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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

27th September 2005... to green that i love.

green is the theme of the day.
pure coincidental? definitely.

the movie wasn't nice.
be with me that is.
it doesnt matter then.

the night feels ever young.
to me.
so much i wish to do.
so little time it saddens to part.

for this night.
i will always remember.
hope you will too.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

just an entry.

regards to the world out there :) hows life eh?

haha... glad to see dgjr online yesterday. told me he hasnt been touching the com for 26 days already. incredible.... hmm hope u are enjoying life now then. the well-deserved period for a breather.

just realised the world out there were back for lessons except for VJC. so slack yet so shiok. marking days they claimed... i call it the calm before the storm. yeah. prelims results will be out on thu proper. await the devastation :)

anyway since its a period of calm, why not make the most out of it?
so off i shall go for a movie... cya.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Let's waste your time and mine too!


LJH kena fever after thurs' soccer match, now i'm also down with flu and a semi-fever. Gotten a taste of what LJH went through.. what a tortorous feeling. Couldn't slept last night, so ended up playing Maple till around 3.

But i doubt the cause of my illness was the football match, must be that _____ rojak i ate on saturday. I tell you, this is surely an _____ conspriacy to take over the world. Weaken us through food poisoning, then later ambush us under the shroud of darkness during nightime. lol.

Duh.. I'm just joking of cos. But better watch what i say since the government has been utilising the Sedition Act lately. Nowadays the news media has been harping on the topic of racism for days.. i mean, what's the big deal man? It's not like this issue can be eradicated, especially in a multi-cultural society like ours. Laws like the Sedition Act merely address the problem superficially, but not solve the root cause. Some have suggested using education to instill a sense of mutual respect in the young and cultivate racial harmony... How are they gonna achieve that? Introduce another Moral Ed.? C'mon, those who have been through it know it's a fiasco. What singaporean identity.. If each one of us has a chance to migrate to a better place, i guess we'll probably do so... Yeah, i'm a cynical person.

These brings our attention to the calibre and quality of the policy-makers in Singapore today, which can be briefly summed up in 1 word: incompetent. Just take education as an example. We have been told of the emerging economy of China, and how Singapore must cultivate able Chinese-speaking individuals who could establish a bridge between the 2 nations and let us ride on their success. Then not long ago, MOE introduced some Chinese C syllabus (can't rmb the name), which is essentially a lower standard of Chinese. Won't this encourage a lackadasical attitude among the students, especially those who are less Chinese-inclined? What they have achieve with one hand, they have undone it with the other...

Of course, some may say that i'm in no position to criticse them since i couldn't get the job done myself either. True. But my attitude is that, if you can't earn your keep, then scram and let others have a go. I'm sure there are able people out there, so let's not throw good money after such failures. However, more often than not, we usually witness the opposite in reality...

Alright, this blog has succeeded in its purpose: to waste my time and yours too. So to sum it up, let this entry be a reminder to those readers in positions of authority. With great power, comes great responsibility. If you aren't up to the mark, step down yourself and make a graceful exit, and not wait for others to oust you from power.


in a slump

argh..feeling rather bad now..

sun-kissed at sentosa... giap u smart leh..apply whole my shoulders aching liao..the skin is angry red now..

alright. bad weekend for now. tired, dehydrated. Scaly skin, cracked lips. Doesn't help that soccer results aren't going my way. Kelong? Hai... convenient excuse to blame..but really, the ball is round. at least my arms all alright.

Liverpool failing to win at St. Andrews after a sterling 1st half performance? Made me dived straight in... fark. really fark. cannot believe it man. What about Man U losing to Blackburn? it was a sure win match? After 3 consecutive draws with Man City, Villareal and Liverpool, for sure this was a banker bet? No. At least i stayed off this match. Arsenal. Not really surprised for Pardew's team is in red hot form, nvm the fatigue factor after playing in Carling cup in the mid-week fixture.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U.

Once giants of English football. Now what?

For now, it's all Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

So sad... :)

My heart-felt condolences to Tan Hock Chuan... for *ahem* his loss of privacy.

The world is so big, but yet so small. Haha, shalln't elaborate further. Perhaps Belinda's blog will help shed some light onto the topic.


