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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Forgive but not forget?

Hey man, wobbling wobbling.

I've decided to write something a bit more substantial today for a change, quasi-nonsense you may call it, so as to keep in line with the benchmark set by my 2 fellow blogmates.

During a chat with a friend today, we touched upon the phrase 'forgive but do not forget'. I believe many of us uses this expression to characterise ourselves. Me too, for a period of time. However, upon closer inspection, doesn't this expression contradicts itself? Personally, 'not forgetting' is equivalent to forever black-marking that particular person. He/She will never be perceived in the same light again and our judgements will be biased against them, be it receiving them with an extra sense of cautiousness or hostility. What kind of forgiveness is this? Think about it.

Was scanning through the news just now and came across this headline "Student volunteers abused, flag days sales fall by 30% after NKF saga". It says "Out of every 10 people approached, only one stopped to drop in a coin" and "But smaller charities, with no surplus funds, may have to scale down projects or even dismiss their staff". Sad huh?

Well.. I do not expect everyone to concur with my views expressed earlier on and I am opened to all constructive feedback. But if you only have shit to sprout, I'd appreciate it if you would just pour them out to your toilet bowl.

Can't afford one? Then just swallow em.



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