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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Guess who's back? Back again?

Hahaha... Never posted for almost 3 mths lo. Time sure flies.

SK got a lot of balls to go awol. lol. Must be too slack alr, go help pple clean their rifles la.

Anyway, will be leaving khatib camp after next week.. leaving the whole training garage to roland tan and his mortar gang. Finalised posting will be out tmr. Tentatively i'll be gg to 3div arty hq as instructor for those mono-intake. Dunno good or bad. Apparently, i think a reason i got the posting is b'cos i still haven't pass my soc. The 'better' trainees are posted to become detachment comds, which confirm is chiong sua one. Now i got 3 mths to pass my soc or i'll be stripped of my rank.. or so they claim. Hahaha. Maybe i'll take a hint from swee and test the system too.

Was hoping to post some of my pop photos, but too lazy to try. So too bad! Next time perhaps. Meanwhile i'll just enjoy my 1st sunday outside camp since time immemorial..

8 months down, 16 more to go.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

funny stuff

Thursday, November 16, 2006

wad a hectic week...

life is such that u'll learn to deal with new stuff everyday. once you thought that you've faced the most violent waves, most cruel happenings.. something pops up next, to the extent that nothing fazes you anymore.

it makes u think. ponder. wonder.

firstly, i'd like to congratulation our dearest jinhan. heard from fq he got the best trainee accolade, looks poised to get his Sword of Honour.. lol.. the one that will never rust as compared to Merit. some hearsay i heard from my friends.

and bloody hell bush. waddafug is he doing here.. yea yea.. some economic cooperation in the region.. but he's really some big fark. can cordon off the entire PIE during peak hour no less for 1/2 hr for his personal usage. seems like our g.a.h.m.e.n really can plp to the max. wootz

morning come from paya lebar airport, from the much-depicted Air Force One from movies, shows... block off my eunos link nvm.

6 plus on the way home at clementi no less, also must get blocked by your convoy.

and the entourage is like no joke. abt 10 TP bikes will lead the way.. with the entire stretch already put to a total standstill by countless TP deployed at every traffic junction.

then a number of the usual white sedan cars.. around 4-5. then finally the black limos. kinda farnie that bush is sitting in one of the 3 or 4.

then lotsa white van-lookalikes and police vehicles, inc at least 3 WRXs, 4 police rovers, then finally another 4-5 white sedans at the back.

the entire thing took around 3 minutes to just pass by the traffic light i was at... big fark indeed.

And on another note, I, was almost sent to DB. joke. our warrant wanted to charge all of us, send us to DB for awol, never seek permission from superior, falsifying sign out book etc... he's dead serious i tell u.

told us to wear smart 4, bring 11b, wear beret, then documented every single shit, counted our various charges.. then pass to OC. his prior experience as oeti's WSM served him well i must say.

in the end my upper study signed 5, i signed 3, the rest 1.

wad a experience. great. dunno whether the 1-month hiatus i'll be away from him is gd or bad.

we shall see. one month stay-in starts next friday. zzz