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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fun Stuff

Been surfing the Net today. Found lotsa interesting stuff regarding the NKF thingy.

Now online forums are all buzzing with the "Peanuts Theory", which is a famous remark from Mrs Goh herself. Plus, not forgetting the GOLDEN taps.

Don't want to elaborate more, guess the following pictures and animations pretty much sum up everything.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Lol...I leached that from somewhere else online. Nice stuff.

And one more, oh yeah. Fellow like-minded netizens have made this video, using the Infernal Affairs scenes as a parody to mock the NKF saga. Gr8 stuff, definitely worth a watch.

It's 3.98mb in size & 1:40 min in length. The subtitles are hilarious. Too bad no sound dialogue though.

Btw, anyone got any idea what is the title of the soundtrack used in the beginning eh? Found this track and the one which is damn sad 1 in Infernal Affairs when the Inspector kena thrown down the building was nice all along but always cannot find the correct file online.

And something that's totally unrelated, maybe wols, but heck, just post, it's damn farnie after all.
Spoof of another classic trilogy. 3.74mb & 1:09 min. See it. Now.

Betcha laughing your balls out right now!



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