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Friday, July 29, 2005


Here I am. To blog, as instructed by some dude who wants me to use cheem cheem vocab so as to brush up on his GP skills. All this, when he's 3rd in class. Not first nor second, but 3rd. I say he topped the Comprehension component in GP last year, he said "Noooooooo...." He topped GP. For then at least. Mai siao siao.


this shall be a crap n rambling blog post then. Wah the past week was long, busy and rather fulfilling I must say. Got wake up from "slumber" abit, really ought to. When the Prelims' barely 6 weeks away, YES. I must remind you it's 6 weeks away. What in the hell are you doing here? Exhausting your tired brain cells reading nonsensical stuff and wasting whatever precious time that is left. To relax my foot. I BELIEVE. pornsites/friendster/Hotmail(it's there simply b'cos of MSN's sake, otherwise my GMail account would have owned it many times over)/dl-ing illegal, pirated music is all you do in your leisure time? I laugh.

ShOo~ Go study. It's 6.sIx.VI.六.6 freaking weeks to Prelims!!!!!! PANIC!!!!

Ah...okie. crapping mode a bit over now. Btw, you 2 put post titles why everytime got series one? I'll gladly break the "Drive with a heart" thingy then. Just realised JH was the one who broke the sequence. it was supposed to be 'Sian 63/64' and not '...' Maths fail siboh?
Hmm.. bus drivers dozing off ain't really an uncommon thing. Just take it as karma of sorts lor. Remember my theory that sometimes you'll get friendly, polite drivers on your lucky day but rude, aggressive ones on your bad day? That day when we went to eat chicken rice that Uncle who greeted us? Now it evens out lor. OH yeah. Cannot anyhow Uncle or bus driver, people got official post one okie? "Bus Captain". Simi pun bao ka liao. Ironic that they're the only sorta of crew personnel on board yet he/she qualifies as a Captain leading no one else.

Btw, once again. You've wasted 3mins reading the entry thus far. Remember. This time could have been better spent. Doing the Transition Metals tutorial (yeah, someone's that light-years far away already) or at least, do something like, playin' Handphone Tennis. Get a life. 'lol....

Talking about that. Our class' newest craze has to be playing hp games? b4 assembly at the Concourse that day most if not all fiddling with handphones. All addicted liao lah, or in the creative-potential-fail-yet-aspires-to-be-an-artist Ah Hock's words, 沉迷 liao lah. I'm not okie. Once I whacked the final opponent flat in straight sets to complete the game, I'll wash my hands off that game and mock at you all others. Then you mere mortals can continue grappling with how to master my "Net play" technique, 50% Return Ace skills etc. Envy you shall.

Damn arrogant I know. But if I don't write or act this way, no entertainment value liao right?
Thanks, that'll be $2.50 for every laugh you made just now & Roland, every cheem vocab word counts as 5bucks each. Time for you to start paying subscription fees to read this blog liao ala TIME, Newsweek etc.

Otherwise I won't have enough cash in coins to lend Hock the 10, 20 cents to buy his drink every time. Will always remember he damn jian, want to borrow 60cents to buy drink when I see a $2 dollar note in his wallet. He claims he don't want to '浪费' his note.


Now finally, I realised this blog set up so long we 3 have never talked about our interests/favs etc. Here I start then.

Recently listening more to jazz music. the likes of diana krall & corrine may (not sure if she counts) are gradually growing on me. The appeal of songs like 'Fly Me to the Moon', 'Say A Little Prayer' is always there. Why else there are never-ending newbies doing a cover of all these songs over and over again. Bet you've heard the 2 songs I listed there too. I'll bet my d_ck on that.

Aren't you laughing right now? Want to make a falsified claim that you've never heard of them b4 so that you prove me wrong? Then claim my d_ck?

Wait long long. The _ refers to 'u' cannot is it? I have a new pet duck you want it for wad? Braised duck rice? Not funny.


We've finally come to the real topic of this entry, which is that, I truly believe Liverpool is a great team. *Those cynical, 有眼不识泰山 people buzz off* Yes you! JH, Weixian, Roland, Ronald all that... Liverpool is a GREAT team.

How else can you answer me when I say, "Can you count to 5?"
btw, for the uninitiated, the five refers to the number of European Cup triumphes the Merseyside Reds now hold. For people (kind enuff not to term them as 'losers') like Tottenham Hotspurs fans, it's understandable the distant dream of even gaining entry into the top-tier European competition of Champions League turns you into a jealous, rival fan.

Not even Intertoto Cup to speak of. OMG. Don't worry. Waiting for that proverbial light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel? Well. It's Hell you're digging yourselves into man. Hell hole. Great for a**holes. It certainly rhymes eh? Both Holes.

Back to the topic.

Rafa Benitez won the holy grail of European football in his 1st season in charge. Can you beat that? Cries of T-Y-C-O ? It took Sir Alex 10 years to obtain that mind you. Not that Liverpool's present team is of championship calibre either. Arsenal's trophy cabinet under 'European titles' still rather barren. Tottenham? Let's not get there. I remember reading somewhere the most prestigious cup they won is the Fairs Cup or something. Know it? No you don't. It certainly says something about the quality & history of the team eh? Proud Peace Cup winners? US$2million prize money? Don't make my Birdie (name of my pet cockatoo btw, this is real) laugh. Yes, it can laugh. Serious. Just like a human's chuckles.

Liverpool's 20+million pounds from last season's amazing run to the title really dwarfs your pathetic sum I say. Sterling Pounds mind you. that is equivalent to your US$35million approx if you like. Wah, total ownage.

Okie enuff 'crapping. Realise this blog is really a good channel to voice out and at the same time, laugh when you think of how some loser readers will be fuming & all too eager to defend their team in front of their computer screen. Real fun.

Btw, say goodbye to Everton. They've drawn Villareal in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League with the first leg to be played on 8/9 August. ByeBye.

Arsenal? Lost 7-0. Okie nvm, the Gunners are a pretty decent team and on their day, their free-flowing football can destroy any team, lest of all Everton.

Thai U23? Should have been a stroll in the park right? Dead wrong. Lost on penalty shootout in the end. A joke. Their place should have been given straight to Liverpool, spare us the long qualifying route to the final (Yes we'll defend it successfully).

Okie. Think that's enuff stuff. A long read it must have been to get you here. Feel guilty?
You should. After all, the Prelims' only 6 weeks after.

Lol. I'll get flamed for this.

Disclaimer: For non-soccer fans, sorry for the football talk, couldn't resist a dig on certain teams, inc. teams who travel all the way to Japan to boost fan loyalty only to lose to the local minnows. Not Real Madrid I'm talking about. The other so-called successful English team, that is.

Remember leh, during GP essay those philosophical questions. If this topic ever comes out,

"Define success"

The following is the model answer provided:

-18 Premier League titles
-5 European Cups
-3-times UEFA Cup winners
-2 European Super Cup triumphs
-6 FA Cups
-7 English League Cup crowns

Wahahaha....this is fun. I know the tagboard later sure all bombard me one. But who cares?
Not before you can answer me, "Can you count to 5?"

not unless you're a fan of Real Madrid or AC Milan of course.

Walk on...walk on...with hope in your hearts.

Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Winner 2004/2005


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