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Saturday, February 18, 2006

refractions. lol.

Hello. How have things been going for you guys? All fine i hope. Refreshing to see someone apart from swee and i posting an entry... though it sounds like ljh has been brainwashed by army propaganda. lol~ Just joking.

Some random crap: I suddenly thought about LJH in the 'teaser' pic in one my earlier entries, taken in Hong Kong.. then i realised that if he has dark skin, then LJH seriously look like a nigger. lol. He has got the build, height, facial features.. Somemore during the HK trip, he wore this hooded jacket. Put all these together and add some diamond earring and thick gold chain, i'm sure you can picture him as those neighbourhood punk nigger that you see in GTA right? lol.

Alright.. No more crap for today. My ingrown toenail is getting too painful to ignore. Suddenly i'm contemplating the once unthinkable option of going thru the nail removal operation again. But if i rmb correctly, it took about 2-3 weeks to recover.. liddat how to train running.. and NS sure kena one. Hmm. Gotta ponder over it.



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