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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Firstly, Jinhan you knn leh. create this blog liao, say share but till now yet to see a post from you. But it's alright, considering the way you put in tremendous efforts in doing your essay outlines, maybe we'll get to see your first post sometime next year liao.

Okie. Get to the topic. I read this Sunday Times article today, which was a transcript of Steve Jobs' speech when he addressed the Stanford graduates. I guess all of you should know him, judging by the cult following Apple commands in their iPod players and Mac OS.

In fact, the Straits Times' Digital supplement on Tuesday had already touched on his words in slight detail and was also covered by this Tharman-lookalike on our career guidance talk on Wednesday in school. Well, I didn't really know much about this Jobs guy, just that I remained quite sceptical and doubtful whenever those Mac enthusiasts rave about how Windows is so ugly and stuff. I wondered what makes this guy tick and to be so capable as to unveil innovations time and time again that never fails to mesmerise the global market.

His was a classic rags-to-riches story, not from the regular family background you'll expect of. It was ironic that his biological mother placed so much emphasis to ensure Jobs was to be adopted by a couple who can ensure a college education for me, yet Jobs dropped out of Reed in the end, walked the less-travelled path to achieve success.

His words really make you wonder and question your moral purpose in life. How he goes about saying to live each day as if it was your last, so that only in the face of death the truly important things will surface in life. Kinda clich├ęd of sorts, but make real sense. He was 17 when he heard that saying, which is to say he was my age now. It made him embarked on a eventful career and now, he is able to do what he is passionate about and earn big bucks at the same time.

Wah, his words really inspiring eh? Cb Han, I know you bo read po zhua surely think I talking cock, you *want to eat*? When is it your time to post some stuff?

btw, Sylvia said this idea of a shared blog damn gay, but I think it's hardly surprising since it came from you. Muahaha~


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