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Saturday, February 11, 2006

For all despos

Wah, Koh Ying Ying must have a lot of free time to be a despo for blog update. Must be left your fun-filled and exciting admin job alr right? lol.

Anyway, i'll also be leaving my job at SGH too. Have already served my 2 weeks notice, and will be working till next Sat. That'll leave me with about 2.5 weeks left to slack around and enjoy before enlistment with LJB.

Come to think of it, my work at SGH may not have enriched me financially but i'd say that it has accomplished what i had intended for it to do, that's to gain exposure to the society and to develop a broader mindset. This job really exposes you to all sort of people, especially to those who don't think on the same frequency as me such as the elderly, the bad-tempered, the lunatics (e.g. one-dollar man), those that received little education, those from lesser social background and of course, those with high social status. It's very different from my schooling days, where apart from my days in a neighbourhood primary school, i'm mostly surrounded by people who come from the same echelon in society with a similar education background and hence think on a common bandwidth. In addition, b'cos i'm an employee of the hospital, i'm obliged to uphold the good name of the hospital. Hence my hands are tied when dealing with visitors, no insult, no sarcasm, no finger gestures, no dialect "rhymes"... In a nutshell, i'm deprived of my fundamental reactions. Though sometimes i'd be tempted to tell some drivers that they're dumb by making a 'where's your brain?' gesture, i cannot. Everything has to be settled in a diplomatic and cordial manner. That's it of cos, if they don't cross the line themselves. This is somewhat similar to UN peacekeeping troops' plight- you don't shoot till you get shot at. But then again, it'd ultimately look bad on us (the employees) if we also stoop to their level and whack them.. even if we win.

Hmm, there's a lot of things i can talked about regarding my job but time, or rather, sleep (afternoon nap) is of the essence. So i shall end up with a short intro of some of my more 'interesting' colleagues at work. And of cos, i've came up with nicknames for most of em.. lol.

The Philospher- This malay colleague of mine who is in his 40s. Dunno which frequency his brain is tuned to seriously. English from his mouth sounds like some alien language. Like to talk about ways of life, morals, behaviour (hence the nickname), and he chats non-stop. Got once he was telling me that next time i should go set up a restaurant, then a fish farm, like in M'sia or Indonesia(to supply the rest.), then expand to more branches, blah blah. Heard from an ambulance driver that when he was a medic on the ambulance, no driver could tahan him more than 1 week. After that, they all take MC or leave when they know they'll kena him.

The Word-Player- Same age as us, from NYJC. Like what the nick suggested, likes to play around with words. That's apparently his sense of humour, which appeals to no-one except him. Got once my friend says he's an herbivore (cos he's a vegetarian), then his reply was: "No, i'm a his-bivore". Get it? Ultimate sia. Houseman canteen changed to house-woman canteen. Funny hor???? Almost never fails to laugh at his own 'jokes'. Behaviour also a bit pushy. Another colleague of mine has alr pointed them out to him, but guess it all ended up on deaf ears. There's a time when we were discussing whether was he an outcast in his class. We reached a similar conclusion. Personally, i'd say he has the potential to surpass even Zhao Geng himself.

Teo- That's his surname actually, not a nickname. Looks a bit like humpty dumpty and is the most funny person in the whole department though he's alr in his 50s. A bit sex-deprived and his mind a bit corrupted but that're what make him funny. Like for example during a break, his water bottle was leaking and someone pointed in his direction and said: "hey teo, leaking". Guess what his reaction was: He hurriedly look down, at his pants (groin area), then say: "Where? Where?" Then after the whole thing, he said: "wah, don't scare me". Priceless. lol.

That's the end. Hope this will entertain you despos out there for a while.

Nap time. Zzzz..



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