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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Let's mug GP together!!!


Due to the overwhelming demand for GP materials, i'll post an article that is pertinent to the current affairs today. Anyway, this article is from, which is an ideal source for anyone wanting to know the happenings in Singapore society today. lol.


Singaporeans Demand that ex-NKF CEO Donates Kidney
by Collyer Kway

Singaporeans enraged by the revelation over National Kidney Foundation CEO TT Durai's huge salary, bonuses and perks are now circulating an online petition that he donate one of his own kidneys to make amends.

"Piang eh, make so much money personally and yet only limit the number of patients you accept", said dialysis applicant Ho Kit Nee. "After making so many people pay an arm and a leg, the least he can do is donate a kidney, leh!?". "I think asking him to donate a kidney is very reasonable", said organ donor Ms. Nah Hor Lee. "It's not like we're asking him to give something he doesn't have. Like a heart or what."
The proposal is gaining popularity, with over 10,000 digital signatures by last night.

"I don't know how we can persuade Mr. Durai to part with his kidney for charity", said Ms. Nah. "Maybe we should make some MediaCock stars perform ridiculous and dangerous stunts in order to convince him." In related news, MediaCock stars are demanding compensation from their administration for all the time they have spent devising ludicrous stunts in anticipation of NKF shows that will now never be held.

Further, the Gahmen says it will be taking decisive steps to deal with the political fallout cased by the NKF scandal, firstly, by postponing any elections. 2001-2003. All rights reserved.


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