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Monday, December 05, 2005

Q: Tong Xin Yuan final episode is crap?

A tiger can't change its strips.

Tong Xin Yuan is a crappy show, we all know that. I'm not at all surprised that the final episode is garbage too. As the Chinese saying goes 'shang4 liang2 bu4 zhen4, xia4 liang2 wai1', the damage has already been done. And i seriously doubt there exists any playwriter who is capable enough to salvage the whole series with a brilliant ending.

But from the look of things, we should acknowledge the fact that the producers and plot writers have indeed made a commendable, though futile, effort in improving the plot. We all used to say that the show is retarded, as exemplified by its characters going retard. Well.. It still is, but they've added a new dimension to it- impotency. If the info. provided by my sis is reliable (duh.. i didn't watch the show), then one of the character (Daqiu) became impotent after a kick in the groin from his retarded brother. Oh my.. impotency coupled with jackass-ness! What a stroke of genius! But alas, this is but a slight blimp in the rapid retardation of the plot. An anomaly. False hope.

And the moral of the story is? Do yourself a favour and get Starhub Cable TV! Consider subscribing to HBO at least for this month cos they're showing Rome now! You wanna wait for S'pore tv to broadcast it? Haha... I'd say you can wait till our NS has finished. 2 years.. just nice. Or.... are they trying to cut costs now and are broadcasting older movies? Hohoho... Merry Christmas!



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