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Monday, July 11, 2005

Wah this simi Jin Han damn gay n boliao leh. Your idea say your idea lah, still kpkb so much.
I good okie, contribute constructive stuff to the blog, whereas your intellectual ability only limits yourself to niao-ing ppl.

Mai gek.

Think what? Big Han as in Big Shot Bob eh? Dream on eh!

Oh yah, btw, today you were seen with me at the Bedok Interchange food centre mah, then after our group spilt and left, got people asked me for your number leh. I don't have your permission mah, so in turn I took that person's number instead.

Ai Mai?

Scroll down for it

Pui!!! Think what, you very dashing or charming eh? Don't make me scold that Chelsea midfielder's name okie~ Lol...

Really still want eh? That Ah Pek pang sai-ing one ai mai? LOL...

Buey hiao bye siah.


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