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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Big Distraction Ahead

The long-awaited album has finally descended upon us...

1st November officially released in SG, but know...

The wonders of the Internet.

so far, i think the good songs are 发如雪 & 珊瑚海. really impressive this album. highly-rated.

he's not the Prince of R&B and best seller for nuttin.

wonder whether I'll still buy the album lidat.. can't possibly buy b4 A's for sure.. boh lui n time to listen.. let's see.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Back with more crap!


It's high time to throw another song lyrics again! Shall take it to a new lvl and throw a foreign song which none of us could understand. lol. If you're interested, can check the net for english version la.

Anyway, this is 'dragostea din tei' by romanian band O-Zone, more popularly known as the 'numa numa' song played during the 'Little Chicken' advertisement before they screen the movies in cinema.



Dragostea din tei


Alo, Salut, sunt eu, un haiduc,
Si te rog, iubirea mea, primeste fericirea.
Alo, alo, sunt eu Picasso,
Ti-am dat beep, si sunt voinic,
Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic.

Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei,
Nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei.
Chipul tau si dragostea din tei,
Mi-amintesc de ochii tai.

Te sun, sa-ti spun, ce simt acum,
Alo, iubirea mea, sunt eu, fericirea.
Alo, alo, sunt iarasi eu, Picasso,
Ti-am dat beep, si sunt voinic,
Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

27th October 2.19pm

weather is cool as usual. been nice and breezy the past few days... sleep inducing really. preparations for As the only itenary on my agenda. again. freaking bored. not used to mugging so hard but compelled to do it though.

feel so detached from the rest of the world all of a sudden. going back to school for remedials alone... fellow bastards nowhere to be found. no one to crap with or crap about cos no one just bother to spend a mere minute more just to chill out. being so much concerned with results and neglecting the people around you is something i couldnt much fathom. so travelling all the way back for that 90 mins really has been a chore. not that im ungrateful. to all teachers who bothered about helping weak students like us, still a big thank you. your guidance is much appreciated.

feeling a piece of me on the inside to be so missing at the moment. sometimes you really wished you could read the minds of others. being clueless about what the other party was thinking... and then you end up guessing, speculating, hoping that it turned out to be what you wished it had been and praying it wasnt otherwise. it sux that way. the elusive truth behind that smile is what you wish to uncover, but yet again, perhaps being greeted with that smile always will suffice. so what if you know the plain truth, nothings gonna change.. for the better at least. i thought.

have always wished that the little or much that i have done will be reciprocated. then the naiveness in thinking that way became apparent to me. there was probably little to expect right from the start. and now im tired.



一群嗜血的蚂蚁 被腐肉所吸引
我面无表情 看孤独的风景
当鸽子不再象征和平 我终于被提醒

阿乌云开始遮蔽 夜色不干净
公园里葬礼的回音 在漫天飞行
送你的白色玫瑰 在纯黑的环境凋零
静静听 我黑色的大衣 想温暖你
日渐冰冷的回忆 走过的走过的生命
啊四周弥漫雾气 我在空旷的墓地

为你弹奏萧邦的夜曲 纪念我死去的爱情
跟夜风一样的声音 心碎的很好听
手在键盘敲很轻 我给的思念很小心
为你弹奏萧邦的夜曲 纪念我死去的爱情
而我为你隐姓埋名 在月光下弹琴
对你心跳的感应 还是如此温热亲近

那些断翅的蜻蜓 散落在这森林
而我的眼睛 没有丝毫同情
风在长满青苔的屋顶 嘲笑我的伤心

为你弹奏萧邦的夜曲 纪念我死去的爱情
跟夜风一样的声音 心碎的很好听
手在键盘敲很轻 我给的思念很小心
为你弹奏萧邦的夜曲 纪念我死去的爱情
而我为你隐姓埋名 在月光下弹琴
对你心跳的感应 还是如此温热亲近

一群嗜血的蚂蚁 被腐肉所吸引
我面无表情 看孤独的风景
当鸽子不再象征和平 我终于被提醒

-方文山 周杰伦-

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Sia la... Everyone's so busy mugging that this blog has gone stagnant alr. So i shall take the initiative to keep the crap flowing.

