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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tsk.. so vulgar ar, ljb.. lol.

Entry title: Swee Keat and faggots- what's the diff?

It appears that our beloved and intimate brother lim swee keat has become an ardent anti-gay. What a great loss it is to the brotherly love forged in the past 2 years. It seems like you would have to fork out more than $100 for his pillow now.. lol.

Anyway, the link to the fag blog is invalid. Maybe kena censored already? lol. What a perverted world. But talking about homosexuality, it appears that their female counterparts are generally not that condemned right? Maybe b'cos i'm a guy, hence i find fags more disturbing. Perhaps girls will think otherwise? Koh Ying, your sec school got les right? How you find em.. fun?

Just remembered an album i bought 6 years ago.. Eminem's The Marshall Mathers. Probably the guy who popularised the usage of 'faggot' in Singapore. I highly recommend it to all anti-fags out there.

Alright, time to go listen to the songs. Haven't played em for a long long time. Kill You, Real Slim Shady, Under the Influence etc.. Suitable for all audience.



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