... ... ... ... ...

its the self-declared holiday period after the prelims finally... free and easy and a load off my back. for some time at least. so here i am rotting at home, trying to conjure something meaningful to do out of this suddenly expanded span of leisure time available.

hurricane Rita on the strike! poor texas... somehow we should count our lucky stars to not be at the mercy of such episodal natural disasters. imagine having your home swept away in an instant and dying a gruesome painful death with your bloated and rotten-beyond-recognition body floating about the flooding waters waiting to be collected and sent for identification by your beloved family. damn...... utter devastation no doubt. God bless America.

ok so i read the papers. been some time really, feeling so detached from the world nowadays. sigh. then jammed on my PS2 controller with Fifa 2004. outdated. no shows on the Tv... so sian. so as a last alternative im back online after my sis left for her date to vacate the com. and even as im typing this im yawning like siao. so f***ing bored.

maybe i should start mugging again for the coming As you say?

damn you.

-I love Tifa-

Friday, September 23, 2005


I'm getting bored....


Anyone interested? Or...


Haha... fat hope!


Monday, September 19, 2005

for non-muggers only.

19/09/05. Monday.

had physics paper and econs today... what i regarded as the last papers for the prelims. just as ten pointed out.. chem mcq seems non-existent... TO ME.
aiya but still will read thru some stuff tml.

anyway just want to say that PRELIMS ARE AS GOOD AS OVER. do enjoy tonight.....

yeah :)

*Man U 0-0 Liverpool... wtf!? another draw.


Blink of an eye

The prelims are over for econs pple, and 15 hrs more for me. Haha, not complaining though. It's just opportunity cost, more time to study, less time to play. Hopefully it will translate into better results.

To sum it up, the prelims were generally do-able, provided you've studied thoroughly (which i didn't). I think the most obvious and probably the only killer paper was chem P3. But then, no point crying over split milk now eh? Hope this serves as a wake up call for those who are still asleep, while the promo and mid-yr have failed to do so. For those who have mugged well, continue to mug your brains out and strive to achieve a no-lifer ultimate president mugger status and be stereotyped for life. lol.

Really looking forward to thurs. Hope no else book the tennis courts... Oh, chem P1 is non-existent.


Friday, September 16, 2005

So Tired.

thats it. the first week of exams over. somehow the holiday mood has welled up in me... already. a heck care attitude for the rest of the exams? maybe... considering how bad it already was for this week, how much worser can it get come the next? i want 4 Ds for prelims, maybe on track... most likely not. i dunno, cant be too optimistic though. somehow a certain degree of numbness towards the all along mediocre results of mine has drained all emotions there could possibly be out of me, sadness and disappointment that is. low expectations maybe for you out there, i just wanna be practical and true to myself though.

feeling really down this week...

non-stop mugging + exams + Man u 1-1 Man City+ Man U 0-0 Villareal + Rooney red-carded + Not enough sleep + Recurring Sinus = Bad Week

and something seems to be missing.
people.... feelings... emotions...?
no idea.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

long time no blog... we're midway thru the exams...

for me, i expected alot worst, but maybe it's really that but somemore i don't feel so?

exams are always going to be dreadful unless you like challenges blah blah all the crap lah...

but somemore, this time round things seem more immune. I wonder why too.

maybe after getting mediocre grades all this while, become acclimatized to how things are like liao? lol...dunno lah. but at least so far feel so good. not as in good in grades, knowing how to do all the sums all that. but it's just that feel. not that stressful i should say maybe.

ok...btw, for the lyrics Jinhan posted...nice song. I just heard the song again on radio yesterday or something, thinking maybe i'll go source for it online but then forgot the name liao. lol...good.

ooh, btw my unker just gave us or rather my brother a new keyboard. the wireless Microsoft one together with that mouse... yeah. 'cos my brother is their Godson mah. birthday present for him. good as might...cannot stand the rattling of my keyboard now, getting old and creaky. esp the damn spacebar.

but what good is it eh? one sleek looking exterior...but it runs just on 2.0Ghz and 768mb of RAM. Oh, oh yeah, b4 the exams instead of studying i was fiddling around with my desktop too. installed this OS-X theme (yeah, Mac-wannabe...everyone seems to love their coolness). Looks much more nice now, all the skins, dock, taskbar, cursors are all refreshing for a change.

