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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sian 15/16 loh.

What? Am I supposed to continue with the fraction series? Lol.. i'll play along then.

Wah sian, think all of us slowly but surely waking up from the "slumber" of sorts liao. Seeing muggers (it did not broke -.-) like roland, fq do so much work, and hearing so much talk about prelims being less than 5 weeks away, it has certainly jolted us to start the "muggerification" process (JinHan sure kpkb i use his word one, but hey, go kb the FQ, the ultimate mugger of all, first).

Now the school totally engulfed in this tense mugging atmosphere liao, you certainly can sense it when there're more people at the library rather than idling in the canteen & people rushing home upon dismissal. No more playing cards, tennis soccer etc. Good in a way too. Not complaining or anything of sorts.

Oh yeah, moving onto the topic of blogs, just realised actually quite a number of people actually realise the existence of this blog. But the thing is, all of them macham reading on the sly lidat. Maybe Jinhan you go do some research work, change the theme n stuff, add a tagboard or something. 'Cos the comments ain't really useful too for must be .blogger registered user then can kb here. Then his blog can really become more of a talk cock zone for the class.

Btw Jinhan, i realise ur fetish for green stuff eh? The "nicest of the lot" greenish theme was chosen by you, then your font also sibei nice hor? Weird leh you.

Kk, going off liao. Going to friend-friend with Yellow Racer, Orange Bee & Pilot liao.
Think you all can guess what are those right?

Weird eh? Nowadays stationery items got such cool names, albeit all no link one. Not even a play on the words like F&N does e.g Outrageous Orange, Groovy Grape etc...

Fast Blue, Red Cruiser, Stormy Green, Speed-Magenta. In addition to the Racer & Bee.

Power Ranger also dun have so many patterns lah. 李国煌's words will be 'pattern zuay ko badminton'.

Okay really going off liao.

Actually, I was just rambling on and on. 'cos i was just writing to pass time to 7pm, turned out I overshot.


Blogger Schizophrenic said...

Aha, i shall use this comment function for a change instead of posting it on the blog.

Hey, your stationery sounds good la. At least not like mine, what "ShangHai China Standard 6808". I think you'll prob be saying *you want to eat* now. Ha.
Can guess what is it anot? I'm sure almost all of us used it before.

Hint: Pencil

8:14 PM  

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