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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

long time no post.

happy v'dae.

suddenly forgot wad i want to say also. nvm.. u all think if GE we all can come out? right should have public holiday..then army can come out.. wasted yet of voting age. my aljunied grc like hotly contested..not bad. acty have u all wondered wad ur parents always vote for? lol..previous GE my constituency walkover cos the silly Workers' party fill form also fill until got problem. how to be our MP? lol... but they are mad man..go challenge Ang Mo Kio. challenge the almighty PM. if he lose we ish can go bang wall already.

mission impossible lah. head of govt lose his own GRC? if lidat, malaysia press sure have a field day man.. report until di siao siao. lol... the danish comics saga caused one paper to tio suspend.. farnie siah. acty, to say a fair word. i dun think it's fair to judge the Scandinavian country over this issue. those arab countries attack embassy, burn flag. but to say a fair word, Denmark is one of the most advanced, higher living standard country.. and most impt of all, it's v cooperative and helpful on the int. front. it donates to humanitarian aid alot. and those environmental concerns they take v seriously all that one.. kyoto protocol all that only a handful of them fulfilled their targets way below their limits.. when the damn usa also heck. do abit things nia so high profile.. heard the recent movie Jarhead sux..war movie no war scenes.. all focus on a war that was never really fought well.. is Bush Sr's time one.. not the ongoing Iraqi occupation.

btw, i dun think the results will be out this fri leh.. till now still no news? abit long liao leh.. my cousin teaching at HCI didn't quite believe me when i told her is fri.. she believes next week.

came across a few videos recently. farnie ones. i think rather farnie really.. abt CJC students one. see them so sibei havoc..v fun. the single ride to hell at the stairs looks easy but acty quite scary... cos sec sch i tried something similar b4... damn fast one. machiam roller coaster ride so thrilling also man.. esp if topple over the two people one sure injured until jialat jialat one.. think i'll try to embede the video from youtube into here...


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