2 more weeks till A lvl, and i still barely touched Math, History and to a lesser extent, Chem. Woo~ Song liao. Think can go NTUC buy a big bag of coffee powder for the next few weeks to come. Now, unless you're in the '30s Club', don't come and bullshit that you've done less than me and all that crap, cos we know that's not true... You hypocrites...

On a lighter note, i've decided to cut down on the usage of the word 'faggot'. Cos this morning's service was talking on the issue of homosexuality and got 1 point is how social permissiveness (time to check the dictionary) comes into play. Basically it's about the influence of the mass media and the society, and how it gradually influences and deceives an individual into thinking that he/she is an incorrigible (you sure you know the word's meaning?) homo. So think i shall do my part too and restrain myself, lest some of you gullible fools out there gets brainwashed and the blame falls on me. Ah, but don't tempt me, you mofos. Haha.

Alright, that's about it. Happy mugging everyone!


"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries itself."

Monday, October 17, 2005

For PM Lee and country.

Self-study 'break'...

Study has never been such a chore...

Why am i born in such a competitive and pointless place like Singapore? Make it somewhere else like Switzerland, Canada or Korea, where at the very least the weather is better.

After A lvl, still got to serve the nation, serve the national service.

"Good evening Mr __________.

Your enlistment date is not finalised yet. An enlistment notice will be sent to you two months before your enlistment date. For further enquiries, please call MINDEF eService Center at 1800-364 6333 or email to us at"

... They will probably spring some kinder surprise and send me a letter these 2 weeks.

Man... Do me a service by sending me to some white horse platoon. And don't try to bs that they don't exist. Moral ed. has failed, you jackass-es.

And that's all the bs i have. Now back to studies...


Sunday, October 16, 2005


think just write abit..

Goal movie was nubbad. It is rather effective in spreading its intended message. Nice work with FIFA and the star players to make cameo apperances. Generated lotsa free publicity for Newcastle too. but they goondu got more eyes scrutinizing their performance now they go lose to Wigan. tsk tsk.

Well. You watch the movie can have lotsa perspectives, depending on you're watching as a football fan, movie-goer or just a plain critic. Though I spotted lotsa 'Easter Eggs' and flaws with the story plot, although it was still great.

-Santiago trained under the full glare of the stadium floodlights at night. Very smart eh? bian lui one
-He wouldn't have gotten a British work permit in the first place. Yeah lah, the thought of breaking into the First XI after a span of few months like very magical, fairy tale type. But he never even represent his native country before, play simi sai.

and others i forgot liao.

The movie did well to highlight the situation of EPL footballers.. suddenly under the media glare with new-found riches. There'll be lotsa tempations like drugs, sex etc. What's more with those English girls sometimes v slutty one, throw themselves to kiss-and-tell. Then let the tabloids splash the juicy news all over the headlines the next day. Short career span & injuries all that... Yeah, you get the picture.

okie, end here. FIFA 2006 is out. maybe after A's should go dl or wad and try. Been a long time since I played Fifa on the pc liao..

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Long overdue.

Bali protesters storm jail where bombers held

Some 1,000 protesters stormed a prison where some convicted Bali bombers are being held, shouting for their deaths on the third anniversary of the attacks on the Indonesian island.

The angry demonstrators at Denpasar's Kerobokan jail managed to remove the prison's main steel door from its hinges but police stopped them getting inside, an AFP correspondent reported on Wednesday.

"Kill Amrozi, kill Amrozi!" the crowd yelled, referring to one of three people sentenced to death by firing squad for the 2002 nightclub bombings which killed 202 people.

Amrozi and the other two on death row, Imam Samudra and Mukhlas, had been transferred the previous day to a high-security island prison off neighbouring Java island following earlier angry protests.

The confrontation was temporarily defused by the arrival of a group of traditional musicians from a nearby village, who positioned themselves between police and protesters.

