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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Vocational Assignment...really sian 31/32 liao.


Xijie's words came true. Say my mailbox surely go letter one. Think it was not really unexpected, 'cos Xijie went to CMPB medical check-up on the same day as me, then receive all the same letters, mailers from MINDEF. Then the Air Force thingy, far route all the same. Hope he goes on to become a Naval Diver though. :X Damn jek ark man.

Just received this mail, titled "FURTHER REPORTING ORDER". It's also about to report for Vocational Assignment, but mine is at Pasir Ris camp @8.30am (transportation from Pasir Ris Mrt provided) and not the faraway Sembawang. An hour later than Xijie's too.

Dunno what to expect now man. Heard rumours scaring that Pasir Ris/Hendon-or-whatever-camp-in-the-vicnity is for commandos unit. Btw, you all can log into MIW portal? both Roland & me can't.

That damn 'Handsome' Roland is proven wrong man.
Did some research. Apparently, the camp also has infantry, armour units too.
refer to link: MIW Site

And no Mr. Handsome, i won't be the first one to die during your hypothesis of commando selection training for pre-enlistees. Then help you set precedent, make your route easier. Hope you're the one. Underweights will also make the grade as Commandos these days. :>

Btw, today asked all my CO pals. All we need to do was to do the now universal Italian *want to eat* sign, then all will break into laughs and know what we're talking about. Power siah, Russell Peters.

Gave us a damn bright idea for Cultural Fiesta performance instead. Instead of the usual boring racial harmony stuff, might as well put up a short performance.
Picture this: Just when the curtains are drawing after the final item, everyone on stage starts "croaking". *click* *click* *click*....

Then just when the curtain is completely drawn, the emcee or someone slots his head out in between the curtains, and says "Bile". !Xobile.

Confirm+guarantee+chop laughters all around siah. Somemore, Russell Peters makes fun about racism, shows that we're comfortable with racist stuff mah. Fills the theme too mah.



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