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Friday, February 24, 2006

The end is near!!?!?!

This is a comment on the fag blog swee introduced below. Read it before continuing else you catch no balls.

Woah. That's my immediate reaction when i saw the first few photos on the yag (a term used in my sec school- read backward) blog. But once i've come to the "Dear this, dear that.. So sweetttt..." part, it became WTF?!? I usually won't use the F word (preferring their dialect counterpart), but i think there's no better word avaliable in my dictionary. Even thinking about it gives me goosebumps.. errr (rub my shoulders). What's this 'act cute' shit?!! It's just like those 'act gay' antics we used to play on each other in school. Except this time, it's for real. This is just something too 'liberal' for my liking.

It also gives some food for thought. First and foremost, I'd like to salute their families for their acceptance, or at least their tolerance. To be able to overcome the initial psychological trauma (who wants their children to be homo? you ar?) and come into terms with their status is a testimony to how deep their love for their child is. Having said that, my 2nd though is: what went wrong man? Genetic? Probably.. make them more susceptible. Environment? Definitely. I'd say their surroundings play a big role in shaping them, through experiences and human interactions (like maybe kena rejected by girls huh), and making a relation with the same sex more appealing and viable. However, the impression i get from reading their blog entries is that they, or at least one of em, don't view themselves as gays. Like got this part both of em were wearing similar clothings during CNY and one guy commented that he was afraid others' reaction would be: "So gay". Butt.. if they're not gay, then WTH are they? Semi-G? G for gay. Identity crisis man. IMH sure have a bright future ahead.

Last but not the least, i'm wondering what would LJH's 1st reaction be if he read the blog. I could think of 3 very possible words that come out of his mouth. I guess most likely it would either be: CB or WTF.. Then there's still NBCB, name after a popular ride in Hong Kong's Ocean Park. lol. What's your take?



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