But the shouting, drum-beating crowd had not yet dispersed.

One demonstrator tied a banner on the prison wall reading: "Hello SBY (Indonesia's president Susilo Bambang Yudyoyono). Kill the person who has hurt Bali (Amrozi)."

Three rows of police armed with batons and shields stood outside the prison's main entrance but did not immediately try to disperse the crowd.

Passions were running high on Wednesday, the third anniversary of the 2002 blasts, and in the wake of October 1 bombings which killed 20 people plus three suicide attackers on the island.

"Kill Amrozi now!" yelled some protesters.

"We are angry he has been moved from here," said Endra, 30.

"We feel Amrozi is being protected by the government. Balinese are very angry."

Amrozi was dubbed the "smiling bomber" for his courtroom demeanour which particularly enraged the residents of Bali, a Hindu enclave in mainly Muslim Indonesia.

Some members of the crowd said they had received an anonymous mobile phone message about four days ago, calling on people to come to the jail to demand the execution of the Bali bombers.

"I knew of the protest from my friends but what is important is that I came here of my own free will," said Arya, a motorcycle taxi driver.

"What does the head of the jail want? Without any explanation, he secretly moved Amrozi away."

Stop terrorism? That's the way to do it. Getting troops to hunt down the terrorists is just a superficial response to a deep-rooted problem. But when their own people are crying out for their blood, that's another story. If this sentiment spreads, then the days of large-scale terrorism in Indonesia are clearly numbered..

Long overdue i would say.


Saturday, October 08, 2005


In the blink of an eye, 19 months have passed (for some of you 22) and within another week, we would have officially ended our 2 yrs in vjc. So shall we take this time to reflect and ponder on our lives for the past year or so... What have we achieved during this period? Have these 2 years been fruitful and well-spent?

Of course, achievements are not merely restricted to the academic sense. At the end of the day, there are other far more important aspects such as relationships and our moral conduct. In fact, if one only has academic achievements to boast of, i'm afraid he/she has more or less squandered the past years.

More often than not, i believe our reflections would be associated with regrets and a sense of guilt for not making the right decisions or doing something that should have been done. What that has been written cannot be changed. Some may despair at the short time we've left and lose their will to fight. But i think this is exactly why all the more we should take note and cherish what little time we have left. For this is the final window of opportunity for us to make a change to our jc lives, to make an impact and to correct all that has been wronged.

I have made my choice. What about you?


Thursday, October 06, 2005

note: ok..i realised i wrote way too much at the end of this entry... once again this blog has served its purpose. Good.

Well.. it's here once again. The time of the year. Some relish it, some dread it like the plague. Exams are terrifying, but certainly not everything. Maybe. Maybe we or perhaps just me who dislikes the 'showhand' way of things but practicality decrees so. It kinda of expresses our exasperation with life. We know it's not the best or even ideal way to gauge or quantify something like capability or intelligence or wadever you define it to be, but sadly, they're the sole viable means. Makes you ponder really. About why things are like this or that.

Every individual's so-called intelligence is inherent from birth albeit, never fair & equal. I remember reading a ST article some time back, featuring a short quote from this EM3 boy regarding SG's education system... It talked about his aspirations to become a great lawyer, being the "guardian angel" of justice, defending the accused innocent.. but when he thought of the academic qualifications or rather his lack of, his heart dropped.

Unfair isn't it? Yes, he may be in the future. But fate has certainly dealt him a near fatal blow by condemning him even before his life journey has barely begun. The system is indeed flawed. But at present, it is the best possible around. SG is even ranked as one of the top countries for churning out competent students trained in numeracy and the sciences. Sad but true. You say, hard work to make up for one's shortcomings? Easier said than done, really.

