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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NKF saga

For this once, I'm going to be a nice, good boy and not argue with the naive and childish Han.
No expletives nor derogatory terms, 'cos I wouldn't want to be relegated into the same league as Han. Talk about intellectual people.

Ah...The talk of the town. NKF and its now withdrawn defamation case against SPH. Well, I guessed the speculation & rumours off the mill all these years have been proven true once and for all. Talk about using public donations to pay for their luxurious Mercedes-Benz, flying first class and to spruce up their posh interior of the NKF headquarters. It's really been a backlash NKF has truly dreaded so far, their intent to sue SPH to repair the negative publicity it indirectly generated, only to result in irrevocable damage done to the carefully built-up reputation of NKF.

True, I agree that Mr Durai was a key figure in helping NKF grow in stature and accumulate much more financial reserves since he became its head honcho. However, his massive contributions is certainly insufficient to write off the ridiculous pay & bonus perks he gets. It's a real smack in the face for the donors who have been religiously donating money to the organisation in its annual show and via their monthly pay. I heard during the news that more than 2000 people has withdrawn their monthly GIRO payments to NKF. Poor patients, for they have to bear the brunt of the "scam". After all, their reserves can last your another 30 years eh? Blah.

I guess I don't want to say more. Just that everyone is disgruntled that NKF has been exploiting the masses' goodwill and kindhearted donations thus far. From the bookshop auntie (heard her complaining to Mr. Sayers), to classmates and my Dad, it has truly been the talk of the town this past few days, certainly not helped by the wide coverage given by SPH in ST and TNP.

I believe Mr T.T Durai should do something to salvage the situation at least, NKF is in danger of being condemned for eternity. To think he says he won't step down anytime soon after stepping out of court.

Below is a link that has been started by like-minded people to call for the resignation of Mr. Durai:

This is going to be interesting.

Oh yah, by the way, forget to comment about Little Han (sounds so y-a-g). Commendable effort from you eh, msut have taken you ages to write this afternoon eh? You know, perhaps, time could have been better spent? You'll know what. Lol....

- eGoistIc - not some nah or han or wadever


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