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Friday, July 29, 2005

Drive with a heart II

To all SBS drivers out there, for the passengers' well-being and your own safety, please drive with a foot on the gas pedal, do not let the net force on the bus be zero... especially when it's travelling at 30km/hr and during peak hours.

Just experienced the 3rd world efficiency of SBS last night, which was manifested in the form of a 2hr travelling time from Marine Parade to Seng Kang. Was incensed when i saw that half-asleep look on the bus driver's face... So too were the other commuters at the bus stop, whose outrage were clearly visible on their faces. Which really ought to make one reflect on the value of time and his responsibility to safeguard the blood pressure of all commuters should he be a SBS bus driver, isn't it?

Do spare a thought... Before someone gives you a piece of their mind or blows up the bus like the London bombers...



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