At least it looks pretty decent now. All that widgets. The clock. Calendar. To-do list all that. Dunno how long this interest will last. But at least still intrigued by it now. Getting more interested in IT geek stuff.. Overclocking, tweaking the windows system32 folder... all seemed so foreign not long ago. maybe after graduate go army liao more time to pursue this potential interest.

Ok, enuff' rambling. Hah, knew this blog was a gd avenue to talk all your crap out. Machiam weekly therapy lidat. Just write wad u want. type wad u want. asdassdasdasuidnasd. just like this.

On the last note, i'm pretty sure we're all fired up for this upcoming encounter...

Liverpool vs Man Red @ holy Anfield.

die-die must watch. must feel grateful it's an early kickoff too. We'll show what champions are made dun brag. skarly later home ground boo-hoo.....CHOY! anyway, good rivalry. It's the real EPL derby i believe. The biggest clash on the calendar. No Arsenal or Chelsea. The fan base for these clubs just ain't there.

oh yah, bloody Starhub confirmed that no telecast for Serie A this season. wtf man. really. sometimes the EPL is overhyped man. yeah lah, v passionate fans, fast action end to end football. but i still think the biggest mightiest clubs are still Juve, Milan and probably Barcelona now. EPL still no dominant club playing attractive football on European stage. Including Liverpool of 'cos. But still, no Serie A? not that i watch alot. but Starhub's press statement really v fook man. wad 'continue to offer comprehensive and quality programmes like...' then list the likes of FIFA U17 all that shit. if u show us Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Brazilian and J-league week in week out then talk ok.

ok. this is turning out ridiculously long. maths tmr.

Monday, September 12, 2005



1st day of exams, are all JC students out there having fun? lol. The teachers sure are.

Tony is absent today. No prize for guessing what's the reason.

Come to think of it, a pass to IMH seems to open up many doors and entitles one to numerous perks and benefits eh. Am i wrong to say that? Doubt any teacher, or in fact anyone, would stop you from "going for check-up at IMH", lest you turn emotionally unstable and display violent behaviour. But let's not over-exaggerate its benefits, for it also taint its holder with a certain social stigma and unwanted attention.

So should you go mad or pretend you are? Well, you've the final say.

That's all. Bye turds!


Sunday, September 11, 2005

一首简单的歌 For You.

这世界很复杂 混淆我想说的话 我不懂 太复杂的玩法
什么样的礼物 能够永远记得住 让幸福别走的太仓促
云和天 蝶和花 从来不需要说话 断不了依然日夜牵挂
唱情歌 说情话 只想让你听清楚 我爱你是唯一的倾诉

写一首简单的歌 让你的心情快乐
爱情就像一条河 难免会碰到波折
这一首简单的歌 并没有什么独特
好像我 那么的平凡却又深刻

我一直在思考 让你了解我的好 却忘了 常常对你微笑
失去的忘记的 我会尽力去弥补 你是我最珍贵的财富

写一首简单的歌 让你的心情快乐
爱情就像一条河 难免会碰到波折
这一首简单的歌 并没有什么独特
好像我 那么的平凡却又深刻

简单的歌 好像我 那么的平凡却又深刻

(Red) Indian Outlaw

Lol, try this... Best flash shooting game ever.


P.S. May need to press 5 twice at the beginning to start. The beginning is a bit cock, but you may still want to take a look.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


我一直都想对你说 你给我想不到的快乐 像绿洲给了沙漠
说 你会永远陪着我 做我的根我翅膀 让我飞 也有回去的窝
我愿意 我也可以 付出一切也不会可惜
就在一起 看时间流逝 要记得我们相爱的方式

就是爱你爱着你 有悲有喜 有你 平淡也有了意义
就是爱你爱着你 甜蜜又安心 那种感觉就是你

我一直都想对你说 你给我想不到的快乐 像绿洲给了沙漠
说 你会永远陪着我 做我的根我翅膀 让我飞 也有回去的窝
我愿意 真的愿意 付出所有也要保护你
在一起 时间继续流逝 请记得我有多么的爱你

就是爱你爱着你 不弃不离开 不在意 一路有多少风雨
就是爱你爱着你 放在你手心 灿烂的幸福全给你
就是爱你爱着你 我都愿意 就是爱你爱着你 要我们在一起


Friday, September 09, 2005

Non-muggers afterall...

