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Friday, February 17, 2006


hmm.. thought should post recently.

Surprisingly, Singapore recently doesn't seem to be the crime-free haven anymore eh?
just last week or so got armed robbery for the 3k toto money. then 2 days ago Serangoon got murder case somemore.. surely is some business feud one, considering the line the deceased was in. then just ytd got a pregnant lady stabbed.. kinda disheartening.

abt the grandpa who robbed the toto money, i think damn bo hua and v not worth it for him. he's not stupid, cos he knew with his age and slower legs, he couldn't go rob a bank or wad. go mug those auntie auntie figures surely easier..what's more with the toto hongbao season still in full swing then. money sure gao gao one. who knew now.... that he's gonna face the mandatory death sentence for a paltry 3k... sure damn sian one.

and oh yeah... i read the ads..McDonald's milkshake is back.. lol..for this month only. maybe u crave for it can go try.

the other day, i was watching this campus superstar show repeat telecast on the weekend.. realised the vj girl acty sung v well. and got one kiddo called Adriano Huang.

WAHAHAHAHAHA. laugh ur hearts out man.

reminds me of my sec sch.. got one senior named Owen one.. v v weird. if got ppl named Adriano in his birth cert then... i really nuttin to say man. Nxt time i also must choose a styl0-milo name for my children.. Del Piero Lim. the best liao. lol..think of few more, let u guys in the future also can use ok? Filipo Tan Inzaghi, Socrates Ng Ah Huat, ... lol.

acty also hardly surprising..SG ppl like to use all these inspiring-esque, totally smack of angmoh flavour names like wad Cristiano lah.. Donovan lah etc.

after all u see all those illustrious figures in history.. names also action packed one. ancient times got Napoleon..then u see all those dictators also got nice names.. like Chile's Augusto Pinochet. the last name abit..intriguing right? like his character v v deep lidat. modern times also got a few... George Soros also somehow. Soros Soros. like some v great man lidat. shows that to make ur mark in life, die die must have a powerful powerful name so that awe-inspiring mah.. lol.

but one name can try.. nice sounding and not too over. Diego. v latin and swee.

and on a final note, wx are we supposed to receive another letter for ns? guidelines on what to expect etc...? think haf right? left 3weeks nia still no news leh..


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