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Thursday, May 17, 2007

For our fallen son

It was a tragic way to die.. sorry but i had my reasons for not being there at ur wake to pay my last respects.

You went there with high hopes.. with intermittent cries of "ROC loh!" heard from your coy line from time to time.. who would have thought? an ATEC gone wrong..

When your name was flashed, it appeared darn familiar but still we were unsure. Alas, it was you indeed.

I may not have known Isz on a personal level..but seeing his familiar face in the papers certainly resonated with our hearts somehow.. what's more, you? Our friend?

The times we ate at the canteen & cookhouse.. enjoyed our banter.. buy drinks... relax together.. work in your armoury... Everything suddenly seems so distant, so far.

The last day we saw you, you were still in high spirits.

No one knew that 'See You' at the gate would be the last words we exchanged.

Jason, you'll be missed.

For 6SIR and SAF, we're all proud of you.
I guess Michael Buble's rendition of Home somehow describes how we felt at your demise.

Only that, we truly hope you've found a place to call Home whereever you are.


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