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Monday, February 20, 2006

resurrection. -.-"

Ooh lala..

recently online alot of news eh? lol.. alot of stories flying abt.. tsk tsk. i'm sure u all will also know what i'm talking about.. the hot topic right now... other than the GE of course. the ruling party always sibei wad one.. everytime election time out of a sudden, your complaints and grievances to the Town Council, govt ministries all that SUDDENLY v responsive and efficient one. lol..

and alot of sweeteners. too bad we're not 21. but i think ns men get 100 is it? then after serve complete got a few more hundred..that's what i heard. free money also nubbad. altho' i can earn more than that easily. on a roll recently man. hope the run continues.

u'll be amazed they nv give the same name to this budget handouts one... Economic Restructuring Shares (ERS), New Singapore Shares (NSS) all that...

And, the NBA All-Star weekend has just came and went. nubbad, the match. high scoring as usual, alot of tricks and alley-hoops. but the scoreline looked rather suspect also though, if u consider that at HT West were up by 17 points, and in 3rd Q largest lead was 21pts. and bloody them just let East catch up. the likes of Nash, T-Mac, Kobe, Duncan & Yao surely better imo. the Detroit quartet were average only.. but if i'm Prince i'll be damn sian. initially the players were kinda letting T-Mac dominating the play with more points 'cos after all hometown heroes are usually highly favoured for the MVP. 36 for him.

but apparently this guy was bent on grabbing the headlines.

Lebron was impressive to say the least. his 3 pts was zhun and his driving layup damn aggressive as usual. makes u forget he's only 21. against all this big boys who're best in the business. nubbad.

back to online stuff. recently i reading more stuff. by now you all should have known of the infamous Nigerian scams right.. funny as it might be, but this is no joke cos i heard a handful of Singaporeans had gone missing after receiving the mail and flew abroad to open wad farking acc. gullible but then, you can't blame them since the Nigerians are seasoned fraudsters.


some of them are still nO0bs. reallly noobs. just refer to this link. read thru it. it's not v long and damn farnie.

the thread i chanced upon...

the follow up link: (view this only after the first link)

the following pictures..

nothing scary. nothing to be afraid of. but I can guarantee you'll laugh till peng.

alot of more similar stories in this site.. too many.. but go read if u're bored online. lol. the dedicated site to all this punk'd nigerians can be found at 419 eater.

lol..ok. how was that?

leave u all with another farnie old joke.

Let's Learn English with Bush and Rice

damn farnie also..


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