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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tak Sum Bong

Wah, welcome welcome Mr Hong-ki. Congrats on your worldwide fame after Russell Peters video became hot property on the Internet. Or is the punani still seedless? Lol...I just realised Jenani's name sounded alike. Wait till she hears of this.

Must write proper good stuff mah. If you write anything wrong or too casual, some people will say you lack depth, da pai only know how to kaobei this and that.

If you write things that are too misleading, got people will get into trouble one leh hor? Hor? Lol...

No lah, breaking news mah. It's all right to devote more space to write about that. Okie, next time I'll just blog about a new comic "The Chronicles of the Superhero - Tak Sum Bong".

On boh?

"Your mother is so fat. And when she jumped for joy, she got stuck"

Anthony by day-


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