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Saturday, December 24, 2005

thoughts on movies

finally got my comp back. windows got corrupted again, can't even reformat.
so for the past week i had more time to watch tv.. acty i realise there's quite a no. of good shows now and then on both free-to-air and cable tv, esp during the festive holidays now.

caught this thai movie called My Girl on #56 on Winter Solstice. Great, touching movie i must say.
the girl actress also v cute n mature to a sense.. kinda ironic but true. she's Focus Jirakul btw.

then #U recently started showing better movies on their Wu Ye Chang on fri nights.
The Classic, a Korean film was on last night. another nice movie. got Son Ye Jin also.
the story plot v touching, with quite a number of twists. it's those kind of movie which will definitely make girls tear...

ok..gotta go get my food and then off to ron's hse soon.

Merry X'Mas everyone~ Happy Yuletide season..


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