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Friday, February 03, 2006

i not stupid too

After watching this movie, i think it has touched many raw nerves with teenage & student life in Singapore. initially i dismissed this as another of Jack Neo's movies. but glowing reviews somehow made me decide to catch this local production anyway. surprisingly, i think i've caught almost all of his movies man. LiangPoPo, moneynoenough, inotstupid all that. i think only Na Ge Bu Gou i didn't watch. but saw it on tv.

back to inotstupidtoo. nice pun on the name. his next movie also plays with 'law' and 'lor'. and fann wong is getting a 6-figure sum for appearing in it. lol.. one's reputation and curriculum vitae surely does precede one eh? Hollywood? as if we care.

this movie has lotsa heartwrenching sub-stories and the plot is written rather well. today's Life even had a full page dedicated to it. i think it will need a rather unfeeling person to not be touched by the scenes... perhaps i can relate to it more.. that's why i feel more for it.

the most shen ru ming xin part to me ish not the $500 buy 1hr or wad.
is the scene revolve arnd the cheng cai boy and his dad. seeing how he hit his boy.. wah.. power. nice acting there.. then after that... his last breath.. sad sad.

but one of the more i relate to is the tom guy tio caught with pornographic vcd and the ensuing scuffle and public caning. well, this one reminds me of sec1 man... not that i also bring such stuff to sch.. but i remember my best bud then Samuel and me v mischievious.. see the relief teacher in front abit easy to bully lidat.. then we haf some fun. eat tic-tac... then sibei gei siao. go write stuff on the box.. like "Viagra", then throw it across the width of the classroom cos we sitted on opposite sides u see. Samuel go draw a hairy male genital on the box.. then throw back return to me.. we both sides the surrounding classmates also got do stuff.. like lesson too boring. then fold hearts.. paper cranes..write stupid msg in.. put in box.. throw throw.. until the teacher caught us. it was damn shitty lah.

we knew we were in trouble cos the teacher passed the box to our then on course form teacher.. damn strict one.. we got into trouble alot of times with her liao.. even made us sign those declaration form b4 that if we get into any further trouble prior to the incident we must bear all the consequences liao.. kinda harsh to 13 year olds eh? previous incidents include got once is we a group of boys play with water bottles the squirt thing after sch in class.. make the whole floor wet wet. suey suey tio caught by the sibei ngiao Mrs George.

then in the end my form teacher threatened to let the Discipline Master (DM) handle the issue.. then words like suspension.. expulsion all that came out from her mouth.. Samuel n me were scared stiff lah. 'cos dhs reputation is no pray pray with u one.. just the year when we entered dhs already heard got sec2 boys tio expel cos they play the dhs tradition game of "opening" (in Mandarin) and unzip the boys pants all that.. like vs play jack lidat lah..somehow all these got sexual sexual stuff.. sure tio daiji. teacher then demanded to meet our parents.... tsk. our friends not involved also damn worried for us.. still rmb few girls like camy, ying chun all cry cry.. really magnified the entire issue siah..

that night i phoned Samuel and we two bared our hearts out man.. i still rmb till now.. cos while one talked, the other played the role of the listener.. and we were rather guilty of our actions. both of us dun dare to break the news to our parents. like v letdown if we really kenna the worst scenario of expulsion or wad.. seems silly but sec1 say gong ish gong one mah.

then we talked on the phone till like can sense both our voices abit shaky liao.. almost 1hr convo iirc. in the end somehow the issue blew over as the form teacher say she wash her hands off our class man.. then imagine our sueyness when we realised she'll still be our form teacher for sec2 (we dun change class in lower sec u see..)

ahh.... that's why. the movie's great. makes u think. ponder over why things are lidat. there's something wrong with this entire rat race and education system. is life supposed to be like this in the first place? v vast difference when i compare to my friends who migrated back to SG from abroad.. rmb my p2 classmate Dale, he say Down Under no exams siah.. that time i heard liao i was damn stunned back then at that age. not say exams no gd.. but u can just imagine how life is elsewhere..

gd movie. sets u thinking and leaves you with a tingling after taste..
wah..i talked so much.. in retrospect, all these memories are priceless man.. make up ur childhood. like how i once "fought" with edgar then tio punished stand out principal office during break when we were already like p4. lol....damn farnie, thinking of it now. those were the days.


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