm lah, just take it as excursion.

Roland, happy dunking urself eh.

sian diao now. let me share this link with you all, considering our class like quite alot of Project Superstar fans like Jinhan, Benlim etc....

Superstar C'est Sibon Video

well. looking at the video, i think some scenes the visually handicapped (so nice eh this word, as compared to blind, as if it makes any differenceP) Weilian macham being played like a fool.

I know that's not the case lah. But I think he has run his course liao lah, all those fans please stop giving him sympathy votes. I know maybe he really quite impressive in the vocals department, but the thing is, is our present society really able to accept such a 'Superstar' now?

The Channel U show has also made itself very clear. It's not a talent show, contrary to what most people perceive it to be. The best singers can never triumph over those who can build a strong rapport with their fans. 观众缘 lah. Remember Sylvester *wink-wink* and finger pointing? Not _|_ lah of course. -.-

It's enuff lah, please don't prolong his torture lah. Bring him into the last few rounds to fill him with glimmer of hope then make him suffer heartbreak. Zek ark eh really. I think also hafta do with Channel U's shrewd production crew. Trying to make use of the blind contestant (use 'blind' also not say very rude mah) to attract controversy, milk him of all the publicity and advertising's worth. 贱.

btw, i think for guys, Derrick will win. Maybe it's really all rigged as they say, he kenna eliminated then is revived in the Wildcard round, then finally emerge as Champion. Typical fairy tale ending for the media blitz to write about.

Females... sadly, Kelly? acty the best-looking of the lot is Silver and Xin Hui (forget her English name if she has any), so maybe there'll be surprises for all you know.