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Monday, June 11, 2007


Guess who I saw in camp today.

He only wanted to make use of my credits to buy the damn 2pdf polo tee.

He merely wanted to come ka jiao ppl when ppl doing work to help him pass time.

He think officer can balonglong walk arnd and zuo bo lan...

it's Tan Hock Chuan.

Why I so suey now must see u in camp from now onwards? another disincentive for me to go to camp everyday...


SINGAPORE : StarHub will increase its subscription charges for cable TV by between $4 and $10 a month.

From July 11, subscription for its basic groups and value packs will go up by $4.

And from October, monthly subscription for its sports content will be up $10 to $25.

StarHub says the price hike is a natural result of ongoing increases in prices of pay-TV content.

It adds this is the first price hike for its basic packages since 1995.

Currently, StarHub's lowest tier basic package is at $20 a month.

Source : CNA

Sooner or later, Starfug was always gonna raise its fees. After successfully winning the bid for the Premiership rights, it was always going to pass on the cost to the consumers. Now great, even the non-sports subscribers are hit.

The sad fact is we can only lan lan suck thumb. expensive costs are not gonna force us off the weekly diet of football action we so desire. we're always screwed. every month $14 increase.

More good times ahead.