Wow, this blog didn't go dead during this mugging season as expected. Looks like the 3 of us still have a long way to go before becoming ultimate 24/7 first-class president muggers eh.

All the studying has drained the crap out of me and i've got none left to sprout. So i shall take a leaf out of other bloggers' book and dump song lyrics here. lol. But not some cheap songs of cos. I'll be posting lyrics of 'Zombie' by The Cranberries. Not a new song, but think you may have heard it before somewhere. I can bet almost all of you don't have a clue about them. So just treat this as an cultural/artistic enrichment. lol.



Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence caused such silence
Who are we mistaken

But You see it's not me,
It s not my family
In your head, in your
Head they are fighting
With their tanks, and their bombs
And their bombs, and their guns
In your head,
In your head they are cryin'
In your head
Zombie zombie zombie
What's in your head, in your head
Zombie zombie zombie

Another mother's breakin'
Heart is taking over
When the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken
It's the same old theme since 1916
In your head,
In your head they're still fightin'
With their tanks, and their bombs
And their bombs, and their guns

In your head they are dying

In your head, in your head
Zombie zombie zombie
What's in your head, in your head
Zombie zombie zombie

metal (and plastic) in my mouth... again.

retainers on the upper and lower jaw...
can't freaking talk properly.
and please continue posting on this blog.
cos stagnation is the root cause of dengue fever.
apheles mosquitoes breed in stagnant waters.
this blog is no water eh?
why the hell do you think its called crapping stop then?

- Anti-Studying advocate-

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September 7 2005 8.20 pm

time waits for no man.
too late for regrets.


September 7 2005 8.17 pm

somebody get that load off my back.


Friday, September 02, 2005

Ant crawling on my table

(Pls read the previous entry before continuing)

A black worker ant crawls onto the edge of my table...

It crawls past the 1cm mark...

It crawls past the Longman dictionary...

It crawls onto the Mercedes-Benz ad on the Newsweek magazine...

It crawls along a uni-ball blue pen...

It crawls onto the model answer for 2003 Physics Prelim paper...

It crawls near an Acer mouse...

It stops and pee on Liverpool's name on the Newpaper...

It crawls past the router...

*Thump* An Archie comic book lands on it..

It stops crawling...
You've read until here? Damn bo liao man. Get a life! LOL...


Didn't had online access for the past week or so.

This is all I've to say in response.

Aiyah, this is a blog for goodness sake. You are free to write whatever you want. Be it writing about an interest, a recent happening or just about nothing in particular, no one should restrict the contents of yor blog, of course barring any rules being flouted.

It's the individual's perogative to write wadever one feels like. You can spend 1 whole afternoon commenting on an ant crawling on your table top, but who's to care really?

Readers are certainly not compelled to do this at gunpoint or wadever. What's so difficult about it? You don't like what you read, just stop reading. Simple.

It's not as if no precedents are set in the local blogosphere. mrbrown writes about his jogging trips. xiaxue is flamed for her writing style, insensitive remarks and all that. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? Of course, I ain't making any comparisions here but the point is, why should you let others' influence dictate you?

I believe we've nothing to prove here and I don't see the big hoo-ha over this. It's just a simple matter of moving the cursor to click on the 'X' icon if you don't like what you read.

Life is too short for all this. Why make things so difficult for yourself?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Close shop

Mugging, mugging and more mugging. These sum up the events that'll happen till the end of our exams, as echoed by mr. big sausage pizza. Therefore, there'll probably be no more update till 21/9 (5 days earlier than Math S pple.. lol).

Till then, have fun mugging your brains out and turning your hair grey.

(Call 6 5588 101 for Beijing 101 Hair Consultants)