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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

end of the world. fark u gays.

I'm convinced. the world is coming to an end. more on that later.. a fitting time to use purple font here..

some interesting pics..

Yeah, i know it's kinda hard to turn ur head 180degrees to see this pic.

another pic to bring us to my intended talking point...

yeah yeah..the plaudits keep raving abt how good that movie is all that.. keep the accolades flowing, do expect a future trend of homosexual-themed movies in the works. but this is SO WRONG! all right.. u can say till the cows come home that wad our society is liberal, should be open-minded... all that stuff. sounds nothing wrong eh? V WRONG. you don't know the extent of the wrong-ness until u really see them in action..their words etc.

the power of the gays is so under-estimated in our society. u think they're just a small community lurking elsewhere never to cross paths with you eh? V WRONG.

don't believe u just go to their forums are bursting with horny gays man. u just imagine how disgusting is that.. they talk openly abt pcc-ing openly to other guys' pic all that.. wah...damn.. v v sinful. i guess a straight can never fully understand their mentality & behaviour man. gives u the creeps. wait till u find out ur best guy friend is a gay, keep fantasizing abt you... or as a parent, ur son is gay. has a bf... then i think u'll really worry.

the world is doomed. perverts and gays are going to roam and rule the planet.
did i tell the story of me going onto mIRC and getting a ridiculous $100 offer for a used pillow before? it's damn sicko lah..still ask got smell/odour anot? use how long all that? to me, this is much more worse than those buying used female underwear off ebay or something.

to end this entry, i gonna leave you with one v v SALACIOUS blog. lol.. confirm let u open ur eyes big big.

A Juicy Site

*** PS: the previous link not working 'cos the "couple" intimate pics invited alot of flaming.. cos they go set password lah.. delete the blog.. but Google cached it.. i've updated the link.

one's a 18yr old Nafa student, the other's a 21 yr old NSF. damn sick. dunnoi wonder how their parents managed to come to terms with their dysfunctional relationship man... kissing in clubs, making house visits to each others' relative place passing off as gd buddies.. and taking all those freaking gay photos together...

it's a world we'll never understand..

PS: i'm beginning to hate this blog template.


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