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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Steps down, finally

So my guess was right after all. The government was bound to intervene in this matter which was fast escalating into a national scandal of sorts. Glad that the authorities managed to adopt rather radical yet welcome action to replace the board and Mr Durai will resign upon request.

Looking at the live footage on CNA now, the forlorn look on his face, occasionally managing a compelled smile at times, seems to paint a sorry picture of his predicament. I say, if you're in his shoes, things certainly don't look good eh? The entire nation (well, almost) is out for your blood, and I seriously doubt Durai can continue to lead his normal, peaceful lifestyle in Singapore again. Not when you have people on HardwareZone Forum posting his address and stuff, which is rather disturbing for him and his family. I empathize him of being made the scapegoat, for I believe the entire board is also equally responsible and on the receiving end of these car perks, sky-high pay etc. It's just that as the CEO, the figurehead has to bear much of the blame and after all.

NKF certainly hopes this will mark the end of the saga. If things goes as planned, locals will soon be making regular donations to the organisation as prior to the lawsuit again. But, I seriouosly doubt that. As the damage done is kinda irreversible and the breach of trust remains a lingering memory in people's minds.

The end is near.



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