Guilty. That I was so wasteful but I hope it isn't too late. It's the penultimate month. D-day looming and here I am still languishing far behind. Things don't look good eh? Lol... Smile I may but things must change, fast and drastically.

btw, thought I could just share my experience on the way home today. I was seated next to 3 boys/men/guys of my age too. Or rather, only one that's around late teens or a young adult. He's 'leading' the two younger ones of sorts. The latter two claimed to be on holiday. And I guess only those who are done PSLE are free right now? N levels, O's, polys all that are definitely not in the vacation period at this time of the year. And they do look the part too. Perhaps the distinctively trying-to-dress-mature style was written all over their dressing.

And they, mentioned some terms which i can certainly identify with.

"369". "...this time don't have your share, 'cos you keep on hesitating whether to join us anot back then...want do things must be decisive, just yes or no, don't drag your feet..." "You better take good care of the contents in the bag, don't squash it i tell you" Only for the younger ones, to get reprimanded 'cos they tried to open the package right there to check on it "when there are so many people around". They even had the cheek to blurt out "Since you already said it out liao...."

All these in Mandarin of course. I believe you can string them together and apprehend what they are talking about.

From their dressing and appearance, they certainly don't look like it. But deep down, all of us seated around them eavesdropping or instead being forced to listen to their loud and bold conversations in the public, know that they can't be far off being part of a "secret society" or "triad" or whatever you deem it. Imagining them peddling with drugs suddenly don't appear that far-fetched to our minds.

When I got up to alight, my eyes caught their line of vision straight on. I sensed something. Something hard to say in words. But it struck me then...

Here we are. At the so-called crossroads of our life, facing a major exam. And here they are, still very young and naive, potentially embarking on the erroneous journey that will forever mar their lives. Which is more life-changing you say? Laugh we shall at our foolishness. We've been indoctrinated by the society.

Little wonder they say young adolescents are the most easily influenced. Hope that the 2 young kids are able to distance themselves from "big brother's" words. Not that I'm all grown-up and fit to comment much about this. But I thought I could at least blog about it.

It may just change your perspective towards life. A refreshing viewpoint is needed every now and then to remind us and not to lose ourselves during this make-or-break period.... esp when we're grappling and stumbling across to face this imminent hurdle lying ahead of us...

I recall Apple founder Steve Jobs saying, everyday he wakes up and asks the person in the mirror, if this was the last day on Earth, would he still do what he had planned for the rest of the day? When the answers were consecutively "No" for a number of days, he knew he had to do something to change things. He also said, only in the face of death then all other things will appear minute & insignificant. And these things shan't always be bothering us. Very inspiring and refreshing indeed.

Take care` We'll meet again at the finishing line.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Hi ya!

Wah, Blogger has really gone retard. The typing format totally went haywire... Don't know how this entry will turn out later.

Anyway, Blogger is not only the retarded thing now. Just browse through the class photos and realised like we look like some misfits from Towner Garden in a number of them... at least on my part. Haha. There are also quite some funny stuff to look out for too. For example in the 1st photo, Sylvia's head looks like it's floating in the mid-air. April has even suggested that she looks like those Al-Qaeda spokesman with those long beard (Mingxi's hair is like right under her chin). Then there's also Jin Yuan, who always have the same simley expression on for most of the pics. Haha. Last but no the least, there's also the last pic where Tony was blocked by Hock and only part of his head with his right eye was visible. Kinda reminds of those movie advertisement posters for horrow shows, like there's 1 long haired ghost standing behind the actor/actress.

Haha, i'd say, this is even better than most of those out there. Since we already have 'the Ring', why not call this 'the Tap'? LOL... Then the trailer could be like got this person walking in a dark corridor, then a hand reached out and gently tap his/her shoulder and there's this faint, barely audible moan, e.g. "Sweee Keattt..." or "Razakkkk..." The person looks back, then he/she screams in a Jen/Belinda manner and the screen blacks out (or jen blocks the camera). Hahaha...

Alrighty... That's all.



damn blogger.

damn blogger. chu simi pattern. now the interface got prob liao lah.

all of this has to stop. a windfall bonanza turned into ashes overnight. it's evil. hope i learnt my lesson. it has to stop. keep ur itchy fingers to urself and stop feeding ur potential addiction.