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Sunday, February 05, 2006

penalty shootout madness

wow wow wow. the face says it all. the African Nations Cup threw up a stunner in the Q-finals stage.
Cameroon and Ivory Coast drew 0-0 in regulation time, 1-1 in extra time and it was down to the russian roulette of penalty shootout.

when was the last time u rmb kick pk until one round of 11 players in the team all taken one? and somemore is all kicks went in that type. keeper lousy? lol.. can't really say so also. siao siao. first time i see keeper against keeper for 2 consecutive kicks. must be really kan cheong for them.

but alas, the Barcelona man missed the 12th kick and ballooned over the bar.

Drogba scored the final, winning penalty to make it 12-11 for the Elephants.

this type of thing no joke man. matter of life and dead literally. those africans also so avid and passionate about their game, Eto'o must be seen as a sinner right now.

You can do all the things right but you miss the penultimate kick then bye bye man.

dun forget the Colombian player Escobar got shot after he scored an own goal in the World Cup finals in France 98.

and also, the infamous "Football War" in 1969. El Salvador in central america declared war on honduras after a hostile match triggered the bad blood between the two countries all this while. funny enough, it ended just 4 days later.

the world is mad. football becomes their life. siao ginna.


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